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Happy Birthday 'Williams'

Posted: Sep 14th, 08:33
by Isaiah
Today We salute you, Mr. William Cole

Some say you’re a year older
Some say a year wiser

What do you wish for while blowing out your candles?
A new ride? Or a box filled of Chilled Pepsi, and that you don’t pass out while blowing out your candles
(I should probably sit down)

New shirt – check
New hair cut – check
We all at Afrivade taking you someplace other than your computer base – uncheck
(Happy health code violation)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light oh admiral of the ageless
Because even though you’re [##yrs today, you’ll always be #1 with us
Happy Birthday to you. (Admin @Williams )

Re: Happy Birthday 'Guts'

Posted: Sep 14th, 12:30
by Aleph
Happy birthday, wishing you long life and prosperity.

Re: Happy Birthday 'Williams'

Posted: Sep 14th, 19:44
by William
thanks guys n gals, im 33 today

Re: Happy Birthday 'Williams'

Posted: Sep 27th, 23:07
by Aleph
Great, I hope you had great fun???

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Posted: Nov 17th, 17:16
by Bender11ginue
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