The Activist Season 2

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Episode 8

She looked at him unkindly, her cold eyes scrutinizing him cruelly. “What does it look like to you?” She asked him, still stark naked. Before she could turn back to the bag, she found herself on the floor.

“Fvck you!” She made an attempt to free herself from Dotun’s towel, which had masterfully hooked her leg, but Dotun pulled her towards him with it. As she was dragged towards him, she managed to pick a kitchen knife and used it to stab the floor. Being a kitchen knife, it did nothing but to make screeches around the room.

“Come over here!” Dotun grunted as she was finally at range. As he attempted to hold her with his hands, she t----t the knife towards him, rupturing blood vessels in his hand.

“Argh!” He shouted as he withdraw his hands away, giving her the chance to pull herself away from him. As he made another attempt to get her, she pulled out a gun from her bag and shot him twice.

Dotun slumped to the ground, presumably dead to the world.

The lady picked her com.

“Zveka, the assassin is down. Mission accomplished!” She said to whoever was at the other side.

“Michavileka, extract yourself from there unnoticed, with his documents and bring yourself to the extraction point.”

“Yes si.!” She could not complete the statement as a knife suddenly protruded out of her chest region. As she turned back in horror, she saw Dotun grinning at her, a bullet on his head.

“I can’t die b---h!” He said as he ripped out her heart with the blade and watched as she slumped to the ground, certainly dead.

Dotun quickly checked her bag and extracted her information. From what he could see, she was with the Russian Secret Service and was probably there to search and destroy any threat to the Prime Minister. He smiled and picked his bag, took out a couple of faces, neatly cut out to fit him and to be unnoticed. He picked one of them and took his bag.
He was going to change his hotel.

While Dotun was moving from one high class hotel to the other, Sunday was stationed at a small motel in Gwarinpa, in the same Abuja. He chose that place partially because he knew the owner of motel, secondly it was because he could move in and out of the main part of the city without being noticed. Like Dotun, his target was part of the G-12 only that his client wanted another target, not the Russian Prime Minister. He requested for the President of Nigeria, who was hosting the event. He also wanted the wife of the President dead as well and offered 24 Million as part payment, with the remaining 16 Million to be paid after a successful execution.

Sunday stood up and walked out of the motel in a tuxedo suit and black pants with sun-glasses. He had a mole on the inside who he was meeting today to gain entrance into the Civic Dome, where the meeting was taking place.

While all these was happening on the outside, Wande was stalking Tade, Mr Kunle’s words ringing in her mind. The older man had warned her against following him, especially as he had washed his hands off the matter. Yet, she had the confidence that she could change how Tade was thinking.

At the moment, Tade was not on her mind. She was having a punishment to dish out to a certain Rachael. Rachael, to her was the nuisance that has been accommodated for too long. Despite the fact that she was the Vice President of the Student Union, she acted like she was the President, always mobilising students against people like her. Wande had just got to hear that she had paraded Monica, one of the hitmen of Black Brass as a cultist and that she was stripped naked and was a scene for public ridicule.

Wande was so much into her thoughts that she did not notice Rachael besides her.

“Wande, watch where you are going!” She admonished, as Wande was two steps(literally) away from a gutter. Wande eyed her and left the place, surprising Rachael but not her partner.

As Wande walked briskly away from the scene, Rachael tapped her partner.

“What’s up with her?” She asked with some concern and indignation.

“So you don’t know that Wande is a Black Brass member.”

Rachael looked at her in surprise. “Wande? LSS Vice President? Black Brass? Its a lie!”

“Dey der! She is even their leader. In fact, I suspect she has bad plans for you, since you disgraced her member. ”

“Shoo! Kafayat, how you sabi this one?”

“Free that thing! All her secrets are in here.” Kafayat said, hitting her left hand on her right palm. “Be careful of her, Rachael, be very careful around her.”


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Episode 9

“Abeg, push that thing go corner!” Rachael said, ignoring Kafayat’s advice. The two ladies kept talking but Rachael was no longer comfortable with the talk, so she quickly excused herself and left for her hostel.

Later at night, Rachael was reading at the department of Dramatic Arts when three girls walked in on her, wearing black bum shots and black tops.

“Stand up, you bi.tch!” One ugly,thin lady with two visible scars on her face. Stand up!

Rachael eyed the fair-skinned monster and wanted to deliver a slap at her, but decided against it considering the other two ladies. She was also aware of the weapons they carried; two long knifes were in the hands of the other ladies, while she had a gun pointed at her back. So she followed them quietly until they got outside the Department, where Wande was waiting for them.

