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Episode 43
]They were shivering as they suddenly became accustomed to their environment. It finally ringed into their heads that this was not for the faint-hearted, even for a cultist.
But their horror was just beginning.

“Let’s walk.” Baba Oluwo said, urging them on. They walked until they faced a flight of steps leading to the ground.

“Come in.” He said, smiling at them. He could understand their skepticism, even Dotun, their leader was scared.

They obeyed, walking timidly. Taiwo was desperately holding Mutiu’s body like a lady in the rain, upsetting Mutiu. Mayowa looked at them and a smile escaped his face. No camera to take this moment home.

He was still smiling when he heard Sunday speak. “What are those things?” He asked. Sunday had gone ahead of the rest and was almost at the exit of the stairway. What he could see looked like an army of dogs, only that their teeth were as sharp as snake’s fangs and they had claws like lions.

“This is where we begin our preparations.” Baba Oluwo said, conveniently dodging the question. “Take these leaves and hold them. He gave them some grass-like leaves. Hold them in your hands, not your mouths.” He caught Mutiu putting them in his mouth. “This is no evil forest.”

Its worse than that. Sunday thought and although he could not hear what others thought, he felt that they were of the same line.

“Now you are to go in there and spend a day with those creatures. They are called Aja nino kokoro ( dogs inside weevils-nonsense name though). After a day I will come towards here and we will leave there.”

“What’s going to happen in there?” Taiwo asked, obviously shaking.

“They will eat you up, Olodo!” Mutiu fired back, obviously angry about the previous incident.

“They will eat your organs.” Baba Oluwo said calmly, forcing Mutiu to drop his leaves in fright.

“They will eat our oooorgans? Like really eat them?” Mayowa asked, stammering.

“You expect me to repeat myself abi?” Baba Oluwo spoke, forcing Mayowa to keep his words to himself. It was clear what was going to happen though.

“You are the sacrifice that is needed here.” He told them in a stern tone. “To obtain great power involves great sacrifice and what Dotun asked of me is very serious. You will enter there and they must accept you. If they don’t, you are as good as dead. In fact, you are dead!” They stood like dead people, almost petrified with fear.

“What can we do to make sure they accept us?” Sunday asked.

“Nothing, just walk in there. If they come towards you or attack you, then they have accepted you. If they leave you alone, then you are dead. If you don’t walk in now, you are dead. What they will do will be painful, but you have to bear the pain until they are done with you. Don’t worry, they won’t kill you but if the pain becomes far too much to bear, drop the leaves and they will stop their feeding. Now go!”

They walked inside, knowing that their lives were in no one’s hands.

They walked slowly, slower than a snail for that matter. If any of them was trying to be brave in the forest, such notion had long fled their heart. For this was no place to be brave, even if it was for the brave. The sight of the black saliva drooling from the mouths of these animals made it more scary for them.

As soon as they entered, the animals attacked them, tearing their flesh like paper off a book. The force obviously forced them to the ground, with the animals gnawing at them.

They were all forced to watch (as the pain was too much to sleep on) as their organs were duly attended to by these creatures. Many of them were focusing on the belly region and were taking away the stomach and liver of their victims as the unfortunate fellows looked on. Mutiu dropped his leaves first as he could not take the excruciating pain of losing his intestine. He had actually lost his small intestine and had seen the feces from his large intestine when he dropped the leaves. Just as Baba Oluwo said, the creatures left him, though he had no power to move, not to talk of putting his large intestine back in place.

Mayowa had watched Mutiu drop the leave and was thinking of dropping his own when he turned and looked at Sunday. The creatures seemed to actually enjoy feasting on his (Sunday) body and were actually growing bigger. Soon enough they will be bigger than Sunday himself, Mayowa thought. Meanwhile he felt a sharp pain at his back and realised that the animals were devouring his kidneys. He looked at the animals as they ate away the last part of that region,having taken away the stomach, the liver, spleen and both intestines.

Taiwo suddenly shook and threw his leaf on the floor, forcing the beasts off him. Mayowa looked at Taiwo and realised that the dude was actually leaner and his skin (or the remnant) was actually stuck to his bones. His heart and lungs were still safe.

