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Episode 36


“I don’t know how to explain it, but a colleague of mine died and he is implicated. I am not sure if he is the person, but she sent me a text explaining some things and that one Shodipo was housing her. She did say he was in Law and that he was popular for being a campus journalist.”

Tade looked at Chuks inquisitively.

“How is he implicated?”

“Ronke said that she was saying with him that night; Saturday night that is. Then today her dead body is found and no one saw her between Saturday and today.”

“Wow.” Tade said, looking sober. “Shodipo did not come for today’s debate, it was suspicious although I thought that I may be over-reacting. Are you sure that she said that she was in his place?”

Chuks brought out the phone and opened his ‘inbox’ then showed them all the message.

“Chuks, you have to report this to the police.” Made said. Tade and Shittu looked at him like he suggested that Chuks should fight a crocodile.

“Police? Come on dude, the police will just arrest our friend here and implicate him in this case. You want Chuks to be wrapped into trouble abi?” Shittu asked him.

“Besides, its a very risky thing all together. The best they can do from it is to asked Shodipo some questions and that will not be done nicely.” Tade added.

“But if it is found that she contacted Chuks before now nko?” Made asked. “Na Police case be that, period! They will not even want to hear your complaints.”

Chuks looked at the roof like his life was about to scatter. Then he shut his eyes and thought for some seconds.

“I will go to the Police.” He finally decided

Chuks went to the station the next day and despite Tade’s initial reluctance to see the inside of a police station, he followed Chuks. Made and Shittu were absent.

On getting to the station, they met two officers, one of average build and another that was tall but slim. Both were looking bored and acted almost instinctively as they saw the two lads coming.

“Good morning.” Chuks stammered out. He was relieved that he had gone to the school security first.

“Yes, how can we help you?” The one of average build said.

“I am looking for the DPO.” Chuks said before rephrasing the statement.

“I am here to see the DPO.”

“Wetin bring you come find the DPO? You get appointment with am?” The tall one asked fiercely.

“Yes, I have an appointment with him, in fact its an important appointment and he will appreciate it if you don’t obstruct what I am here for.”

Tade looked at Chuks with surprise. Does this dude know where he is? This is the Nigerian Police Station, where you can spend the night in unlawfully for something as simple as being rude. He tugged Chuks shirt gently but his friend refused to budge.

“Wetin this one dey think say e be? We dey ask you question, you dey answer us like say you be James Bond! We fit lock you up for here!” As Tade heard ‘lock’, he tugged Chuks shirt vigorously. Chuks still refused to budge.

This what I hate about Ibos. Tade thought. They are too stubborn.

As Chuks and the Tall Officer locked horns in a ‘fierce looking’ contest, the second officer stepped into the matter.

“Samuel, e don do! Free the boy!” He turned to Chuks. “The DPO is not around. Come back later.”

Tade heaved a sigh of relief and then walked away, almost dragging Chuks though there was no need for that, as Chuks was leaving on his own, smothering coals on his head.

As soon as they left the station, Tade dragged him o one corner.

“What’s wrong with you”

Chuks walked on, not answering Tade. As soon as they got to the road, a certain car drove past them and dropped in the station.

The two friends kept walking, but Tade could not take it. He quickly pulled Chuks to an empty shed and quizzed him.

“What’s the meaning of the stunts you pulled there?”

“Do you want to go to prison?”

“Don’t you realize the implications of what you did to me? Am asking you.”

Chuks looked at him and mellowed down, probably realizing that he was right.

“I am sorry. I was just angry that he wanted to try and bully us.”

“He won’t have resorted to that if you were not so arrogant. Well, let’s forget about that one. Just be careful.”

Tade’s phone rang.

Shodipo walked into his room, towel wrapped around him. He sat down and bowed his head, tears falling from his cheeks. Not up to four days ago, he saw the most grueling and brutal sort of killing and he could not report it.

He remembered how it started. After Ronke entered the room to rest, he talked to his friend in the next room, his friend looked understanding and allowed him to sleep.

After thirty minutes, he was rudely woken up with a gun poking his head. He suddenly started shaking and even peed on his body as his body controls suddenly ran amok.

Dotun and his friend then ordered him to his room, pushing the gun behind his waist and making it very clear that any funny move will be his last. As he opened the room, he almost cried out but he was quickly reminded of his fate if he did. He then watched as they did what was more than rape; forcing her to drink concentrated battery acid. And to make it worse, they decided to bath her in the acid outside ( he had to protest that they don’t do it in his room). Dotun then warned him not to report it anywhere, which was not necessary for he did not even have the mind to report it.

Since that day, he had been dis-orientated, always feeling like he will run mad. His bed was now a torture chamber, mentally reminding him of what happened. It was a good thing he did not go for the debate.

