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Join Happy World Meal Gate with N6500, refer 6 persons, then you are on your way to financial freedom. Join our watsapp group to get started.
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You also have a welcome pack worth up to 1k when you register. Don't forget to ask your questions.

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Can you post the full procedures here??
not everyone use whatsapp...

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*How it works*

Get your PIN with #6,500 from the company's office in Lagos or other centers in different cities of Nigeria to complete your online registration/We can help with that.

You get a WELCOME PACK- refill pack milo or milk and tinned tomatoes once payment is done

You need 6 persons to complete the entry stage Immediately you get your six persons, or you open 7 accounts for yourself (the Company allows it)
- You move to the main stage
-You get #10,880 worth of food and
- You automatically activate your e-wallet to start receiving bonuses from work done by your direct and indirect referals

NOTE: Request for food items from the company's warehouse in Lagos is done daily but collection is 24hrs after food order has been placed while collection in other cities is once a month for now

*Levels/Stages in this Business*

There are 5 levels/stages to achieve in this business and each level requires that 14 persons under you,completes and joins you on each stage for you to move to the next level
this is very easy with team work,benefiting from spill over registrations and positioning on the matrix tree
This makes us stand out as Flourishing Team because we ensure no member is left out.

*Benefits after each stage*

At the *completion of the entry stage* you earn #10,880 all paid as food items

*At the completion of stage 1*; you earn #76,800 also paid as food items

*At the completion of stage 2* you earn #184,000
40% paid as food (#72,000)
60% paid as cash (#110,400)
And #30,000 worth of food items for 7 months

*At the completion of stage 3* you earn a total of #840,000
40% paid as food items
60% paid as cash + a *brand new car*worth #4,400,000 + an all expense paid trip to either *Dubai,Jerusalem or saudi Arabia* + travelling allowance of #1m.

*At the completion of stage 4* you are entitled to a total of #1,448,000 (40% food, 60% cash)
*Another grand Car award * worth #6,000,000 + food items worth 50k for 12 months

*At the completion of stage 5* you get #1,200,000 (40% food, 60% cash)from any downline who meets you at this stage.
You also enjoy the privilege of profit sharing in the company

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