Mayowa finally dropped his leaves and then watched as the creatures left him. He too had lost a lot of flesh and organs, apart from his heart, lungs, his private part and his face. He turned and watched the creatures as they continued eating the only person left, who was Sunday. He was wondering when Sunday will drop his leaf.

Sunday never dropped his leaf and when they finally left him, he was just bone. His heart,lungs, eyes, ears, mouth,brain,stomach- every thing made of flesh was gone.

They were like that until Baba Oluwo came in the morning.

Baba Oluwo had gone back to his house and instructed the gate-man to open the gate to no one, but to tell any visitor that he had traveled and won’t return until the weekend. He then sat down and took a glass of fruit juice, enjoying the day as if there was nothing happening anywhere close to him.

The next day at exactly 24 hours after leaving them in that room, he walked back in and met them in a half-dead state. As he walked slowly, the creatures moved away from him, giving him free access to his ‘guests’.

Starting from Sunday, he stood in front of the body and mumbled some words, then touched him and moved to the next person.
Slowly, he woke them all up, with all of them recovering their body parts lost by the creatures. Obviously, it took Sunday quite some time to recover all he lost.

There was now a shocking difference about them and the way they moved told anyone around them that they were in a different dimension. Sunday in particular looked so quiet and stern, like someone who had no emotions. Taiwo, on the other hand retained most of his boisterous attitude and was quite bubbly.

They soon left the creatures and entered into another area, this time a graveyard.
“What are we doing here?” Taiwo asked calmly. This time around, nobody shook or quivered. They all remained calm and cool, somebody that gladdened Baba Oluwo.

He did not answer Taiwo immediately but stepped forward and said some incantations,speaking to the wind. As soon as he was done, four knock-out beauties called ladies came from nowhere and walked towards them.

“You are to sleep with these women for two days.” He told them all. “You understand what I mean by sleep, don’t you?”

“You mean s-x, isn’t it?” Mayowa said coldly. The old man nodded his head.

“Then its not difficult. How many times are we to sleep with them?”

“As many times as you can afford.” The old man said.

Taiwo walked to the tallest and most curvy of them and immediately went to work, Mayowa managing a half-smile and joining him, Mutiu following Mayowa behind.

“These fools don’t even look before they leap. You are using our semen, aint you?” Sunday asked.

“Well, wise one, you are totally right.” Baba Oluwo said. “It seems like your evolution has been completed. I never thought this will happen, but I see why Dotun picked you.”

“Why is that, sir?” Sunday asked.

“The answer will be revealed after the preparation has ended, which is after this stage, so go and enjoy yourself.”

Sunday walked confidently to the last remaining lady stark nude and asked after her name

“My name is Rati.”


“Yes, Rati. Isn’t there something you should be doing?”

Sunday looked at the beauty in front of him and wondered what stupidity had come upon the rest that they can’t see the consequences of their actions. He knew that there was no turning back.

“From where did you get this name from?” He asked curiously.

“You need not to know.” She said, smiling. “Now please me.”

For two full days they indulged themselves in Sin City or rather Sin Graveyard, donating seme.n upon seme.n. At the end of the whole sexfest, Baba Oluwo came around and took them through the graveyard to a series of steps which led them back to a room in his house. In front of them were small gin bottles containing some fluid, which Sunday deduced as their seme.n. Baba Oluwo, now back to his youthful self, opened one of the bottles and motioned Mutiu to come forward. As Mutiu stood in front of him and the bottle, he suddenly felt an invisible hand massaging his back, while the fluid in the bottle reduced until it was finished. The others passed through the same ordeal and the bottles were disposed of.

“That’s the end of the preparations.” Baba Oluwo declared, which brought some elation to them.

“You are now ready to take on any foe. Any other thing you will need will be readily available. Mayowa, you and Sunday should remain here while the rest go to the dining room. My house-help has arranged for some delicious meals, you guys must be hungry.”

As Mutiu and Taiwo left for the dining, Baba Oluwo pulled Mayowa close to him.

“When is the last guy coming here?” He asked.
“Tomorrow sir. He had to sort out something.”
“Good. Now listen to me. You may go ahead with the operation, but you have to kill those voodoo priests first. He said. I will advise that Sunday deals with that, for he is the strongest of you all.”

“Baba, I thought you were to strengthen all of us.” Mayowa said quietly.

“Yes, but not all of you can be at the same level. He sacrificed the most and therefore has been granted the most power. Sunday cannot die.”

