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[Episode 8]

Mr Sammy obeyed his inner mind and did what it told him to do.


As Mrs Faith pushed, the pain she felt was of that of menstrual pain multiplied by a million. It was so painful that her head felt like exploding like a c4 bomb, but she couldn't stop pushing because she knew she had to do it for her husband and herself.

She continued pushing hard for the baby to come out. The Doctor encouraged her to breath slowly so as to help her in pushing.

Mrs Faith breathed slowly, then she pushed again and stoped.

Doctor: "You can do it, you can do it", he said encouraging her.

Nurses also supported the doctor in encouraging her to push more, as she continued pushing. Suddenly she urinated then polluted, but the doctor and nurses said nothing because it was a common thing that happens when a lady is giving birth.

They didn't want to embarrass her. Mrs Faith didn't notice what she did at that moment because all her focus was on the baby.

She continued pushing adding more force. The doctor and the nurses kept on encouraging her more and finally the area of her vag*na bulged out. And the doctor could see the baby's head, then she relaxed a little because she felt weak.

Doctor: "You can do it, I can see the baby's head just push more harder. You can di it, you can do this", he said encouraging her to push again.

She said noting, but she was totally encouraged on hearing that the baby's head could be seen.

She began to push again, but this time she pushed earnest. The baby's head came out little by little with it's face facing towards Mrs Faith's back --which was actually the best position--.

As she pushed earnest, the baby's head came out more and the doctor supported it as it emerged. He didn't pull the baby's, so as not to cause nerve damage.

The nurses kept on encouraging her, as the baby's head was fully out. The doctor saw a cord wrapped around the baby's neck --which is fairly common--, then he gently lifted it over the baby's head --it maybe carefully loosen in some cases-- so that the baby can slip through the loop.

The baby came out more with it's right shoulder leading first. On seeing that, the doctor gently lifted the baby's body towards Mrs Faith stomach to help the left shoulder come through. --After which the rest of the baby's body should follow quickly.--

The doctor knowing fully well that the baby's body will soon be out, prepared for the body of the baby to emerged.

The baby's head rotated to one side --which it did on it's own-- and the baby's head was slippery, So the doctor kept supporting the baby's head and neck as it came out.

He provided enough support for the baby's neck, which was not able to support the head on its own at that moment.

Mrs Faith pushed again and finally the baby was out, but to the doctor's unbelievable sight, he saw another baby holding the first baby's leg. The doctor was so surprised on seeing it.

Doctor: "Madam, it's not yet over, there is still another baby", he said to her in a tone of surprise.

When she heard what the doctor said, she became more empowered with strength, then she pushed again with all her strength and power.

The two babies came out and immediately the doctor cut off the babies' cords, which held them together with their mum "Mrs Faith".

After the doctor cut off the cores, Mrs Faith fell backwards on the bed.

The doctor removed the plasm center and gave it to the nurses to dispose of it properly........ To be continued.

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[Episode 9]


Mr Sammy was waiting patiently with both hands, placed on the handle of the chair. His left leg swung to the left and to the right so, did his right leg did in a synchronized pattern.

The doctor came out from the labour room and went to meet Mr Sammy. When the doctor came closer to him, he was lost in thoughts.

As soon as he saw the doctor, he stood up with a supersonic speed.

Mr Sammy: "Doctor please sir, please how is my wife doing?", he asked with all seriousness.

The doctor smiled at him because of the way he asked the question, which almost made the doctor laugh. The doctor held himself not to laugh and he stylishly smiled.

Doctor: "Sir your wife is okay", he said still putting up a smile on his face.

After those words came out from the doctor's mouth, Mr Sammy shouted stamping his two legs on the floor lightly.

Mr Sammy: "Ah thank God!", he shouted.

Mr Sammy: "What about my child?", he asked with a smile on his face.

Doctor: "Well sir they are both fine", he said with a smile.

Mr Sammy: "Yes!, thank God, but wait sir you said 'they'?", he questioned in a curious way.

Doctor: "Yes sir, 'they'. You are now father of twins, a boy and a girl", he said.

After those words Mr Sammy almost fainted falling to the floor because he could not believe what he heard. The doctor caught him before he fell.

Doctor: "Sir, sir, are you ok?", he asked.

Mr Sammy: "Oh yes doctor, I am just over joyed. Please can we go and see them?", He requested.

Doctor: "Yes sir, please come this way", he said pointing his right hand forward.

They both walked towards the labour room, to see Mr Sammy's wife and loving kids.


The nurses brought the babies close to Mrs Faith. As she saw them, she smiled.

The presence of the babies made her forgot all the pains she went through before and during labour. Her heart was filled with joy --believe me there is nothing like the joy of motherhood in this life-- and she felt totally relief.

The nurses were complimenting on the babies' looks. Mrs Faith just smiled as they said lovely things about the babies, she then carried them on her body.

As she and the nurses were talking, Mr Sammy came in with the doctor. He walked up to Mrs Faith and kissed her on her forehead, then he looked at the babies, which were on her chest region.

Mr Sammy played with them carefully not to hurt their fragile bodies. He then sat on a chair which was placed right beside Mrs Faith, after he had played with his new generations.

He smiled displaying his white teeth. Mrs Faith was just so happy to see both her husband and two kids right in front of her...... To be continued.

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[Episode 10]

The eyes of the twins were closed because they were sleeping quietly. Mr Sammy held the right hand of Mrs Faith, with his left hand.

Mr Sammy: "Thank you so much dear for not giving up", he said.

Mr Sammy: "Thank you for bring our kids to life. Thank you so so much", he said to her slowly and calmly, with a smile that could bring down the clouds from its position.

She looked at him with an undying happiness which was shown on her face. She was unable to control the expensive expression of joy within.

Tears formed on the trailing edges of her eyes, then she tightened her grip on Mr Sammy.

He couldn't stand to see tears on the trailing edges of Mrs Faith eyes, so he joined her in tears. He stood up and kissed her again on her forehead as tears of joy walked down his eyes, until it dropped on her forehead.

The tears flowed down her forehead until it met with her own tears, right at the trailing edges of her eyes. The tears of Mr Sammy mixed with that of Mrs Faith and it continued its journey down Mrs Faith cheeks to underneath her jaw.

The tears hung under her jaw for 2sec, then it dropped on her chest. Immediately it landed on her chest, tiny droplets of the tears bounced off from her chest and fell on the twins little noses.

As it landed gently on their noses, they both smiled with their eyes closed.


~~When I was writing this story, I felt the pain a bit, I then imagined how it really feels and believe me guys you really don't wanna feel that type of pain in your lower region.~~

~~It really hurts. Women pass through this everyday of their lives and their life is about carrying babies, family,
pains in life, life itself.~~

~~Being a woman is not an easy thing, so to all my guys out their, please treat them right and remember you won't come to existence if a woman didn't carry you.~~

~~And for all my ladies out there, for crying out loud stop making guys disrespect you. You ladies are gold (in fact my gold) and you ladies have an amazing power.~~

~~The famous won't be so famous without you ladies. Do you ladies know how much guys think about you in a day? It's intense and uncountable.~~

~~Remember ladies, one day you will experience the pain (or let me say JOY) of first pregnancy, so be prepared.~~

~~Respect to all girls, ladies and women out there, you guys are amazing!!.~~

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Joy of pregnancy indeed.
Joy of parenthood.... when done in the right way Ladies really deserve our respect.
Lovely piece.

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