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Episode 29

As Jimmy walked with Scorpion, he began to think of possible reasons why he allowed a kid like Dotun to speak to him like that. Jimmy loved his Capone, Scorpion because among other things he was lively and jovial, often sharing friendly banter with others. However, he never allowed them go beyond their boundaries or insult his persona.

That’s what made Dotun’s case both odd and uncomfortable.

He knew that Dotun is a hard man, hardened enough to be relied on top missions and deliveries. However, he was not yet a top figure in the Black Axe, or so Jimmy thought. Therefore Scorpion’s strange behavior and tolerance of Dotun was unbecoming.

As they entered Scorpion’s car, a red Kia Seranto, he asked Scorpion a question
“Who is Dotun?”


Wale entered into his home, giving a wry smile. The day was hectic but pretty worth it. He had not touched home for two days. Previously it would have caused a rancor between him and his wife. Nowadays she does not even mention it at all.

He had not been fair to her, that is Clara. She may be engaged in business, but for someone that had not had an engaging conversation with her husband in months, that’s a bit too unfair. On top of that they had not had s-x in years. He was almost thinking that someone was ‘tasting’ his wife but shrugged it off. Besides if it were true, it matters not to him.
He lied to himself.

As he entered his room, he saw something that he had not seen in years.

Clara was lying down in her night gown, looking tired yet beautiful in her own right. Her hair was scattered all around the bed, the length of it making the bed a mass of hair. Her brea5ts were heaving up and down in a controlled fashion and her eyes were shut.

Wale suddenly started to feel a stare in his loins.

]He made a move to undress and shower, but it was not long before he was at her side, fondling her brea5ts.

Clara moved around in her sleep, dragging him from his mind travel. Wale then stood up and showered.

As he showered, he began to think of what brought him home, the decisions he had to take concerning his life, especially as Nifemi has staked a claim in it. Nifemi, a female colleague who he met during a conference in Abuja about three months ago, was a sweet, delectable woman who he fell for. They had spent the last few weeks enjoying themselves, as she was based in Lagos and single. To him, she was a fresh air compared to Clara who was stale.

Coming out of the bathroom naked, he met her slightly awake.

“Wale, e kaa bo.” She said and then yawned to emphasize that she just woke up.

Suddenly disgusted by her actions, Wale wore his underwear and went to the sitting room. Clara suddenly stood up and followed him.

“Wale, what have I done wrong? Why treating me like this?” Wale did not respond but went on to switch on the telly.

“Wale, am asking you.”

“Woman, I am not in the mood for this.” Wale answered, seething at her. She suddenly looked terrible to him.

“Wale, please talk to me. I am your wife. Is it that am overweight or you don’t like me speaking our language. Or is it still because of Oyediran ( Andrew’s native name)? We have to move on, Tade is there and……..”

“Woman, since you so much want to know why I don’t talk to you, I will tell you. You are stale. Stale and pathetic in my eyes. You are just like chains of burden to me. I don’t want you anymore, I don’t desire you. That’s all…..before I forget, its likely that another lady will be living with us soon.”

Clara threw herself on the ground, weeping. So all her prayers and hopes have been dashed! Wale has cheated on her and now wants to bring his girl here, chai! What a life!

Filled with indignation, she stood up with venom and went into the room.
45 minutes later, she came out with all her possessions, stunning Wale.

“Where do you think you are going?” He asked.

“What does it look like, ediot?” She fired back. “After all I have given for you, this is how you pay me back? Wale, don’t you remember who you were or who I was? We had nothing, nothing but ourselves and our two kids from the beginning. Now money has come, you are flirting with all those desperate women. Well done and good luck to you. Just don’t come to me when everything crashes.”

As she opened the door, she turned back and faced him. “I will send the divorce papers to your office tomorrow.” She then stormed out.


“Wary of what?” Sophie asked Tade.

“Nothing, nothing, only that your beauty seems to scare me.” Tade quickly deflected the conversation to another direction as they entered the room. Made made some space for them and bowed like a chauffeur, forcing a grin from Sophie and a annoyed look from Tade. Chuks and Shittu decided to play dumb and minded their business.