As he heard that, Sunday’s ears tingled.
“Only Dotun has reached the point Sunday got to and survived. Both of them are now principal servants to death and death can’t take one of his own.”

“Sunday, stretch your hands.” Baba ordered. As Sunday obeyed, a stone suddenly appeared on his palm. “The stone in your hands has the power to guide you through any situation and any enemy. You just need to stare at it and you will see who is becoming an hindrance to you. I trust that you will use it well.”

“Now let’s go and eat.”

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 44
]Sunday looked at the mirror and smiled. He looked quite dashing and fit for a man who had gone through what he went through two days ago. Since then he had done virtually nothing: Mayowa had gone AWOL and had not contacted anyone.

When he had returned to his room in town, most people just asked him where he had been. His answer of traveling home due to illness satisfied most of them, it even moved two ladies to cook food for him and bring it to his room! There was only one person who did not fall for that excuse and that person has been bothering him since then.

The person, Williams Olaleye was a Deeper Life Christian student, who always came at his doorstep to preach. Sunday had treated him with really little regard; he was just polite for the sake of politeness. But Williams had always pressed further and even called him Brother Sunday.

The trouble started when Williams saw ‘Brother’ Sunday the day after he had returned.
“Ah! Brother Sunday, thank God you have returned! I was worried about you when I did not see you all this while!” Williams had started with that typical Deeper Life tone.
“Erm, I had to travel home because I was not feeling well.” Sunday said, smiling.
“Its good, I hope all is alright now?” Williams inquired.
“Yes, yes, am back to health.” Sunday replied.
“That’s good. We thank God. Brother Sunday, I had a bad dream and I want to share it with you.”
“Bad dream? Why share a bad dream with me?”
“I am sharing it because the dream is about you, Brother Sunday.”
“Yes, you Brother Sunday. I saw you in the middle of a deep forest and some faceless people were beating drums and you were dancing to it.”
“So what’s wrong with that? How is that evil?”
“Brother Sunday, the sounds from those drums were evil and I could hear these people laugh some ungodly laughter, more like they were laughing at you. Besides you were nake.d and dancing like something was forcing you.”
“Hmn.” Sunday acted like he was concerned. “Well, I am okay here and I don’t think anything evil is happening to me.”
“If that’s what you think, then no problem. But pray about it, Brother Sunday. Pray because that’s the key to all problems. Let me be going.” Williams started to move.
“Okay, good night sir.” Sunday said. As soon as Williams was out of sight, Sunday hissed.

“Orishi,rishi!” He said with contempt.

But the next day, Williams was at his door to say the same thing and pressed that Sunday should pray about it. Sunday refused and told him that he needed some sleep. Williams left the room reluctantly, but not before advising him to pray.

Today, Sunday was waiting for Mayowa to call when someone knocked at the door. Lo and behold, it was Williams.

“What do you want from me?” Sunday asked aggressively. “Don’t bring your message of doom here.”
Williams was shocked but composed himself quickly.
“Brother Sunday, it was revealed to me that you know about what I am talking about. In fact God revealed to me that you made a pact with the devil.”
Sunday looked incensed. “Did they sent you to me? I am not interested. What is hard to understand in that?”
“Brother Sunday, why do you allow yourself to be used by the devil? You know what the scriptures say: a path seems right unto man, but the end is destruction. Brother Sunday, from what I saw, you are heading to destruction.”

“Its you that is heading to destruction, fool!” Sunday said, pushing Williams away and shouting loudly. He then went ahead to hurl insults at him, causing neighbors to come and separate them. Some started advising Williams to go, that he was disturbing them, while others were trying to appease Sunday.

As Williams walked away, he shot this warning.
“Brother Sunday, I pray you won’t remember this day with regret one day.”

Chuks walked back from his department, obviously weary. It has been an eventful week and now that a new week is upon him, he hoped that it will be half as good as the last week.

He had discovered, much to his chagrin, that the DPO had been transferred and the new DPO wanted to see him. Of course, he left Chuks number with the new DPO. So Chuks was summoned and he was on the way there.

If only he knew.

As he entered into the station, he saw the two officers he and Tade initially met,greeted them and went in. He did not notice the guy with them.