He suddenly heard a knock.

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 37
]”Whose that?”

The knocks persisted, making him unsteady. He went for a knife and walked to the door. Having a rethink of the situation made him realize that he will look foolhardy to carry such a weapon. He then carried a book and walked straight to the door.

Once he opened the door, he saw two men in mufti.

“I am Inspector Kabiru and with me is Officer Kolade. We are from Lagere Police Station. We want to ask you some questions.”

Shodipo looked at them, piqued. Police officers? Shey this thing never worse so? God, na on top Ronke matter that he go enter prison so?

“Sorry, I think you are mistaken. I don’t think I am the person……..”

“You are Shodipo, right? Year Three Law student, writes for Sociopedia. You want more evidence?” Officer Kolade replied.

Shodipo led them into his room, scared stiff. It was really him they were looking for.

Chai! A part of his mind told him. You own have finish. Police wahala? Your own don end be that.

Chillax jare. Another part of his mind told him. You have done nothing wrong. You just housed her for a night. Did you do anything else? No. So stay calm. They don’t know anything, am sure.

He listened to that mind and calmed down. Luckily for him, the officers seemed not to notice.

“We are here regarding to a certain lady called Ronke.”


“Ronke is your friend, isn’t she?”

“Yes sir.”

“I learned that she spent the night with you on Saturday.”

“Yes sir.”

“Is she your girlfriend?” Officer Kolade asked.

“No sir.”

“But you like her?”

“No sir.”

“Then why is she your friend if you don’t like her?”

“I don’t like her like that, sir.”

“So she is like a sister to you?”

“She is just a friend sir.”

“So nothing happened between you and her?”

“Yes sir.”

“Hmn, that’s strange. A fine, young man like you and a beautiful lady like her, why am I feeling that’s a lie?”

“Its not a lie sir.” Shodipo was wondered where he was driving with this.

“So what is that nail polish doing there?” Officer Kolade asked.

Shodipo looked at the nail polish with surprise. Fear was already in him,carrying his spirit away from his body. Then he was saved……by a knock.

“Whose that?” Shodipo said for the second time

“Its Bimpe.”

“Bimpe, its not a good time to…….”

“I forgot my nail polish in your room. Its pink in color.”

Shodipo looked relieved. “So that answers the nail polish.”

“Can I enter?” Bimpe asked.

“Please come and take your nail polish.”

Bimpe came in, looked at the officers with a bit of surprise and confidently picked her nail polish off the table. She then blew a kiss to Shodipo and left.

Officer Kolade was leering at Shodipo when she blew the kiss so as soon as she left, he asked him if she was his girlfriend.

“Yes, yes, she is my girlfriend and I don’t do two girlfriends.” Shodipo lied. The truth was that she was a neighbor who always wanted to be his girlfriend, although to him she was nothing more than a sexmate and food provider at times.

“Hmn….. When did she come here?”

“Yesterday evening. Sirs, if you don’t mind I have somewhere to be soon.” That was another lie.

“Okay.” Inspector Kabiru interfered. “Where did she say she was coming from.”

“She said she was coming from a party somewhere and then stopped here for the night.”

“Does she do such before?”

“No, I was actually surprised that she got here.”

“What then happened?”

“She woke up the next day and left.” Shodipo lied again.

“That’s enough for today. Mr Shodipo, you have really been useful to us, but then we may call you if there is need to. Can you give us your number?”

Shodipo scribbled it on a paper and gave them. As they were about to leave, he asked. “What did she do?”

“She did nothing.” Officer Kolade said. “She was murdered.”

Shodipo quickly faked a sad face and demeanor, which was not necessary as the officers left quickly. As soon as he confirmed they were out of sight, he quickly went inside and started packing his stuff. He picked only important things- clothes, shoes and books. He then stopped a bike man and told him to get to garage.

On getting to the garage at Mayfair, he boarded a bus going to Benin. Fortunately for him, he was the last person that was needed for the bus to be full, so as soon as he entered, the driver did the needful and drove off.

Tade phone rang, with an unknown number.

Tade quickly picked the call.

“Hello, good morning. Who am I speaking with?”

“This is DPO Durojaiye. I was told you have something for me as regarding the girl who was killed.”

“Yes sir, although its my friend that has something not me. We just left the station sir, we met your absence.”

“I just arrived. Hope you are not too far.”

“No sir.” Tade replied.

“Then come now.” He ended the call.

Tade looked at Chuks suspiciously. “Why did he have my number and not yours?”

“I gave the security people my number too and that’s the only place I remember dropping your number.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

The two friends found their way to the station. This time around, the drama that was exhibited previously was not available and they both entered the DPO office without much ado. After exchanging pleasantries, they quickly went to the business of the day, with Chuks showing the DPO the text message.