“Am Made.” He smiled and took Sophie’s hand, kissing it like a gentlemen and successfully making her to blush.

“Comot your hand for here, she get boyfriend oh!” Tade responded, trying to suppress a grin. Made childishly smiled and move away before calling ChiChi, his Igbo girlfriend.

“Werey!” Tade said before taking Sophie to his bed.

“So what can I offer you?”
“Tade, don’t dodge the question, who are you wary of?”
“Am wary of you.”

“Of me?” Sophie asked, looking at Tade incredulously. “Why?”

“Why not? I am sitting with the most gorgeous lady in my department, who has guys flocking her left and right but then chose to spend her evening with a poor bachelor like me.”

“Abeg! Park yourself go one corner.” Sophie said in pidgin. “You never graduate, you dey form bachelor.”

“I dey lie ni? Your beauty makes me to think that you were born under the sea, or maybe you are a vampire……”

“Vampires are a figment of imagination dude!” She replied.”Besides they don’t walk in sunlight and I did.”

“What about mammy water?”

“Jesus! Go away jor, you are funny!”

As they bantered away, Made was dressing up. Sophie noticed him and the others.

“My bad, I did not introduce myself to you roommates. What kind of host are you, Tade?” She stood up and walked to when the others were, introducing herself to them. After making introductions, she continued her talk with Tade.

“So what happened to you boyfriend? This one you came here to visit me, I don’t understand.”

“Don’t mind me jare. Jimmy and I broke up.”
“Wow! What happened?” Tade asked, genuinely worried.

“Nothing, only that he has just being distance from me lately and I hate it.”

“Aha now, Sophie!” Tade said, pulling her to himself. “Am sure Jimmy did not mean to create some distance between both of you. He must have been busy lately. Don’t be hard on him.”

“But its not easy for me now. He is always forming busy whenever I need him, yet I won’t hear word when he is the one in need.”

“Oya sorry. Just give him another chance, am sure you guys will pull through this.”

A call came through her phone.
“Its Jimmy. I have to go” She stood up and hugged Tade. “See you around.” She walked away, drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

“Made! You never waka since!” Tade said mockingly.

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 30

]Made looked at Tade, then carried himself out.


Wale pranced around the house, checking and half-hoping that Clara left any of her belongings. It was not to be. Clara had truly left and instead of feeling relieved, Wale was confused.

He wanted her to leave, but now she had left, he felt a sudden vacuum in the house. A vacuum Nifemi will hopefully fill.
He changed his clothes and dialed a number.

“Hello sweety.” A lovely voice ran out, more like a lullaby.

“Nifemi my darling. How are you doing?” Wale asked.
“Am fine, only that I have been busy, you know. All the hospital cases and situations and as a Head Nurse, I have to make sure everything is running smoothly.”

“Indeed, when you are not the Medical Director.”

“Abeg, make MD park himself go one corner! We make the hospital tick. So how far with what we discussed? I can’t play a bit part role in anyone’s life.”

“Yes, yes. She has even parked out and promised to send me the divorce papers tomorrow. So you are good to come in.”

She shouted, obviously happy. “So when should I move in?”

“Whenever you want to. I understand you are a busy woman though.”

“Fine. I will come at the weekend.”

The next day started bright and fair for Tade and his roommates. They all had few lectures that day and actually lazied around for much of the day. It was two in the afternoon when the public address system came up, requesting Tade’s presence. Once he got there, he was in for a shocker.

His mum was waiting for him.

He looked shocked and askance, wondering what his mother was doing here. His mind obviously told him that something was wrong but it did not stop him from prostrating on the ground.

“E dide omo mi.”(Stand up my child) Clara spoke in full Yoruba, another surprise to Tade who had always heard her speak English. In fact he thought that she had forgotten her language.

“Ba wo ni?”( How are you doing?) She asked, making some small conversations and asking about his academics as they moved to her car- a small Honda Camry.

She drove to the sports car park and parked there, then she wound down her car windows.

“Tade, there is something I need to tell you………”


Jimmy waited in her department nervously. Sophie, who had called off their relationship based on him spending lack of quality time with her. Of course, the Axes comes first and he is eager to learn from Scorpion, if not from any other person.