“So this is where you hid, idiot!” She sneered, poking Rachael in the eye. The other two girls were laughing.

“Who hides from a weakling like you?” Rachael asked, which elicited a slap on her b-----s by another of the ladies, this time a fair and big breasted lady with recognizable dimples and a far better facial features than the first one. She howled in pain, which brought about two more slaps.

Wande turned towards her, eyes bloodshot. “Take this a-----e away and meet me at our meeting point!”

As she turned, three buses stopped right in front of them, with students coming out in their numbers.

They were surrounded!

[]Wande looked at them, anger rising up in her heart. “Who be una? Wetin una dey find here? Who send una here?” The angry students were chanting anti-cult songs but had not made an attempt to rescue Rachael. The other ladies had joined Wande in front, leaving Rachael at the back.

“E be like say una wan die abi? Comot road for me! If una no comot road eh….. “She had not finished talking when one of them pulled out a pistol and shot in the air, an action which sent students scampering away to safety.

“Lizzy, what’s the meaning of that?” Wande asked, obviously disappointed at her action.

“Capone, no vex, I wan make dem sabi who be oga for here. Make them……”

Whack! A slap automatically transferred itself to Lizzy from Wande.

“Idiot! You sabi say you don wake the whole school, fool!” Wande spat out. “Eyin babes, make we carry…….” She turned back and met no one.

“Where she go? Lizzy, Bimpe, Bukky, where did the meat go? Argh!” She went about slapping the subordinates on their b-----s, an act they received with heads bowed down.

Rachael had used the opportunity of the commotion which the gun shot created to escape back to Dramatic Arts. Once in there, she picked her phone and dialed some numbers.

Wande looked at all of them and was thinking of handing another beating when she suddenly thought otherwise.

“Oya, make we dey waka comot before….” Her statement was cut short again, this time by the presence of a totally different set of guys.

“Girls, make we show them wetin we carry come!” Wande gave orders but before they could do anything, they were dispossessed of their weapons by the guys. The guys then hauled them into the bus they came with

Wande could not see well in the ensuring darkness, so she did not notice Tade looking from the back of the crowd.

Wande was soon taken to ‘Floor O’, a guard room used by the university to keep those that committed heavy crimes. With her were Abiodun, the chief security officer of the Students Union, Rachael, Williams, a student activist and Tade.

As Wande started to answer the barrage of questions asked, Tade looked at her, still unable to come to terms with her transformation. As he was at the back, Wande had no sight of him, yet he felt tense. How come is it that Shade knew that much about her? He had planned on questioning her about her relationship with Shade, yet the opportune time eluded him.

He decided to go out and get some fresh air, but as he started to walk away, Williams stopped him.

“Tade, wait for them to finish before you leave.” Williams advised rather loudly. Everyone looked at their direction in a rather rude manner.

In that moment, Wande’s eyes met that of Tade.


Dotun looked at his watch and smiled. Unlike many of his peers, he did not care about watch brands. He just wanted a watch that could tell time. At ten am, he was at optimum strength and vitality.

But that was not the point, for today, far away from that near death experience, something is going to happen.

The Russian Prime Minister will die!

He checked out his sniper, neatly dismantled and arranged in a guitar, which was in its case. This series of sniper rifles were most recently procured by him. A recent series, they gave him a better range and therefore he could spot the Dome, which is in Garki, from this hotel in Suleja, though the elevation of the building in Suleja also played a key role.

He walked to the elevator, entered it and pressed the top floor. As he was transported from his floor to the top floor, he noticed two minute cameras inside.

So this place is monitored. He said to himself smiling. He also saw two used packets of condom and grinned, wondering who got smashed in the elevator.

Before he could recover from his reverie, the elevator had reached its destination, so he stepped off it in high spirits. Despite his state of elation, he still noticed the level of security, which was unusually high. Did the government spread their tentacles to this area?

He greeted the officers around and after explaining about the guitar, he was allowed to get to the roof with two officers escorting him.

Once they reached the roof, the two officers moved ahead of Dotun.

That was a fatal mistake, as Dotun dropped them with silenced pistols. Once that was accomplished, he walked straight to the vantage point he chose, taking down two other officers on the roof. He quickly set his sniper and waited.

Waited for the right moment.

While Dotun was far away from the Dome, Sunday was actually in the Dome, disguised as a security officer. As soon as the President of Nigeria and Russian Prime Minister came on the podium to speak, Sunday excused himself and went to the toilet.

