Torn Between The whale And The Deep Blue Sea, what Do I Do?

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I'm really confused right now.
I am the first born in a family of 5,and my father has warned me not to get romantically involved with any woman outside the delta-igbo, or other igbo groups.We are delta-Igbos.
I happen to be a chemical engineer,and on a masters degree scholarship to study at Oxford,sponsored by shell,as I am a first class graduate(The best graduating engineering student in my uni actually).I have this yoruba lady whom I have been dating right through the university,and
she has actually been the pillar behind my academic success as she encouraged me to take my studies dilligently,even when I was busy partying away on campus.
She singlehandedly bought me a West-african Engineering competition form for #20,000,in which I actually did well & came out as the second best engineering student in West-africa with a price reward of €30,000.
I have actually wanted to propose to her,but I Can't due to my father's threat of dis- owning me.
I am scheduled to go to England this year,and she has been longing for me to make the relationship more concrete.
Now, i have other Igbo female friends who are equally beautiful,intelligent and sweet,which I could fall in love with easily,but I dont want to hurt her.
Should I call my father's bluff?(I am dead,if I try this),or should I break up with her?(guilt would kill me!).
I respect my father alot,but i also love my woman!

Words from a friend I decided to share, help a friend..

Even the smallest of is idea counts

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Why did you continue with her when you knew you had been warned against that! SMH!

So are you expecting us to tell you to disobey your father abi that you should break the poor Yoruba girl's heart. I will not be a party to any of that!


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@poster, Telling us you had a first class and all that jargon has no correlation whatsoever with your supposedly romantic story. If we all were to write out our academic/career achievements on here, this space might not be enough to contain that of some personalities. What has a first class or second class degree got to do with romance?! Non-sense!

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