Yet and yet, he loved Sophie. He could swear to his mother’s grave that he loved her and he could tell, even though she tries to mask it like most girls with ‘iyanga’ or ‘shakara’ do that she loves him. She always showed that she cared and wanted to be with him- even though she was kind by nature. There was just a little problem he had.

She probably deserved a better man.
She deserved a better man than him.

Not that he was unfaithful, he wasn’t. But his life was one that was spent mostly in uncertainty- uncertainty of the next mission, next line of assignment his fraternity will place on him. He knew that a time will come that his life will be up for sale and only the strongest hit men will be able to buy it. It was not something that came from an instinct- its what he wanted and what he knew will happen. He joined the cult for this- which is to gain some such of recognition, not caring who he got it from.

“Hello.” He snapped out of his thoughts to see Sophie in front of him.

“Wow, ermm.. Good morning.” He managed to say as he caught himself licking his lips absent-minded.

“So what were you thinking, that you did not notice me come? Am sure even if I carried a siren around, you won’t be able to hear me. ”

“Am sorry. Was just thinking of classes.”

“Iffa hear! You were thinking of another babe, abi?”

“Aha, Sophie. That’s unfair.” Jimmy quickly boned at her.

“Anyway, that’s your cup of tea. Am already going.” She feigned anger and started to walk downsides, forcing Jimmy to chase her.

“Sophie, Sophie, wait na. I swear, I was not thinking of someone else.”

“How am I sure? You never really showed that you valued me anyway, always busy. Am sure she is the one that is holding you down- Ohho, why did I call you sef?”

“Sophie.” He finally held her hand. “I swear, its not a lady that’s on my mind. Or maybe it is- and the lady is you!”

“Please, don’t patronize me! Who are you trying to deceive?”

“Am serious Sophie.” He held her firmly and looked straight into her eyes. “I know that I have not been fair to you, I swear I do. I know that I have been busy with business. But I am serious when I say that I am thinking about you, Sophie.”

“I have missed you. I miss you presence, your talks, how you chide me for skipping classes, our talks in covered pavilion, how you keep inviting me for special church programmes- even though I don’t come. I miss you Sophie and I want a chance to prove that to you. Sophie, please am serious here.” He started to kneel down.

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 31

The person who made up the phrase ‘ she stoops to conquer’ must have observed how kneeling down while begging a person can turn things around. With students passing, Sophie knew that she had to act fast before it develops to a scene that the news boards will give.

“Jimmy, stand up please.” Jimmy refused her request and continued pleading, in a bid to get the desired effect. Soon enough, busy-body students and idle people started to pay more attention to them.

“JIMMY STAND UP OR I WILL LEAVE!” Jimmy, sensing her anger, stood up gracefully, with Sophie dragging him back to her department and down to the basement, all in a bid to avoid the crowd.

“Jimmy, what is that for?” Sophie eyes were brimming with anger. “Were you trying to embarrass me on purpose?”

He smiled slyly at her. “Its was all because I love you. Sophie, I am begging you and I am serious. Look into my eyes and tell me otherwise.”

She searched his eyes with her inner ‘torchlight’, waiting to see any sign of insincerity. She could not find any.

“Jimmy, listen to me first” She told him. “I don’t hate you, in fact I like you a lot. However, I can’t be in a relationship with a guy I see once in a month. Mistrust will breed and your lack of communication worsens things, not to talk of other girls that will be chasing you.”

Sophie looked at him with teary eyes. “I wanted to quit this relationship, but a friend asked me reconsider and I will do that with one condition- you will make time for me! Is that okay with you?”

Jimmy hugged her. “Yes, Yes. I will make time out for us. I will do everything I can do to fulfil it.”

Both of them trudged together, very happy.


Tade could not comprehend what his mother was saying. Divorce? Guaranteed, he did not care about how their marriage was going, but at least it was a marriage. Now he will officially be a child from a broken home.

“Yes, Tade. I know that you find it puzzling. I too. I never thought your father will hate me that bad to take me for granted, all because of your brother’s death.”