As he entered into the DPO’s office, one of the officers tapped Mayowa’s shoulder.
“Na one of them be that.”
Mayowa looked up, but Chuks was gone. Mayowa then asked for ‘the other one’.

“Na only this one come bros, e be like say the other one no come with am be that.”
Mayowa waited until Chuks was out of the DPO’s office.

Inside the office, Chuks was receiving some annoying news.

“Young man, I have told you that we will handle this case properly. The other DPO, despite his charisma, did not handle the situation well and that’s why I am here.”

“But sir…….”

“Did you understand anything I say, Mr Man? I said that you should forget about it and stop coming here, unless you want to be arrested for interference!”

Chuks was about arguing but decided against it. It was becoming clear that this DPO was brought to sabotage the investigation. If he continued arguing, the man may as well rope him into trouble.

Chuks stood up and made to leave. The DPO waved him away, not giving him the courtesy of goodbye.

As Chuks came out, Mayowa caught sight of him and snapped his picture, making sure that the camera did not have its flashlight on. The two officers made his work easier by calling Chuks, even though Chuks did not bother answering.

As he left, Mayowa made a call.
“Hariz, show! We get assignment.” He then greeted the officers and passed #1000 naira one to each officer, who pocketed the money quickly. He then went outside and met Hariz, who was in a car.

As they drove off, he showed Hariz Chuks’ picture.

Chuks arrived on campus in the evening around six. Tade was already waiting outside for him, as Chuks had called Tade immediately he was done with the DPO.

“So that’s what he told me.” Chuks said after telling Tade what happened.
“See the world? This country we live in is evil and desperate, is this how her case will be killed?”
“I don’t think so, besides her parents are influential. But I fear that it will drag for some time.”
“So where are you going to now?” Tade asked.

“Am heading to my department, I have a test that am reading for.
Let me follow you.”

Chuks and Tade spent two hours reading individually, not discussing anything. When they felt they were done, they picked their books and walked to the entrance of Health Sciences. Tade then remembered that he left a book in the lecture theatre.

“Chuks, abeg I forgot one textbook like that for HSLT B, can you wait here let me get the book.” Chuks nodded his approval as his ears was blocked by earphones.

As Tade came back with the book, what he saw was something typical of movies.

A red Honda car stopped in front of Chuks and between three seconds the car left, handing Chuks a bullet in his head.

Chuks was dead.

To be continued

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Episode 45

“Target on sight. Three tangos are guarding her.” Sunday’s com shrilled out. They had been watching the Adejumobi’s house for like three days now. Ronke Adejumobi was the principal reason for this. She had messed up with the wrong people and had been sent on exile to the great beyond. Now that her family had joined, they must follow suit.

“How many are in the perimeter, Taiwo?”
“Five more, three at the entrance, two at the back.
Making eight all together, right?”
“Yes, all of them are eight. Permission to move?”
“No, just stay in there and cover me. I am moving in.”
“Sunday, I know that you can’t be killed but charging in without a plan isn’t exactly the plan.”
“Who is talking of charging in? Am just moving in and I will be done in no time. Just watch me. Am out.”
Taiwo com went dead. He quickly adjusted himself and hissed. Since that day at Baba Oluwo’s house, a lot had changed. They suddenly evolved from part of a cult group to a group of elite assassins, using various gadgets. He, for example is currently had a Barret M98B, a type of sniper rifle as a weapon. Sunday on the other hand, just carried a pistol. That was another irony on its own. Since that day, Mayowa had unofficially made Sunday the second in command. When he protested, Mayowa told them why; Sunday’s abilities had suddenly included the inability to die, therefore he had jumped a lot of steps to be the second. He had to calm down, especially as Sunday said that he will try and work with anyone that is assigned with him. But this looked like going solo.

Sunday on the other hand, had a different plan in mind. After ending communication with Taiwo, he brought out his stone, placed it on a tree branch and immediately cut his finger. He then used the blood to make a symbol resembling a star trapped in a circle. All without a sound. Once he was done, the symbol disappeared and from the area marked, he could see the exterior of the house.

Pulling out his pistol, he located the guards. As he located them, he pulled the trigger. They dropped dead one after the other, a bullet on each head. As Taiwo watched in horror from his vantage point, Sunday quickly switched to the interior and took out each guard, one by one until he got to the target. As the target looked at her guards fall down in a daze, she got shot on the head. Swiftly, noiseless and totally boring, but it was excellently accomplished.