Once in the toilet, he removed some tiles in there and brought out his sniper and two hand held pistols. He quickly dismantled the sniper and moved out, heading to the left wing of the Dome. Once he reached there, he quickly killed everyone within a two meter radius, set his sniper in position and fired.

At the same moment, Dotun’s bullet was flying all the way from Suleja to the Dome, with the two bullets hitting their targets on the head!

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Episode 10

As soon as Dotun confirmed the kill, he picked his phone.

“Chancellor Vlamdir Petrovic, I have neutralized the target.”

“Seen, just as usual Dust. Your remuneration is already on its way.”

Dotun quickly dismantled his sniper and walked to the door leading out of roof. Instead of going in, he turned around and walked to the side of the structure, then pressed his hands on the structure.

The structure gave way, showing a secret passage.

Walking down the passage, he got to the ground floor of the hotel. He simply stepped out, picked his suitcase and went away. Sunday on the other hand, used the confusion in the Dome to escape.

While all these was happening in Abuja, Wande was been interrogated by the CSO. She had just finished another session when Tade walked in.

“I heard that my attention was needed.” He said, staring at the CSO.

The CSO changed positions. “Yes,yes, I will need you for a little questioning but first can you help me watch over this Dame for a moment? I need to use the gents.” He stood up quickly, not giving Tade the chance to protest.

Tade walked towards her and sat down, staring at themselves intensely.


“Wande, what exactly happened?!” Tade asked, hoping for a ‘crocodile teary’ confession. Wande simply changed posture and placed her hands on her chin.

“Wande, come on! Tell me something!” Tade stood up angrily staring at her.

“Why you are taking Panadol for my headache?”

Wande asked, obviously not in the mood to look sorry.

“Wande, you were the Vice President of LSS some months back, you have served in various glowing capacities, why did you dent your image with this?
I refused to believe it when I was told, but seriously, I am completely shocked at what am seeing.” Tade, who was been bullish about the situation told her.

“So? All what you heard is true, what concerns you about it, eh Tade?” Wande shot back. “You are lucky I am hearing all these things here, if I was free, God knows that you won’t be spared. Who do you think you are? So if Shade told you my life history, this is how you will go ranting and crying abi? In fact, ask Shade about her history in school, since am sure she is the one ranting about me. You busy-bodies won’t stay on your own.”

“Wait, wait, what do you mean by ‘her history in school’?” Tade asked

“Oh, so you don’t know. Shade, who should know better had done a couple of things with me,including having some ‘fun’ time with a d---o.”

Tade staggered back, finding Wande’s words unbelievable. “You are only spitting lies about her.” He told her back.

“Indeed! You think Shade is an angel abi? You are very naïve. Very Naïve! Shade is nothing like an angel. We have fought together, we killed together and we have fvcked together, so deal with it.” She started laughing. “Or are you already falling for her? You must be very stupid to do so.”

“Tade, sorry for delaying.” Abiodun, the CSO said as he entered the room. “Please, can you follow me right now? Just leave her here.”

Tade stood up and followed him, reeling from Wande’s confessions.

Tade followed Abiodun as they walked out of. Floor O and moved towards the office of the CSO. Once inside, Abiodun pulled a chair and beckoned Tade to sit on it.

Once Tade became a bit more comfortable, Abiodun took his seat.

“What do you know about Wande?” He asked Tade. Tade looked at him squarely in the eye, wondering if this could turn to an interrogation.

“I knew Wande from Secondary school, she was one of those ‘SU’ girls, if you know what am saying.” Abiodun nodded his head.

“When I got to campus, she was already a senior in the Faculty of Law and a popular one at that. She rose to be the LLS Vice-President and held that post for a second year, before she moved her gaze to SRC. She kind of liked me, so we talked like friends, though I did not want to be too close to her, so that she won’t think we are dating.”

“Okay, how close to her were you?” Abiodun asked.

“As I said, we were just friends. Nothing intimate.”

“Do you know any of her other friends?”

“Hmn, I know Layo and Pelumi, but no one else.”

“Layo and Pelumi will do. What else do you know about her?”

Tade kept quiet for a moment, then looked straight at Abiodun.

“I know that she is obsessive, proud and very smart. As we are speaking, I feel that she is thinking of how to escape this place and rally her group for an attack. She won’t take what happened to her lightly, in fact, she will take it as a disgrace.”

He lifted his gaze from Abiodun, who was unfazed. “That’s all I know.”

“Thank you Mr Tade.” Abiodun stood up and shook Tade, which prompted him to stand up. “If you remember anything useful, just call me.”