As soon as he read it, he called one of his subordinates.

“Get me Inspector Kabiru and Officer Kolade immediately!”

“Inspector Kabiru and Kolade came in about ten minutes ago.” The officer replied.

“Bring them here or can’t you understand me?”

With some speed they were brought forward, almost huddled together. They quickly saluted their superior, not minding the two ‘boys’ in front of them.

“What did you get from your investigations?”

Inspector Kabiru spoke. “We searched the whole area and after much enquiry, we realised that she slept in a certain Shodipo’s house.”

“And so?”

“We investigated him but we found nothing of note.”

“We found nothing of note.” The DPO repeated, mimicking them. “So two of you cannot coax the truth out of a university student! What Police college did you guys attend?”

Both of them kept quiet.

“Tell me something I don’t want to hear, that two of you cannot even find a simple solution to the issue at hand?”

“Its not like that sir.” Officer Kolade spoke.

“Its like what then? Tell me.”

“Its not like we did not suspect him. But we decided to take it a bit slow. He sounded scared but he defended himself well.”

“See this message.” He showed them the message. “Go and bring that man to the station immediately!”

They were about to leave when he called them back.

“Gentlemen, let’s follow them.” He told Tade and Chuks.

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 38

]The five members of the male species found their way to Shodipo’s house, only to meet his absence. The DPO was fuming, quite furious that his subordinates were dumb enough to allow him slip by, the two officers were not happy (obviously) that they allowed a suspect slip through their hands and Tade and Chuks were tired.

“Sir, we are kind of busy sir, can we take our leave?” Chuks asked.

“Sure. But I may call you if your attention is needed.”

“Yes sir!”

Tade and Chuks left.

Meanwhile, someone was obviously angry at Dotun’s action.

“What is the meaning of what you did, eh Dotun?” Scorpion asked. Dotun looked remorseless.

“Dotun, Dotun, what’s wrong with you? How can you just kidnap a girl like that and deal with her without informing me? Are you trying to usurp my authority?”

“No sir.” Dotun said. He looked at Scorpion with such hate that the Capone was surprised.

“E be like say your wings dey grow, ehn Dotun? You dare disrespect your Capone like that? You dare disrespect me?”

“No sir. I just felt that its not worth bothering you about.

“Its not worth what?” Scorpion asked. “Dotun, you are a brilliant mind and a precise marksman, but you don’t employ tactics, you think you can solve all issues with your gun and you are so confident in your ability that you don’t check your opponent is or his capabilities.”

“The Ronke you are telling me is not worth bothering is the daughter of a powerful family in this area. They will use all means to find who did this and I mean all means, including ‘juju’.”

“I will deal with them all.”

“A whole family? Don’t forget that they have all sorts of protection.”

“I will deal with them sir, with your permission.”

“You have my permission.” As Dotun was set to leave, he held him back and hugged him.

“I know I don’t need to say this, but be careful.”

“Yes sir.” Dotun said, walking away. As he stepped off, he called Mutiu, who was waiting outside their meeting place.

“Call in the ‘Made Men’.”

Thirty minutes later, Mutiu was in Dotun’s place with five other guys; Mayowa, Taiwo, Soji,Hariz and Sunday. Sunday was the most recent person to join the group.

Dotun looked at them all and told them all that transpired between him and Scorpion.

“Boss, na gbege be that o! Wetin we go do?” Mayowa asked.

“First of all, who be the person wey go checkout the lady? How come we no sabi all these things na?”

“Ask Mutiu! Na him Boss give work to.” Sunday told the group.

“Come here, no make me vex dash you slap! You wey just join yesterday wan dey talk rubbish!”

“Shut up, both of you!” Dotun said. “See as you are bickering like women! Mutiu, I want you to investigate everything about her family- Everything! Including the thick head of the family! I want to know what makes them strong, what political and economic links they have, what kind of security they use, both white collar and black-hand(juju). You understand me?”

“Yes sir!” Mutiu said.

“No mistakes and I mean it!”

“Sunday, you will be on the watch out in school. Everything and anything as regarding the case, including the police reports must be noted. I want information by the hour, you understand?”

Sunday nodded his head.

“And watch Shodipo closely. Now that its getting hot he may crack and tell the police what happened in his house. In fact, go check what’s happening in that house now!”

“Yes sir. Can I go?”

“Your ‘mumu’ must have been made in heaven! Go!”

Sunday stood up and left.

“I will call the rest of you when the time is right. Just be prepared!”

They stood up and left.

Meanwhile, Tade was calling Wande trying to gist with her on the phone when another student stopped him.