Tade’s heart knotted at that point. He had always felt that way when his brother’s case was mentioned and this was no different.

“Mum, please don’t bring it up, it upsets me.” He looked at her with teary eyes. For once Clara was seeing the pain that he endured back home, even if it was little.

She hugged him tight. “Am sorry Tade, it hurts us all. I want you to be strong from now on. I know we have not been much of a family and I rarely have time for you, but be strong, you hear? I will make sure that I make out time to talk to you when you return home and you won’t suffer otherwise, su gbo mi?”( Did you hear me?)

Tade nodded his head as they left the car. “I have to go.” She brought a nylon bag containing the obvious- goodies.

“Take it” Tade moved and collected it from her. “I will see you soon, I am sure of that” She entered her car and drove off, Tade waving his hands towards her.

Two days later, Mr Kunle Falade was done with his lectures when he saw Tade come up to him.

“Good morning sir.” Tade respectfully greeted him.

“Morning Tade, how are you doing?”

“Fine sir. Sir, can I see you for a minute?”

“If its about the test I gave your class, I won’t repeat it for anyone without a cogent reason.”

“Sir, its about my brother.”

“Not for discussion.” He walked into his office,Tade following him.

“Sir,please tell me” Tade pleaded. “My family has being suffering since his death and I still find it painful somewhere in my heart that he died here.”

“Yet you came to this school, to the same school your elder brother died, didn’t you? Why bother about him now?”

“Because somewhere in my heart, I feel like take revenge for him.”

Mr Kunle dragged him into the office and locked the door.

Tade felt a bit scared like he said a taboo until he saw Mr Kunle place his hands on his shoulders.

“What do you know about revenge?” He looked sternly at him, with such eyes that Tade had to bend them down.

“But,but my brother…… I can’t just keep it out.”

“Tade, you are naïve. Have you ever taken a life before? Do you know how it feels?”

Tade looked at him, unable to say a word, completely dumbfounded like one of those scenarios where you know any answer will aggravate the situation.

“No! You have not! Sit down.” He pointed to his seat, with Tade promptly resting his body there.

“I know what you want, you want justice. You feel that your brother’s death can’t just go like that because it has turned your life upside-down and you want compensation.”

“Now, I trust that you see cultism as repulsive, yet you only see the death of those who caused you this agony as a reprieve.”

“Well, what you don’t realise is that revenge only breeds revenge, because revenge is one-sided. Justice, on the hand considers the other side.
Revenge only satisfies you, that if you are not left empty. You can’t drive your life with revenge and in this case, it will not end with your mission’s accomplishment. People, Powerful people will be coming after you and your life won’t be safe, not to talk of the fact that its a crime.”

He held Tade up. “If you have anything else to say, tell me. But this revenge of a thing will destroy you, I can assure you. I am leaving my office now.”

Tade stood up and left, deep in thought.

To be continued

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]As Tade walked out, Chuks was walking into something he did not like.

Another in-course was in place and as usual Dotun was not prepared for it. This time it was another student, Ronke that was involved and did not budge.
People were expecting a fight, even a quarrel, but Dotun kept his cool.

It was not for nothing.

Ronke was a party girl and as such lived in town, Mayfair to be exact. She found campus boring ( more church programs) and always took to clubs to dance and party. This time around, one of her friends, a yahoo boy known as Fine boy ( for he was ugly but had some cash) was holding a party in her area and as usual, she was invited. Ronke, not the one to miss such a party, went for the party full prepared, slutty as they come.

The party was blazing, with drinks and food aplenty, and the ‘party’ folks all present- the yahoo guys, the young, rich, spoiled kids, the ‘aristos’ and their babes, prostitutes posing as students and free flowing party folk.

As she drank and ate, she was invited to dance by a handsome dude (okay, he was not that handsome but he was okay). Drunk already, she did not mind dancing with him as she did not care.

Her dance was disoriented and tiring. As soon as the ‘dude’ noticed that, he suggested that they should drive to his place. Normally, Ronke won’t have given a thought to it, but alcohol is a bast*rd, she damned it and followed him to a Range Rover as he drove away.