Tade walked out and walked his way to his hostel, while Abiodun returned to Floor O.

What he saw shocked him, as Wande had mysteriously disappeared.

Tade got to his room, changed his clothes and went straight to Shade’s house, got to the gate and knocked angrily twice.

“Who wants to break my door?” Shade said as she peeped into the pin-hole to check who was outside. Seeing it was Tade, she opened the door.

“Tade, how f……..” Her voice trailed off as she saw how stressed and angry he was. “Tade, what’s wrong with you?” She asked with concern. Tade refused to answer her until he sat down.

“Shade, tell me what happened between you and Wande?”

“What do you mean?” She asked Tade.

“Don’t play that card with me!” Tade growled at her. “What happened between you and Wande? She was arrested yesterday and while she was been interrogated, she said some unwholesome things about you.”

“Like what?” Shade asked again.

“Like what, let’s see.” Tade said, shaking his head around. “What about being a lesbian and doing all sort of things with Wande.”

Shade’s face suddenly turned pale as she looked shocked– whether it was because of the revelation or because Wande lied against her, Tade could not tell.

Suddenly she started to cry, something which upset Tade.

“Shade, which kind of nonsense is this? Is this the time or the reason to start all these crocodile tears? Abeg talk jare!”

“I don’t blame you, you can’t understand!” Shade shot back, eyes still carrying buckets of tears. “You just opened a terrible part of my past. How can you…………..”

Pom! Pom!! Pom!!! Another knock came through.

“Who the fvck is that?” Shade screamed but before she could move, the door was opened and the person stepped into the house.

“Ah, its good I met both of you here. Shade, just kneel down there!” Staring at both of them was Wande with a shotgun!

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Episode 11

Tade head was split into half for a second. What in heavens name was Wande doing there? He looked at Shade, who seemed unsurprised at Wande’s visit.

“Wande, please take ……..”

“Better shut up, Mr Man! I did not come for you.” Wande commanded before facing Shade.

“Shade, how dare you?! After begging me to keep your secret, you now go and expose my own secrets! How dare you. Better don’t try it!” Wande warned as Shade attempted to stand.

With both of them in a corner, a shotgun staring at them, Tade knew that it was only a miracle that will bring both of them alive of this situation, especially with Wande in charge.

“Wande, please remove that gun from my face, I can’t even think not to talk of giving you a reply.” Shade replied.

“I prefer it this way and if you like, waste your time. I can use the whole day here.”

“Wande please now!” Shade said with impatience.”I don’t want Lekan to meet this here.”

“Ehen, so that your boyfriend is more important than this meeting? I will end that stupid thing you think is a relationship.”

“Wande, please don’t do this to me.” Shade had started crying anew.

“Wetin concern me with that one? You wrecked my heart and now left for that thing called Lekan. What can he do that I can’t do and even do better, eh?”

“I told you that I did not want such a lifestyle again, why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Isn’t it you that…….” Wande’s voice trailed off as they all heard a knock.

“Shade, how many times will I tell you to close the ..Jesus!” Lekan fell down in fear as he saw what was happening.

“Oh, speak of the devil!” Wande said. “Oya, sit down there, behind that thing you call your girlfriend.” Lekan obeyed completely without a word.

“Now that everyone is here, I will begin to speak. First of all, Lekan, did Shade tell you anything about us?”

Lekan looked at her blankly. “Wande, I don’t understand all these happenings. Why come into my house……”

“Shut up! Your house ko, your shop ni, I asked you a question and you are answering like an idiot! Better answer me before I sound you slap.”

“Wande please be.. Paa!” A slap came from nowhere, sending all present apart from Wande into some shock.

“Answer me!”

“I don’t, I…don’t eeeven kknow whaat you are talking about, hmph!” Lekan said between sobs.

“Ehen, isn’t that easier?” Wande said, laughing at him. “All these stubborn attitude of yours does not change the price of fish in the market.”

“Now let me continue. I and Shade were love partners.” Wande started to open the can of worms on her affairs with Shade, causing more tears to flow out of her.

All this while Tade who had been trapped with Shade was been ignored, something he used to his advantage by sneaking out of her gaze and hid in another room before making some calls.

“Oga Williams, gbese don happen! Wande has freed herself and is now on the loose!”

“Eh?! How did she do that? Besides how come you know this?”

“She is the house of a friend of mine and she is threatening to kill my friend. I just managed to escape her and am not still safe, she may realize am not around and will come searching.”