“I need to show you something.”

Tade was soon showed a video which was apparently shot from Shodipo’s compound. He saw as Dotun and his group went into his room and after about an hour, dragged a dying Ronke out of his room. The person that seemed to be recording the video could not get much on it again.

“Soji, where did you get this?” Tade asked.

“I recorded this.” Soji replied. “Let me explain……….”

Sunday watched from a vintage point on the bungalow facing Shodipo’s place. From what he could gather from some folks he made friends with, Shodipo apparently fled the area some days ago and the police had come twice to look for him. He had already briefed Dotun on the development, which forced a smirk out of Dotun.

Meanwhile,Sunday was tired of watching the house and decided to check school environment. On getting to campus, he found himself going to Law, figuring out that Shodipo could still find a way to attend classes.

As he walked to the Faculty, he saw two guys talking from a distance. As his curiosity grew, he made a move to find what attracted him to them.

He was closing in on Tade and Soji!

To be continued

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Episode 39

]As he got close enough to take a peek at what they were doing, Tade stood up and shook Soji. The expression on Soji’s face gave out the unexpected nature of the ending of their conversation. However, he refused to complain, especially as two ladies saw Tade and called his attention to them. Tade quickly jogged to where they were and the trio walked into the department.

Sunday saw what transpired and could not make head or tail of it. He decided not to follow Tade upstairs, as he could attract suspicions of his motives. Instead he followed Soji as he took a walk back to SUB bus-stop. He trailed him to his house and then called Dotun

“Boss, I get fresh news.”

After Tade had seen the two ladies off, helping them with some classwork, he peeped from the stairs to see if the strange fellow had left. He was already getting to the core part of identifying Shodipo’s role in the whole process when he noticed the figure silently approaching him. Normally the movement won’t have warranted any suspicion for other students come but when he weighed all he was seeing and the fact that this was a top investigation, he decided that he won’t take any risks.

He quickly stood up to dismiss Soji and fortunately for him those two girls came along. Now that he has concrete evidence that Dotun is involved, he had to see that DPO

He first called Chuks.


Wale tossed on his bed for the umpteenth time. The advised visit of the psychologist by Nifemi was not favorable. In fact, it served as a irritant to him and he just had to smile for her sake.

He thought of how long he had to pretend like he liked any of her suggestions when he was annoyed or disgusted by them. Normally he would have argued against the psychologist cynical view of his dreams but Nifemi kept nudging him to keep quiet and he did. Now that he thinks of it, that dream had really haunted him for too long, caused too much stress and trouble for him, for them. His family. That family he supposed to have- with Clara.

Now looking at Nifemi up close, he decided that no matter how fantastic a lady may be when you first see her, she will always have flaws. Clara was always the ever-stuck optimist and an addict to her religion. She won’t give up on anything, even if all evidence points to it crumbling. That attribute is good if you were a start-up guy or just getting your first pay-check. But for a man of his means, who seemed to have climbed so far in such a short period. He needed something more exciting, more interesting. A woman with stronger bedmatics maybe?

Or maybe that’s what he wanted. Maybe that’s what drove him to Nifemi. That the single thing that drove him to Nifemi. Adventure!

God! He really hated himself right now. Nifemi was exciting, but stupidly dirty. Very dirty! It was the third time he was cleaning the house and Nifemi will not accept a house-help, boy or girl.

And it irritated him. IT IRRITATED HIM! He loved neatness and Clara was neat. Very Neat! Nifemi can cook, which was a relief. But her cooking can never equal that of Clara. And it annoys him.

“God help me!” He said to the skies

Tade was soon at the station, with Chuks.

“Who recorded this?” The DPO asked.

“A course mate, probably heard that I was helping out and decided to show me.”

“Why you? Why can’t he report to the police all this while?”

“I am the class representative of my class. Probably he thought he was safer with me. Besides he did not know what kind of treatment he will get from the police. ”

“Hmn. Why is it that you young people don’t take the police seriously, nor do you trust them?”

Tade and Chuks looked straight at him, not saying anything but knowing the answer to what he was saying. Nigerian Police has a reputation not to be trusted.

“Okay, so what do you know about this Dotun?” He asked them. Both hesitated, but Chuks finally spoke.

“Dotun is a cultist who had an axe to grind with Ronke. He is highly feared by students in the school and lecturers in my department. He is likely very dangerous. I know nothing else.” Chuks said.

“Fine, that will do. You have been very helpful, Messers Tade and Chukwuma.” He stood up. “We will definitely arrest him.”

As the two friends left, they felt a relief like a burden had left them. Yet they had a lingering fear.

The kind of person Dotun was, he won’t be in prison for long and then what next?

Because he will come after the person who exposed him.