They were already gone past Lagere and entering Sabo when Dotun choked his head from the rear seat.

“Ronke, how are you?”

Ronke suddenly woke up. She heaved a sigh of relief,seeing herself in a house not in a car. At least I did not go to the party, she thought.

As she attempted to move, she noticed her legs were bound. Realizing that save for her head and trunk, she could not move any part of her body, she began to cry, attracting the attention of her captors. Soon enough, the lights were on and she found, much to her dismay that her legs and hands were separated, making her open to any intrusion to her v*gina.

The dude who took her away from the party soon stood up and walked towards her, touching her from the neck upwards and slapping her n*ked b*obs, causing her pain. As she looked at him with pleading eyes, he shook his head but removed the cloth used to block her mouth.

Dotun soon came forward, with six other hefty men, semi-naked and holding condoms. Ronke’s eyes expanded as it occurred to her that she was to be gang-raped.

“Dotun, please I beg you in the name of God, Jesus, Allah, Mohammed, whatever God you worship, don’t do this.” She said, tears freely flowing from her eyes. Dotun and his men started to laugh, their laughter being amplified by her tears.

“Where do you think you are? Who do you think you are talking to? You were feeling important because I asked you for expo, abi?”
He said, snarling at her.

“Cold-boy!” He called one of the six men, a hefty dark dude with broad chest and six packs, who was naked from his head to his feet (unlike the rest who wore their shirts but allowed their dicks and legs to hang free).

As he approached, Dotun gave a hand sign and pointed to Ronke. Within a split second, she had received two slaps on her face and had her mouth stuffed with cloth.

“Oya, make we start” Ronke’s eyes widened much more as she made a futile struggle to break free from her bonds, causing her captors to laugh.

]Two hours later, she was left alone, her body shaking with dry tears. She looked at her body and tried to talk, but found only air coming out of the mouth. Her mouth was free but she could not shout, for her captors were around. Besides she had gone through what is a woman’s worst nightmare- rape, and she had experienced it six times.

She looked sideways and saw her ‘dude’- the guy who deceived her and brought her this pain looking at her with some pity. Probably he did not know that is was part of the plan.


Sunday watched as men continued to enter into the ‘sacred groove’ of the girl and felt disgusted. He was told and tutored in many things when he joined the frat, but how to become totally heartless eluded his mind. For Heavens sake, this was a young girl, scarred for life. He knew that Dotun would not stop here nor would he mount her. Dotun did not do it because he loved rape, in fact with all his knowledge of Dotun he knew that Dotun does not rape. He did it because he wanted her to suffer.

And what she had experienced was Part 1 of a film, the Part 2 from what he heard will be gruesome.

According to Spider (one of the guys with Dotun), they plan to open her Vag*na and pour concentrated Hydrochloric acid into it. They also planned to bath her body with the acid and then force her to gulp the acid down her mouth, destroying her body systems.

They plan to kill her that way.

As he looked at her, he felt pity. Its bad enough what they want to do, but to deface her on top of it and then kill her? That’s just too much for him to bear. He then decided to help her.

After making sure that the door was locked, he walked towards her with a knife. Ronke was shaking, obviously fearing another rape when he cut the cloth binding one of her legs.

A swift kick followed, almost knocking him off.

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 33

He stood up with an anger only seen in movies, dodged another kick coming from Ronke and moved swiftly to her face, dealing her with a hot slap.

“God punish you! God punish all of you!” Ronke started screaming, as he hissed at her resistance. “Are you so weak that you can’t have your share of s-x when the others were around?” As she kept talking, Sunday moved quickly and held her face with a strong grip, forcing her words down her throat literally.

“See, you are so keen to die, then allow me to tie your leg back or I will do that violently!” He told her point-blank. Seeing the surprise in her eyes made him bolder.

“Yes, they will decorate your body with acid and leave you to die here, so all these ones you are doing is futile.”

“Sunday, do small, small with am!” One of the other men said, causing laughter at the other room.

“But if you value your life, if any part of your life made sense to you, if there is still something you want to live for, then keep quiet as I help you. If you insist on playing smart, then you will give me a reason not to help ladies like you.”