“Okay, where are you?” Tade started to give him details.

“So, that’s how it is, Lekan.” Wande was still explaining. “What will you do now?”

“I knew all that already.” Lekan started, shocking Wande and Shade.

“I always researched about any lady I go into a relationship with and I heard the exact feedback you are giving me. So realize this, there is nothing you want to tell me about Shade that I don’t know.”

“But that’s what people don’t understand. Unlike most guys with poor observation skills, I have tried her and now see Shade in a different light. Many see her as a cheap person, I see her as a lady who needs a true friend. Someone that will help her overcome her nightmares and mistakes.”

“I love Shade and there is nothing you can tell me that changes that.” Lekan concluded.

Wande was speechless for a moment while Shade’s eyes lit up in joy, knowing that she had won this.

“Everybody hands up!” The Police stormed in, catching everyone by surprised.

“That’s the cult leader. Hold her tight.” Williams told the officers with him. As they moved to put hand-cuffs on her, she raised her gun once more.

Pow! Lekan was sent hurling to the ground, never to stand again.
“Noooo!” Shade shouted, forcing Tade from his hiding. Meanwhile Wande was been cuffed and taken away, much to the chagrin of an infuriated Shade.

“You will not go scot-free, I will fight you with everything I have! Wande, you will die soon. Wande……”

“Shade, its all right.” Tade tried to console her. “She has been arrested, am…….”

“Shut up! Its, it was you that caused all this, Tade!” Shade turned her attention on him. “If not for you, Lekan will still be…….” Her words were swallowed by tears as the ambulance arrived.

On sighting the ambulance, Tade left her and walked towards Williams.

“You know this is the fault of Mr Abiodun.” He started while trembling in anger.
“Probably so, yet you seem to know that Wande will escape.”
“Mr Abiodun told you that?”
“Not really, but he did say that you gave him a hint.”
“Oh? So why did he not follow it?”
“That’s because Wande had escaped before he returned. Well that is bygone for now. It seems like a legal battle will take place soon.”

Williams started to leave. “There is a different battle that will happen in school, Tade and we will need every sinew of an activist to win it. So if you understand that, you will quit blaming yourself for this loss and move forward. The session has already ended anyway.”

True to Shade’s word, Wande did not go scot-free. Not up to a week after her arrest, she was charged to court and subsequently received the death penalty as her judgement. Even though her lawyers had already made an appeal, it was gloomy for her.

That was as far as Tade followed the case, as he returned home for another break.


Meanwhile in a hotel in Abuja, Dotun was talking to some important people.

“Dust, I am happy that we have acquainted ourselves early on.” One dark-skinned man in his mid-fifties said. “I never thought that it will happen so swiftly.”

“That’s why I am special, Senator Alimi.” Dotun spoke with a wide grin. “Though I wonder who killed our President and his wife.”

“I did.” Another man in his mid-fifties spoke. “Obviously not by myself but I financed it. The b-----d who called himself my President had to pay for all his transgressions against this caucus.”

“So Senator Durojaiye, who did you use?” Senator Alimi asked with an interested wink.

“Well, he is on his way. A talented lad no doubt, though he said that he needed to take permission from his Capone…..”

Senator Durojaiye’s talk was interrupted by a call. Dotun could not hear everything, but he surely heard ‘let him in’.

Senator Durojaiye dropped the call. “Speaking of the devil, the lad I speak of has just arrived.”

On hearing this, Dotun’s blood began to boil. Who was this ‘lad’ that will take a job from him?

The door leading to their room opened and Sunday came out.

“That’s the lad for you!” Senator Durojaiye proclaimed.

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Episode 12

Sunday and Dotun eyes met, one with aggression, the other in slight fear. The tension was unbearable, that even the senators felt it.

But it was just for a minute.

Dotun quickly took charge and walked towards Sunday and hugged him, surprising the senators.

“You know him?” Senator Durojaiye asked Sunday who nodded.

“He is my Capone”

Gasps of Ooh escaped their mouths as they marveled but at the same time understood the situation.

“Let’s celebrate this!” Senator Alimi said, as he turned to the intercom to order refreshments


Tade arrived home to meet a completely empty house, save for the gateman.

Father must have left for those midnight shifts. Thought he should be beyond that. He mused, before going to his room to drop his luggage.

It was not up to ten minutes when he heard his father’s car arrive. He quickly went to the sitting room to greet him.

Only to meet his father and mother together.

His heart was fluttering at the prospect of them coming together but their faces were telling a different story.

While he was still guessing, Wale opened his mouth.