Sunday had watched Soji from his house. If anything hd alerted him that Soji had valuable information on what happened, the fidgety nature of his movements and gestures gave him out the more. What’s more, two police officers were watching over the house like guardian angels, so he knew that Soji had something he wanted.

He had called Dotun, who obviously asked him to bring Soji in that day. However with police presence around the house, he could not just go in a kidnap him.

Soji, unaware of the danger around him, decided he needed to get some bread some blocks away. He walked out of the house and went straight off to where he needed the bread.

He got the bread but did not get back to his house.

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 40

As soon as he knocked Soji down, Sunday knew that it was only half of the job that was done. With the case of murder around this area, people will be suspicious if they see anyone standing in front of a knocked down person.

However, he had an advantage with Akrabata; the place was rural and bushy. Bushes covered many bush paths and farms were nearby. This smoothen things for him as he could move quickly unnoticed.

He dragged Soji across the bushes, not minding if it was hurting him. He needed Soji alive, hurt or not. He then lifted him and took him as far as possible, crisscrossing bush paths to an unrecognizable place.

Soji woke up to the feel of water on his face and body. First thinking that he urinated on himself or that something urinated on him, he dispelled those thoughts when he saw the amount of water that was on him, plus those that trickled. He then tried to move, a feat impossible at the moment as he was bound.

“Hello, Soji.”

Chuks went immediately to his class and met the Devil called Dotun. He winced at his presence, even though Dotun did not even perceive the other man. Chuks was trying to wonder what kind of human Dotun was that he could mercilessly deal with a lady the way he did. Doctors were not suppose to flinch at blood, not turn into murder machines!

He was cut short from his thinking when five security officers, known as ‘crackers’ came from the entrance and ‘came upon’ Dotun, seizing him and taking him to their van, eliciting shocked expressions from all the students and some ‘pump up’ hand expressions from some of them; some haters openly stuck out their tongues out.

As soon as he was taken to the van, they took off.

While Chuks was trying to fathom what was happening, Tade called him.

“Chuks, Chuks, can you come right now?” Tade said.

“Guy, I dey come now. Dem don arrest Dotun!”
It was Tade’s turn to be surprised. “Dotun? When? Where? How?”

“I was in the department when they carried him. Where you dey?”

“I dey department and go come hostel now.”

“Make we meet for there.”


“What did you tell that other guy?” Sunday asked, slapping him twice. Soji yelped, inducing another slap from Sunday.

“Shut up there!” He barked. “If you shout again, this cutlass will be touching your cheeks!”

Soji was shaking feverishly, obviously induced by that slap. The tree which he was bound to affected his back, making him to be scratching his body. Little drops of water was already dropping on him, a harbinger of rain.

“Sir, we just discussed politics.”

Another slap followed.

“It seems like you don’t understand my question. What were you two discussing?”

“We were discussing politics, please.” Soji almost cried. He could not believe that danger was so near all this while.

“Eeeh?! Oya, where is your phone?”

“Its in my room now. I am charging it when I went to….”

Another slap landed at his already hot cheeks.

“Who asked where you were going to or coming from? If you don’t understand simple english before better understand it now. I ask all the questions and not the other way round, you understand?”

“Yesss-s Sir!” Soji stammered.

Sunday unbound him. “Now we are going to your room,” He said forcing a smile. “Don’t play any funny games unless you want to die, you understand me?” Soji nodded his head.

“Now stay here.” Soji walked some distance and made a call. After discussing whatever it was, he walked to Soji and led him out of the bush towards his compound.

The two guys walked on until they got to buildings and streets, the ‘modern’ part of Akrabata. As they got there, Soji swallowed heavily.

As soon as they sighted the two policemen that were watching over Shodipo’s house, Soji dashed off, running towards them. Sunday ran after him and the two officers, who were initially oblivious of their existence, noticed them running.

Sunday quickly pulled out his pistol and tried to aim a shot. That alerted the policemen who drew their weapons out, with the aim of taking out Sunday.

Three shots rang out, but the wrong men fell down.

As soon as Tade finished with Chuks, the DPO called him.

“Good afternoon sir.” Tade said.

“Good afternoon. I want to see you immediately. Can you find your way to the station?”

“Yes sir. I found another evidence incriminating Dotun sir. Its a video evidence.” Tade said.

“Good. Very good. We have arrested him!”

“Really?” Tade feigned surprise. Then I will be coming now.

“Okay, do quick. I will call Chuks and tell him to come, so don’t bother about that.”

“Okay sir.”

“Tade, before you cut the phone hear this; come alone! Make sure nobody is following you.”

“Yes sir.” Tade wondered why the sudden warning.