As Ronke kept quiet, he began to loose the clothes used to tie her limbs, wondering if he was doing the right thing. This sort of betrayal was payable by only one thing- death! If his ‘saving’ act was wasted or lost, there was no other option than to die.

As he released the last limb, Ronke sighted an iron rod on the floor. Using all her remaining strength, she swung it at his head, catching him off guard.

This time around, she knocked him out!

She quickly moved towards the door, then remembered it was the wrong way before moving towards the bed. She was in a flux and was just moving aimlessly when she saw the door open.

Without thinking, she took her rod and hit the door, hitting the hand of the ‘intruder’ before smacking him on the head, sending him out too.

By now, her half-scared mind had settled down and she realised that the only way she could escape the danger of her surrounding was through the window. So she nimbly jumped down and tip-toed out of the room.

Dotun heard a voice shout from inside the room, however, it was quite low due to the distance between their location and where Ronke was kept. Besides he did hear her scream the other time, so he felt that there was no need. Mutiu had gone to check the source of the noise, so he thought- though Mutiu had differed, saying that he wanted to ‘ease himself’.

He rejoined the discussion, but his mind was still on Mutiu, when another guy suggested that they check on him.

The whole folk moved quickly and found to their shock that both Mutiu and Sunday were on the ground, knocked out. More importantly, their prey was gone- Ronke had for some reason was opportune to disappear and disappear she did.

Dotun did not need to shout orders, for they all jumped through the window of what was a bungalow and ran out, switching on torch-lights and phones with torch-lights in them.

The chase had started!

]Ronke kept running, her iron rod in her hands. That rod has been a savior to her, knocking two more of her captors en route to her safety. However, she had none of them in front of her, but behind her- she must pray that no surprise attack gets to her.

As she ran, noticing the flashlights around her, she wondered what she will say or do if she escaped this. She was actually not happy either way, she was just serially raped and she can’t report for the fear of death. Yet death was not her portion (in Jesus Name, Amen) and she need to make sure that was her case.

Shodipo was returning from a friend’s place. It had been fun- talking, shouting and arguing politics while suya and shawarama was passed around with some Don Simon among them. In fact that was the reason why he stayed that long.

As he walked rather confidently and strangely so too, he came across a peeping figure looking at the road. At Akrabata in Ife East L.G.A, it was not strange to see some people coming from or to the bush, obviously to pass some organic waste from their insides which had come from the food they ate. However to see anyone coming out from the bush at this period was very rare and quite dangerous, for you don’t know what they did inside the bush.

As he stared towards the person, who was obviously a female, she saw him and moved quickly towards him, looking like a zombie that had just seen fresh blood. That sh*t scared the hell out of him and he was about to run when she signalled to him to wait. As he waited, the figure came closer and he realised that the face was familiar.


“Shodipo! Ah! Thank God, please….”

He held her and quickly dragged her to a corner, quickly found out a hiding spot and stayed there with her. When her pursuers, like ten of them passed their location, he quickly carried her to her house, for she had passed out!

Getting to his place, still at Akrabata, he rested her in his room while he went to get some water to sprinkle at her. Luckily for him, she was not far gone and after one or two tiny sneezes, she woke up.

Ronke was quite confused as per what to say for a minute, before in a manner typical of women she started to spill an ocean of information. She was concise enough to let him know what happened and he offered to let her stay for the night, in fact he fetched water for her to have her bath, which she did promptly. Then he allowed her to sleep on his bed while he went to settle with a neighbor.

As soon as he left, she placed a call to Chuks. When she saw that his number was switched off, she sent a message, then quickly deleted the message once it was sent and slept off.

Guess who she saw where she woke up.

To be continued

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Re: The Activist

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Episode 34
She could not believe her eyes!

Shodipo was staring at her, with Sunday,Mutiu and everyone that were looking for her, everyone she wanted to avoid.

She could see the ‘I warned you’ look that Sunday gave her and the fierce looks the likes of Dotun gave her. Shodipo, who she thought will be her savior was distant.

Dotun’s face turned from fierce to happy when he saw that she had opened her eyes.