“Tade, sit down there.” Tade quickly found a cushion to sit and waited for his parents to speak.

“Tade, what have you been doing in school?” Wale asked, his eyes squarely focusing on him. Clara was also staring at him, her disposition one of scrutiny.

Tade looked at both of them questioningly. “I am studying Law in school, sir. He answered with a straight face.”

“He is not asking you what course you are studying, he is asking you what you are doing in school, because you seem to be distracted.”

Tade looked at them with surprise, knowing that he has been doing well in school so far.

“Mummy, I don’t understand you at all.”
“Okay, let me break it down for you. What connects you with cult groups? ”

Tade shut his mouth, his teeth clenched and his disposition edgy. He was expecting some backlash.
He was not wrong.
“Stop looking at me like that and answer her question!” Wale roared in anger. “What have you been doing all this while? Answer me.”

Seeing that Tade was a bit shocked at his behavior, Wale pushed further. “So you think that we will not know, abi?” Wale asked. “That you have joined all those cult groups in school abi? Upon all we give……..”

“I did not join any cult, sir!” Tade answered, trying hard to control his anger.

“Then why are we receiving death messages about you?” Clara asked, sympathy running in her veins. “See them.” She said, displaying the messages on her phone to Tade.

Tade looked at the phone and found out that not only were his parents right, but that the senders obviously knew his identity and connected his brother’s history to it.

Tade on seeing this, became dumbfounded. His parents, noticing his change in emotions, also kept quiet. So for a while the house was quiet.

“Tade, please tell us the truth,you know we are doing this because of you.” Clara said, putting her hands on his thighs. “We don’t want anything to………”

“Woman, stop begging him!” Wale found his voice. “If he does not want to speak, he is leaving this house this very minute!”

At that moment Tade stood up and walked into his room. Not long after that he came out again with his bag.

“Sir, if you care to know, I joined a group that fight against cultism on campus.” He started. “I know that there is a lot of history about that but I don’t bloody care. I am going to do it my way and that’s final.”

Wale looked at him with raw anger. “What did you say? Have you forgotten that you depend on me for school fees or for your allowances? How dare do you speak to me and your mum that way? Don’t you have respect for your parents? Can’t you be…..”

“Please,Please,Please, Stop it!” Tade cut him in mid-sentence. “Why are you behaving like you have the right to control me? You that never took out time to talk to me, to know me, you now come here and start talking nonsense about respect and all that ish. Abeg, abeg, give me space!”

After saying that, he took his things outside, Clara watching in horror while Wale was daring him. It was until he refused to use the cars available but opted for public transport that Clara went to meet him.

“Tade, please don’t do this to us.” She said, tears running down her cheeks.”We are your parents, its natural for us to react the way we did. Please don’t go. ”

Tade looked at her and felt some pity. However he was determined and soon stopped a taxi.

“At least tell me where you will stay?” She asked. Tade refused to answer her but rather faced the taxi driver and gave him directions before zooming off.
“Clara, let him go, that’s his luck.”

Clara turned back and walked to her car, then changed her mind and charged towards Wale, delivering him a present which was a slap.

“Woman, what’s the meaning………?”

“Will you stop been arrogant?” Clara cut in. “It seems another woman has given you another child, but that boy is my only child left! You think I will watch him go into a perilous situation?”

“What do you want to do?” Wale asked. “Its not as if you could stop him when you went after him.”

“That’s your excuse, eh Wale?” Clara asked. “Am sure you have another child somewhere.”

“The boy is determined to die. Why bother yourself? Isn’t this how Andrew carried himself too?”

Clara walked back to her car, dejected. “Nothing must happen to that boy.” She said. “Nothing, I repeat.” She entered her car and drove off angrily.

As soon as she left, Wale made a call. “Sonya, please be coming now and bring two of those your friends.”


The new session woke up with a buzz in its head, as the news of Wande’s sentence streamed through.

That success propelled a windstorm of change, one that Rachael started. Before anyone could say Jack, cultists in action or oppressing others were been caught and dealt with.

It was first unclear who was doing it exactly, but it was not long that names started to fly out. Names like Rachael, Rose, Williams, Kunle and Tade. Tade was one of the students who mobilized others in response to any cult attack. He was already becoming popular among the students, with the opposing side, which were the cults just watching quietly while making one or two attacks on selected few students.

It wasn’t all success, however, as the Student Union President, Taiye Comfy, was one of the cult members, specifically a remnant of the recently destroyed Ravens. However, things were to change quickly.

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