]Tade and Chuks soon came to the station to meet an elated DPO, who became more elated with the recent evidence Tade brought to him.
“How can I get it?” He asked Tade.
Tade looked around for a moment and then stared at his phone- a thought came to his mind.
“Sir, let me look at your phone, it has bluetooth?”
He nodded and then shook his head. “I don’t really know. Its you guys that are in touch with these kind of phones.”
Tade held his phone and checked out the features- and the DPO’s phone had a bluetooth feature. He quickly connected the two phones and transferred the video.

“Its there sir.” He told the DPO.
“Good. Now that we have Dotun, we can interrogate him and get the whole scope. At least that’s what I hope.”
“Yes sir.” Tade and Chuks chorused.
“You guys can go. Your parts in this case is over now. You have proved useful, but I can’t involve you any further. Just trust the police to handle this.”
Tade and Chuks bowed their heads and left.

They had it on the back of their minds that it was not over.

Sunday looked at the bodies, a frown on his face. The fool wanted to run, so annoying. He did not know that he had contingency plans. Sunday anticipated this kind of scenario.

Mayowa and Taiwo walked towards him. “This could have become messy.”
“Yes. Its good you came at the time you did, if not I would been in a tight corner.”
“And your cover would have been blown, Sunday. Let’s clear up this area.”
“Its already cleared up. This area is empty.” Taiwo looked around. “These bodies will speak volumes of what happened here.”
“That’s why we have to clear this area first.” Mayowa spoke.
They quickly carried out their plans, lifting the dead bodies and placing them on a bush path. Then Sunday charged towards the building, Mayowa and Taiwo waiting for him outside.

“Who’s here?” He banged on the door. “Better open this door before I break it.” The door refused to give way, rather it stood firm fulfilling its duty.

Sunday looked at the door, his contempt tearing the door in his mind. He decided to give the inhabitants another chance.
“Open this door! Open it unless……….”
The door creaked slowly, revealing an elderly man.
“Please, don’t rob us.”

To be continued

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Episode 41
“No.” Sunday answered bearing a smile. “We just want to collect something from someone. Where is Soji’s room?”
Its over there. The shaky finger pointed to a room three doors away from the main door. Sunday move forward pushing the door wide enough for the man to pick the other two young men.

Once inside Soji’s room, Sunday ransacked it, looking for the phone. After going through his school bag, Sunday’s attention moved to the traveling bag. As he kept searching the bag, his frustrations grew and it was not long before he start to thrash the place. Unsatisfied with his search, he was about leaving when he noticed a USB cord on the bed, covered by the bedclothes. He quickly removed the clothes to reveal a Blackberry Q10 charging with a power bank.

Smiling, Sunday picked the phone with the USB cord and the power bank and left the room. There was more work to do.

After seeing the DPO, Tade and Chuks went straight to the hostel, where they discussed recent events with Made and Shittu.
“Shebi I said that you should report to the police?” “Shey you see how e turn out?” Made started at Tade.
“Where were you when we went there?” Tade replied. “After all the mouth of going to police, you no come show.”
“We get school work na, we no fit come show solidarity. Besides, no be we get case with police?” Shittu replied.
“So na me and Chuks get police matter abi? Oponu!”
“I hear you. We sha dey busy.”
“Na lie, una just get mouth! Fear no gree make una show.”
They argued back and forth but Chuks remained quiet.

“Chuks wetin do you?” Shittu asked.
“I feel morbid.”
“Mor-what?” Made said.
“Morbid, like I will die very soon”

“Come, which kin play be that? I no like am oh!” Made protested.
“Its just a feeling I have.” Chuks defended himself.
“That kind of feeling is not good.” Shittu said with some calm.
“Its from the police station abi?” Tade asked.
“You felt it too? I think something is amiss. I mean, why do I feel that we are being deceived?”
“Yes, something like that.”
“What are you guys trying to reason now?” Made asked. “Dotun is in prison, nobody knows your involvement in this case, so where is this ‘death’ thinking coming from? Stop am oh, stop am!”
“If anyone dies, it will because of this your talk-talk.” Tade teased
“Wetin you cook?” Chuks asked. “Am very hungry.”
“See your head like hunger.” Made replied. “How you no go hungry when you dey think crazy things.”

Two police officers stood on the road, waiting for someone. Soon enough, the person they were waiting for came around.