“Mission accomplished, Taiwo.” Sunday said from his com. “Am moving out.”

Tade looked at the empty bunk which once contained Chuks bed in silence. It has been more than a week since he was killed and Tade had not fully recovered from the incident. He had started attending classes again- obviously life had to go on but he still felt awkward.

Made had cried heavily ( for a guy) during the first week. He felt a good part of the guilt since he was the once who had pushed Chuks towards the police. Shittu felt bad but did not mourn or show any sign of sorrow. When Tade accosted him, Shittu reminded the Law student that they all have their lives and that Chuks should have known when it was too much to handle.

Tade was more bothered with who killed Chuks than the pain of his death. From the little he had deduced the people who got Chuks received the information about him of recent. Tade suspected the officers in duty and his suspicion was also shared with the former DPO, who had stated that the investigation was compromised. He did not want to go to that police station again, in fact he did not want to have anything to do with them.

But he knew nothing of the information that led to Chuks death and that bothered him. If Chuks killer had it in mind that they were two people and Tade’s identity was with him, then Tade was not safe.
Especially as Dotun had been released!
Dotun looked at his watch for the umpteenth time. He hated anyone delaying him, especially if it was a girl. He had to go to the party with this half-bleached, quarter-sun baked girl. Of course she was beautiful and had ‘something upstairs’ but she was also an example of why bleaching was not good, with all the visible parts of her body fair like Bianca Ojukwu but her inner thighs as dark as Mercy Johnson. Of course he had seen her inner thighs, in fact he had seen everything but had not ‘entered the place’, as it was during the prep that he was called for that class which he got arrested for.

“Monica! We will be late! Do quick jare!” He shouted.

“Am sorry oh, its this bra that is giving me problems.” She replied from inside her room.

Dotun hissed and allowed his mind to drift away from the immediate issue to that of Chuks. It was when he got out of jail that he realized that Chuks was killed. Of course he did not authorize it, and even more surprising was the fact that he was not pleased with what happened. While Mayowa’s handling of the Adejumobi’s and Sunday’s killing abilities pleased him, Dotun felt that Chuks case could be dealt differently, even forgiven sef. Chuks was more than a class rep, he was the leader of the class. He stood up for many of them when they were in trouble and had even helped Dotun a few times when it was in his control. Chuks was a calm and reasonable person, who according to Dotun deserved to live. That’s why he will attend Chuks burial.

“I am ready, Dotun.” Monica said, jolting him to the present.

Monica looked sweet, if not a bit slutty when she came out, as she wore a bum-short that defined the term ‘s--t’, while the caption on her black T-shirt was all inviting, as it read: Catch me if you can.
Of course Dotun was not bothered, in fact he liked to see this side of her as it was not a common occurrence. Monica, for all her slutty intentions that night was a virgin, something he confirmed before he got arrested. He had not had s-x with her, but fingering her was enough for him to realize that her hymen was intact. So he enjoyed the sight in front of him before moving out.

When they got to the party at Archi Studio, Monica quickly joined the crowd as Dotun locked his car. He was not bothered, in fact he preferred it that way rather than having her police him around. His eyes were looking earnestly for the sight of Chinedu, his Capone. They had planned meeting here for some business and even though Dotun was secretly planning to start his own cult group,he still had enough respect for Chinedu to honor his request.

After scouring the area for fifteen minutes, he did not see Chinedu and decided to join Monica on the dance floor. As he got there, he saw an obviously drunk dude trying to start his quest inside Monica’s pants.

Puwa! A heavy slap resounded on the hall, giving everyone close to her enough notice. The dude was obviously stunned as he did not know when she turned around