“Shodipo, thank you for keeping my prey and calling me. Its good that my message is always passed.” Dotun looked at the other guys. “Oya, carry her away!”

Ronke this time did not put up a resistance, knowing that she could not get pass about ten fully grown men, even if Dotun was one of them. Her play was that between her journey from Shodipo’s house to her ‘prison’, she will escape again.

How wrong she was!

As they left his room, Shodipo shaking due to the gravity of the visit and by what he had just done, they went to another room in the building and raped her for the second time. Ronke, not believing her ill-luck, now tried to wearily fight her assailants, leading to her phone falling and dialling Chuks’ number.

In Fajuyi, Chuks was just stirring from his sleep when he saw Ronke’s number flashing through his phone. On picking up, he could hear her cries as she got serially raped. Shocked at what he was hearing, he repeatedly called her name, all to no avail. Soon the call was rudely cut, leaving him in fear of his colleague.

Ronke’s phone was cut by an observant Sunday, who for the second time in a space of hours, did something he felt not wise by leaving the scene of the rape and smashing her phone to pieces. He came back with car battery acid, with her phone pieces dissolved in it as they forced her mouth open and poured the deadly,corrosive liquid in her, causing crazy squirms as she started to react to the pains of having her insides burnt.

Dotun was not satisfied with what he had done, as he ordered the men around her to drag her to the back of the house, wanting to pour the acid on her body. By now, some of the ‘stronger’ men were already disgusted with his methods and really wondered what she did to deserve the mess. However, orders were orders and since Dotun was the most senior in the ranks, they had no choice. Sunday in particular, was already holding back some hot tears that were forming.

Of course, Ronke was dead by now but to send a message, Dotun splashed the acid all over her and then after the acid had done its work and was now dormant, he cut up her body to distribute around, a clear reminder of who he was.

He never knew that Chuks was aware of what was happening

Chuks did not understand what had happened, but his heart sank nonetheless. Ronke was definitely in some sort of danger and he did not like the fact that he could not help her. However, he kept looking at her text message which he saw after the call and wondered what he could do. He did not know who Shodipo is and Ronke was just his classmate really- the attention from him may just look unexplainable. Yet the tone of her voice when the call came through and her text message bothered him. Ronke would not have called him unless it was desperate.

As Made and Shittu stared at the confused Chuks waiting for something to happen, Tade came in.

“Good morning guys, hey how…. Chuks wetin do you?”

Chuks was suddenly cut off from his thoughts by Tade’s voice and realised that he was the centre of attention of everyone in the room. He quickly composed himself.

“Nothing jare, na one test I dey think about. Make I go baff.”

Chuks stood up quickly and went for a bucket, obviously going to fetch water. As he picked it, he decided to watch for the meantime. If Ronke did not show after two days, then he will make his move.

Wale arrived to an empty house, the second time in three days. Since Clara left, he and Nifemi had taken up residence here. However, with Nifemi always busy, he rarely got to see her at home. Rather, it was him and him alone in the building. Even Salisu did not have it that bad.

Thinking of Salisu, he smiled. Salisu had brought his younger brother, who was also a good driver to work for him part-time, as Salisu had decided to write Jamb and go for extra-mural classes for pre-university exams. Yes, Salisu was planning to go to school and despite what Wale threw at him, Salisu stood his ground- even ready to lose his job because he wanted to further his education.

“Musa, come here!” He called for the younger brother. Soon enough, a young, dark dude, just about average in height and skinny in size, showed up.

“When is your brother writing his Jamb exams?”

“Oga, he is writing it today! In fact he has left for the exams.”

Wale smiled. So Salisu is furthering his life! He wondered how he managed to arrange all of this, even finding a brother he never knew existed.

“Okay, go to your room. We are not going anywhere today.”

The younger dude bowed his head and left. Wale looked at him and smiled before entering his room.

Once in the room, Wale looked at the surroundings with abject emotions. Nifemi had moved in, yet there was no sign of the presence of a woman. Nothing in the kitchen, not even a pot on display. If he was truly living alone in the house, he won’t have bothered. But a woman was living with him, a woman! To even think that he was planning to marry her was beginning to choke him. Will his marriage be like this?