“How did it happen, Moyo? I thought those two officers had the brains to watch a simple house.” The DPO asked, announcing his arrival
“It seems like they were murdered and properly disposed of by whoever killed them.”
“Who came to report the incident?”
“An old man.” Moyo replied.
“Where is he?”
“He is inside the building. We found him hesitant to speak initially but he reported what he knew.” Moyo stated confidently.
“And what did he know?” The DPO inquired.
“He said that he was not sure who the people that killed our men are or what they wanted, but he said that they entered a particular room and scattered it, likely looking for something.”
“How does an old man know that they were after something?”
Moyo shrugged his shoulders. “He said that they specifically asked for the person’s room and then went in there. He was sure they were not armed robbers.”
The DPO bowed his head in thought. “Can I speak with him?”
“Yes sir.”

]Sunday was waiting in the rendezvous point with Taiwo and Hariz. They all had received a strange text from Mutiu telling them to meet here. They were suspicious of the motives of Mutiu, so they took their guns with them.

Where is he? Taiwo asked out of desperation. It was almost an hour after they had arrived, yet Mutiu had not arrived. Meanwhile Hariz was calling a certain girl telling her that he was gonna to be late.
Na wa o, you don arrange one babe already? Sunday commented, looking at Hariz incredulously. Wetin you dey use them do?
Wetin dem dey use babe do, Sunday? Hariz asked back.
Sunday was about replying when he saw someone approach from the darkness. Considering the fact that it was 8 in the night, they drew their guns. As far as it was not their member, they will kill the person.
Fortunately for them, it was Mutiu who was coming with Mayowa and Soji.

Where is Dotun? Hariz asked curiously. What’s happening?
You kept us waiting. Taiwo pointed out. Sunday just stared at them, arms akimbo.

]Sunday was waiting in the rendezvous point with Taiwo and Hariz. They all had received a strange text from Mutiu telling them to meet here. They were suspicious of the motives of Mutiu, so they took their guns with them.

“Where is he?” Taiwo asked out of desperation. It was almost an hour after they had arrived, yet Mutiu had not arrived. Meanwhile Hariz was calling a certain girl telling her that he was gonna to be late.
“Na wa o, you don arrange one babe already?” Sunday commented, looking at Hariz incredulously. “Wetin you dey use them do?”
“Wetin dem dey use babe do, Sunday?” Hariz asked back.
Sunday was about replying when he saw someone approach from the darkness. Considering the fact that it was 8 in the night, they drew their guns. As far as it was not their member, they will kill the person.
Fortunately for them, it was Mutiu who was coming with Mayowa and Soji.

“Where is Dotun?” Hariz asked curiously. “What’s happening?”
“You kept us waiting.” Taiwo pointed out. Sunday just stared at them, arms akimbo.

“It was necessary,” Mutiu started. “I had to discuss with Mayowa on what next to do. Mayowa will explain better.”
Mayowa cleared his throat. “Dotun has been arrested.”

Nifemi walked into the house elegantly. She had at last the kind of person she wanted. All her life it had been one unworthy man to the other. The slick, well-dressed men she met were after flings and ran at every chance of commitment. The others had either being too old or too poor to handle her. One was too young: just 25 years of age. It was after this one that she met Wale.

Call her desperate, she won’t care. The fact that he was married before and that she was actively taking part in the breaking up of a marriage did not disturb her. In this age, if you are incapable of keeping a man, another woman will teach you how to, she thought. She did not believe in Karma, at least not in this case.

She walked in the bedroom to meet a sulking Wale.[

To be continued

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Episode 42

]”Nifemi, where are you coming from?”

She looked surprised and a bit disappointed at the question.

“Am coming from the hospital, Wale. Where are you expecting me to be?”

Wale looked a bit surprised, then he realised what was running in her mind and smiled. “I did not mean it that way, Nifemi. I meant that you left the house like this and you are returning by 10pm. I am a man and will soon be your husband, yet I feel that I may be starved everyday. Mind you, am also a doctor.”

Nifemi heaved a sigh of relief and then walked towards him, placing her hands on his shoulders. “Oko mi, my husband, you know that I work a lot in that hospital, am the best hands and legs they have, so I will be late.”

“That’s why I said that we should get a house-help who will be taking of the house, even if I have to eat outside the house.”


“Why are you so strongly against this? We need a house-help here!”

“I insist that we don’t need a house-help. I will find a way around this.”

“Hmn, okay. But tell me why you are against the idea of a house-help.”

“I have seen what a house-help can do to a peaceful home,” She started. “Many house-helps enter the house and take over the man. Many others destroy the lives of the children by either poisoning their minds against their mother or kidnapping them. With all the kidnap cases in this country, I don’t want any stories with my kids.”

Wale burst into a serious fit of laughter.”Looking at you right now, someone will think that we have three kids between us!” He said between chuckles.

“Now, Now, don’t be melodramatic about this issue. We don’t have kids yet and a good house-help will never poison any kids mind. As for stealing me away, that will be a tough one. Besides, you should not be the person to be saying all this, considering your history,” She snorted at him. “See your mouth! What we both know is that am not lying.”