To be continued

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Episode 46

The dude was obviously stunned as he did not
know when she turned around and delivered
him a slap. The drunkenness absorbed part of
the pain as he tried to rejoin her in the
dancing. Monica refused and walked away,
prompting the guy to hold her and force her to
dance with him.
“Ki lo she yin? Here na party o, if you no wan
dance, waka comot.” He was still holding her.
“Are you mad? Stop holding my hand, filthy
pig!” Another slap followed the statement,
leading to people gathering around the
“E be like say you no sabi who I be? See, if I
handle you, you will regret yourself. Better
comport yourself make we enjoy wetin we wan
“She don talk say she no wan dance, bros free
am abeg.” Dotun stepped in. He knew where
this may lead to and he did not like it.
“Oga, nobody put mata make you come do
judge! Na my babe be this?”
“Who be your babe?” Monica shouted. “See,
better leave me alone before he handles you,
The dude launched a slap at her, sending her
on her knees temporarily. This last action
signaled to Dotun that it was enough and he
had to respond.
As the drunk was about starting a guttural
laughter, Dotun landed two quick punches on
his back, before sending a couple of kicks too.
The dude, now cleared of the drink, stood up
and charged towards Dotun.
A fight was about to start!

As he was about to lunge at Dotun, a hand from nowhere dragged him back.
“Ibukun, are you alright at all?” A tall, dark dude said, forcing Ibukun to rearrange himself.
“See how you are disgracing us here, not to talk of the guy you are fighting with.” Ibukun still angry, decided to pick his cloth accessories(a wristwatch and a band) and the damaged pieces of his phone before leaving.
The tension eased off as quickly as it got started, though the party had ended for Monica as she angrily walked to the car.
At that moment, Dotun spotted Chinedu who signaled at him to come. The two men met and discussed something that did not take long. Once they were done, Dotun carried himself and walked straight to his car, humming to himself before driving both he and Monica home.

Nifemi looked at her watch and sighed again. It was ten pm and Wale will probably be growling in his stomach. To be fair though, she had tried her best to make this work; in fact she has not recalled anytime she had put so much effort in the relationship. She may not have conceded as much as she did some others, but she had worked hard. She woke up around 4 am to prepare for the day and she makes sure breakfast is ready for Wale before she leaves for the hospital. And by breakfast, she means a proper breakfast, not that ‘bread and tea’ crap. She works hard in the hospital and if she is not on night duty, she will arrive home around 7pm, take or leave 30 minutes of traffic jam. Then she goes ahead and cooks the food for the night, barely resting before handling the food. She still tries to perform her other ‘wifely’ duties as at when due, which is no easy feat when your husband is a young adventurous dude.
Yet she knew it is not enough. Wale is an African man, and as such abhors the ‘twice a day’ feeding formula, not to talk of days like this when she is so busy that she arrives late. At least he is a bit understanding to her plight.

As she drove through the now empty streets, she wondered how long it will take before he snaps.

Meanwhile Wale was done making cassava pudding (garri or eba) and was eating the pudding with Egusi soup when Nifemi walked in.

“Wale, where did you see Egusi soup?” She looked stunned.
Wale looked up and faced her. “So you think I can’t cook abi? See as you are looking at me! I use to cook before I met my first wife.
So you can cook? I hope this food is not poisoned oh!” Nifemi said, chuckling.
“Eh? You are doubting my ability to cook?” Wale said, sounding serious. He then took a mold of the eba and dipped it in the soup, “Oya taste it.” He held it up to her mouth.

“You want to feed me?” Nifemi said, making funny faces at the mold. “I won’t take.” She shook her head like a small kid.
“Nifemi, take jare.”
“I am not taking it.”
“So I can’t feed my wife? Common, take it, the food is getting cold.”
“Wale, don’t bother.” Nifemi walked towards the room.
“Okay, be doing shakara for me. Sha don’t taste from my soup or eat from my eba.”
“I will make rice! She concluded.” As she got to the kitchen, she peeped into the soup and saw all the meat inside.
“Hmn.” She looked at the food. This food looks well garnished and furnished. She took one shaki and one bukutur.
“This actually tastes good.” She smiled, chewing the meat away. She looked towards the dining room and then picked another piece of meat, this time a piece of liver and walked towards the room.

Two weeks later, Tade was in Okija, watching his friend been buried. He was at the sermon, watching Chuks father shake his head sorrowfully. His mother was not there; she had been on admission since she heard about his death. His father and his sister were the ones present at the burial. The sister was quite beautiful despite her sorrow and if it was another setting, Tade would have tried to make a convo with her.

As he stared at the coffin which Chuks laid, he thought about a lot of things. How come people feed on others sorrow? How can someone be content, even have affinity for killing? The sorrow in the area was weighing him down.
As Chuks was committed to earth and people began to disperse, Tade caught a glimpse of Dotun!