He laid on the bed and eyed her. “I will leave it to you.”


The news of Dotun’s arrest unsettled the rest of the Made Men. Sunday in particular was not used to the sudden change in plan, considering he was new.

“We have to choose a leader until Dotun comes back,” Mutiu started. “I elect Mayowa.”

Nobody spoke against him or contested the decision, so Mayowa was chosen.

“I will take over this meeting and subsequent meetings until Dotun comes back. I will also work with Scorpion on how to free Dotun. But we have to continue from where he stopped. Mutiu, what do you have pertaining Ronke’s family?”

Mutiu laid down everything he knew about her family, including her father’s oil wealth and the three alfas and two voodoo priests protecting the family.

“So what’s your analysis, Mutiu?”

“We can touch a couple of the members for now, but we will need to protect ourselves and then engage the babalawos(voodoo priests in Yoruba) before we attack any of them.”

Mayowa was deep in thought, “Sunday, I guess you have something to report too.”

Sunday then gave his account of what happened between him and Soji, including the shootout and his discovery of the phone, showing them the phone.

“It is locked so I can’t say what’s in it yet.”

Mayowa collected the phone. “Hariz, go to Majek and unlock this phone. Sunday, Mutiu and Taiwo will follow me and go to Baba Oluwo. Have I forgotten anyone?”

Nobody said anything. “Then let’s go.”

They dismissed, with Sunday following Mayowa and co. As they approached a foot path, Sunday looked at Taiwo and asked him what they wanted to do at the Baba’s place.

“We are going to insure our lives for our assignment.” Taiwo told him.

“What assignment?” Sunday looked at Taiwo with surprise.

“What assignment do we have? Ronke’s assignment of course!”

]Baba Oluwo’s house was surprisingly located in Mayfair, in fact, it was one of the good-looking buildings there, with the sides of the gate decorated with what looked like gold-like lion heads, though in truth it was just a concrete make-over with a touch of ‘gold’ paint. The gates were huge and black, a side gate appearing at another part of the gate. A gate man waited there patiently and came out as soon as they knocked.

“Ta ni yen?”( Who is that?)

“Awa ni.” (Its us.) Mayowa answered

“Ehen, ta le bere?” (Ehen, who are you asking after?)

“A bere Oga Seun.” (We are asking after Oga Seun.)

“Okay, e yin ni omo akeko.” (Okay, you are his students.)

He opened the gate and allowed them in. Mayowa did not ask for directions as he was familiar with the place, he just greeted the man and passed a little ‘sum’ towards him. The gate-man collected it and smiled hailing them. As soon as that was done, Mayowa moved without hesitation to his destination, the others following him.

Baba Oluwo’s flat was neatly decorated, with a wonderful Brazilian rug meeting them at the entrance. As custom, everyone removed their shoes and entered. Once inside, they meet a different rug, this time that of Persian origin. The house was lined with marble and the floor was lined with the same material. At the centre of the sitting room, flanked on three sides with cushions and upholstery was a glass table with artifical fruits on it. The interior certainly did not looked like it belonged to a poor man.

As Sunday and Taiwo marveled at the house, Baba Oluwo came out of his room with a Polo shirt and a Calvin Klein jean trousers. He looked so young like he was at his mid-thirties. Sunday recognised the face as one of the lecturers in Physics department.

“Goood afternoon sir.” Sunday said, bowing down. He had almost failed the man’s course, but when he related the situation to Dotun, Dotun told him to keep calm. The next thing he saw was a 71A besides his name. Now he knew what happened.

Mayowa looked at Sunday like he just shot him and turned to Baba Oluwo. “Sorry Baba, he is new to this place.”

“Its okay, I know him before, he took one of my course last semester. So I hear that Dotun has been arrested?”

“Yes Baba, we came here to continue from where he stopped.”

“Are you sure that you are ready for that? Its not just any preparation. Dotun was already half-way. The good thing was that he does not need to be here to complete this part of the preparations, he already had you guys in mind.”

“We are ready sir, thank you sir.”

“Oya, follow me.” He led them to a corridor and to the room at the farthest part of his flat. Normally the door will lead to the back of the house. But he did something a bit strange.

He knocked on the door three times before entering. Sunday thought maybe a female student was there- knowing that he had no wife.

As soon as he opened the door, they could see the back of the house, so they all followed him out. However, they did not land at the back of the house, rather they were in a forest, Baba Oluwo’s clothes were changed to a red wrapper and a black cover cloth, he was holding a stick and was looking very old. Sunday also noticed that all of them were suddenly wearing red trousers.

“Welcome to the gate of hell.” Baba Oluwo said solemnly

To be continued

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