To be continued

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Episode 47

He wanted to advance towards him, but he decided otherwise. For one, what’s the advantage of him going after Dotun? What will he be gaining from such activity? He could not possibly fight Dotun, nor can he accost him without exposing himself. And Dotun is as dangerous as ever.
Tade quickly left the burial with a heavy heart.

The Monday after Chuks burial, Mr Kunle Falade called him.
“Good morning sir.” Tade said immediately after picking the call.
“Good Morning, Tade. I want to see you in my office immediately.”
“Sir, we have International Jurisprudence right now and I can’t afford……”
“Okay, what about after that class?”
“I will have two other classes after that class.”
Mr Kunle paused for a moment. “See me by 3pm today.”
“Okay sir.” Tade dropped the call.

Throughout the whole day, Tade was unsettled. In as much as he rather friendly with Mr Kunle, he felt that something was not right. Why he had that feeling, he did not know. He could not even place it. As soon as he was done for the day, he carried his bag and left, assigning most of his work to his assistant.
“Tade, where are you going?” Tade turned and saw Wande. His heart shook and he swallowed saliva. Wande was on black and white, customary of Law students. However, her black skirt was so short that he could see her fresh, sweet thighs and she opened a button too much, showing her cleavage. Tade could swear that she wore no bra as he could see her n-----s.
Two guys whistled past her, emphasising the manner of dress she wore. Luckily for Tade, she now had another love interest, although he was not sure how they were going.

“Wande, wwwhat’s up?” Tade caught himself stammering, causing a snicker from Wande.

“Na wa o! This small dressing is making you to choke? You don turn SU?” Wande joked.
Tade smiled and coordinated himself well.

“No na, you sabi say you are too much. Even the strongest players will feel like novice in front of you, especially like this.”

Wande laughed heartily with Tade joining. When they were done teasing themselves, Wande asked him a question.
“Tade, what’s wrong with you today?”
“What do you mean by nothing? Your eyes were wondering in class today and your mind was not in the class. I know that something is bothering you.”
“Its nothing.” Tade replied. He may be more friendly with her but it does not remove the fact that she was one of them.
“I have somewhere to go.” He shrugged her off and quickly walked away.

He stayed off the faculty until it was 3 pm and walked straight to Mr Kunle’s office.
“Good afternoon sir.” He met Mr Kunle at the entrance as he saw a visitor off.
“Good afternoon.” Mr Kunle answered before ushering him inside.
“I heard about your friend, Tade. He started. Am sorry about what happened to him.” Tade nodded his head in appreciation.
“I wanted to answer your question, the one about your brother.” Tade’s eyes lit up, while Mr Kunle bowed his head a bit and scratched his forehead.
“Andrew was a good friend I met while in school. We both belonged to the ‘Evolvers’, on anti-cult group. He was the leader of that group before he was killed.” Mr Kunle said.
“Do you know the saying: Love your neighbor as yourself? Andrew disobeyed that law repeatedly. We all knew that our lives were not safe doing such stuff, but we were young and wild, with strong passions to change this school, just like you and your friend. But the fact is that there are some things too big to change, some people too big to challenge and so acts too big to be safe. Andrew did all of these.”

“We went after cult members and we were strong enough to stop a good number of them. But Andrew always wanted to cut the head of the snake, and he charged in recklessly.”
Mr Kunle paused for a moment and continued. “he went after the Ravens and their leader Kareem, who was the most feared cult member in the south-west. I tried talking him off it but he was too stubborn and refused to listen. He managed to arrest Kareem, but he was killed before he could enjoy his victory.”
“You see Kareem was an indispensable tool to many important people in this country, so they arranged his release before the day ended. Kareem did not rest but immediately kidnapped Andrew and killed him. The night Andrew got Kareem arrested was the night he died.”

“As soon as he was dead, the ‘Evolvers’ scattered and at the end I joined a cult group.” Tade hairs stood at that revelation. “I could have continued but Jesus arrested me, so I left the group, though I barely made it alive.”

Mr Kunle looked at Tade intensely. “I can’t support what cults do, I have seen enough of they do to know better. Many of them don’t live good lives after and very few manage to leave cultism alive.”
Tade was uncomfortable with all what he heard. “Why are you telling me this?”
“Because you may think of joining a cult in order to avenge your friend.”
“God forbid!” Tade shouted,snapping his fingers backwards.
“I have heard that before from people who eventually joined and I know that cult guys come after your kind of person. So I warn you, don’t join any cult. You can leave”

While Tade was pondering on what Mr Kunle had said, Dotun and the Red Axe were preparing for a showdown with the Ravens.
The Ravens had changed leadership recently, meaning that someone killed their former leader. While the death of their leader, who is better known as Nightcrawler pained Scorpion, he did not see too much to it, but the following week the Ravens killed Jimmy Flow and that can’t be accepted. He swore that if it meant sending the whole town ablaze, he will avenge Jimmy Flow.

So finally, the showdown Dotun wanted finally came. He had been waiting for this moment, when he will have the chance to finish off the idiot called Shina in his department. Since that day that he challenged Dotun, the leader of the Made Men had bid his time and waited for his chance.
Now it has arrived.
Scorpion looked at everyone around him and smiled. Every able body member was present, even those on assignments and short-term missions. Only the sick and those on long, perilous missions were absent.
His look suddenly changed from happy to serious.
I am happy and at the same time sad. Scorpion said. “I am happy, because I can see my comrades in arms all around me. I am sad that everyone that supposed to be here is not here.” This statement brought a sea of murmurs and sighs. Scorpion waited for them to finish their little ‘meetings’ before coughing aloud, bringing everyone’s attention back.
“Jimmy Flow, one of our brothers was killed yesterday by those grunts called the Ravens. We have tolerated them long enough and it was my fault, thinking that their leader will hold them in check. Now that leader is dead. Scorpion spoke, veins threatening to burst out of his head. That leader was killed by them and then they turned to Jimmy, our own Jimmy! Will you accept that?”
“No!” The answer was unanimous.
Scorpion then walked forward and brought out a strange axe, which seemed to be coated in blood. He then moved and cut his finger with it, bringing blood forth before passing it to Dotun, who did the same and passed it to the next person. In time, all of them have pierced themselves with the axe.
“The fact that we know peace does not mean that we can’t fight a war. Therefore, I declare that all members of the Ravens either on campus or in town is a persona non grata on this campus and will be treated as such!” This brought out cheers from everybody.
“Millicent!” Scorpion called out immediately as a young man came forth with some papers.
“Have everyone received this paper?” They all waved their copies in the air. “Those names and locations are the names of all those in the Raven and where they live. Dotun will lead the assault to the places that are marked while you can kill the others.”
“Today, I declare war on the Ravens!” Scorpion said, throwing the axe on the ground

They all shouted, many with anguish as they made their move to different places. Dotun’s eyes and mind was fixed at a particular fellow.
That fellow was Shina.

Moving through the grasses and thickets covering their existence, Dotun and Mayowa led the rest to the Ravens hideout where Blade and Kira were gisting and stroking their ladies. Within a minute, both Blade and Kira dropped dead, while Dotun moved to burn the hideout, seizing and destroying all their weapons. From there, they all went to different locations. Dotun, having picked Mayowa and Sunday to floow him, made for Shina’s house on Ede road, in town.

Shina was runinh a party with some of his friends and their girls when Dotun burst in.

Everyone, on the ground! Dotun said, shooting into the air. Immediately everyone found themselves on the ground, with Sunday making sure everyone complied. The fear of shotguns ( carried by Mayowa) and rifles ( carried by Dotun and Sunday) was enough to make most people obey without resistance. Shina, who was a cultist, was not to be easily swayed.
Dotun, what are you doing here? He bellowed. How dare you attack this gathering. Oya boys! Shina shouted, calling for backup. No one responded. He looked around, a bit stunned. Guys! He shouted again, a bit of panic evident in his voice. Still no answer.

No one is coming to help you. Dotun said, walking calmly and quietly. You dared me, Shina.You dared to dare me during an incourse and you think you can escape scot-free? My guys, whats the secret rule of our cult?

Forgiveness is a sin! Sunday and Mayowa chorused.
And that’s how it is, Shina. Your people killed an important person to us and now we are here to pay you back.
Shina’s eyes widened as he tried to make an appeal with them but Dotun ignored him, sending him down with a shot. As Shina fell to the ground, his colleagues in the Ravens were following suit.
The Axe was painting the town red with blood!

End of Part 1;

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