He walked to his room and looked at the divorce papers. Clara must have expected this to happen and decided to control the situation by sending the divorce papers. That was the person Clara is, even before Andrew was born. He actually admired her for it.

Walking back to the living room, he decided to watch the telly, drifting off to sleep before he could say Jack.

He remained in the sitting room, but he was fifteen years behind the current moment. He watched as Andrew, himself and Clara were playing on the beach, his son’s smile clearly showing that he was enjoying the moment.

All of a sudden, the boy stopped running, looking stunned. As Wale and Clara rushed to his aid, the boy turned round only for them to see him gushing his own blood out. He opened his mouth to say……..

“Wale! Wale!! Wale!!!” He quickly jumped in his sleep just to see Nifemi looking at him with a worried look.

“Wale, who is this Andrew you have been shouting his name?”

“I have been dreaming.” Wale said softly, wiping his face with his hands.

“Of course you have been dreaming! What else did you think you were doing? But this Andrew has tormented your dreams for a long time. Who is he? A patient? A political foe?”

“Nifemi, this is the first time you will hear me call that name, don’t start being hysterical.”

“Am not hysterical, Wale! You may not have seen me during the day, but when I come at night, I always see you struggle in your sleep with this Andrew. Please, I may not know that much about you, but I need to know who this man is.”

Wale sighed deeply. “Andrew is my son.”

To be continued

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Episode 35
“Your son? Do you mean the one that is in school?”

“No, not the one in the university. You see, I had two sons. One is dead and the other is in the university.”

“Okay, so tell me more.” Nifemi held his hand.”I am here for you, just take it easy and tell me.”

“Well, Andrew was my first son, my first child. I loved him more than anything I loved in this life. My wife, My Medical career paled in significance to him. He was everything to me and it was worth it, because he was all I could ask from a son.”

“Until he entered the Varsity and changed. Then he got lost and was killed by cult members in his school.”

“I was so devastated, that it wrecked everything around me. I wanted out of the whole marriage because it reminded me of him. I was totally unhappy til I met you.” He touched her cheek.”That’s why I want to restart life with you.”

Nifemi looked at him gently, wondering if she should tell him her mind or not.

“Wale, do you want to know what I think about what you told me?”

Wale nodded his head.

“You need help. You need to move on from whatever this your son represented. I don’t necessary mean divorce.”

“Divorcing your wife and marrying me will not solve the problem. You will need to man up, Wale and go on with your life. Unfortunate things happen to the best of men and I understand if it derails them but allowing it to wreck your life is not what I will stand for. Wale, that young guy has taken a hold in your life and I can’t remove it nor can your wife. Only you can do so and you can’t do it alone. I suggest we see a psychologist.”

“A psych-what!”

]”A psychologist. You need someone that you can talk to and will give you professional advice on what to do.”

“So the solution is a shirk?”

“Psychologists are not shirks. Jeez, I can’t believe that I have to explain who a psychologist is to you in the medical field. If it were a layman or someone that studied an art course, it will be understandable, but for someone that comes from your side of the divide, I …..”

“I know a shirk and a psychologist are different.” Wale interjected unhappily. “But they do similar functions, work on people with mental and psychological issues. Its not like my organs have stopped working, have they?”

“Wale! This is not about your body functions, this is about your mind and your well-being! You may not realize it, but you are allowing that experience to dictate how you react to everyone else that is close to you and that’s weak, very weak for a man!”

“Okay, okay, I will go.”

“Wale, look at me. I am not trying to be bossy or whatever, but this issue is affecting you, even while sleeping. So please, don’t be offended that I laid it bare to you but you need to hear it.”

Wale smiled and hugged her. “That’s why I love you dear. ”

It has been two days since that message and Chuks was uncomfortable. Ronke had not been found and nobody seemed to know her whereabouts, save for Dotun, who Chuks knew had something to do with her that night. He wanted to ask for who Shodipo was, but then asking around will just increase suspicion from those who abducted her. He was certain that it was cult members, especially as Dotun was involved. He could almost link her predicament to her refusal of Dotun’s request of copying her in the in-course.

The day’s classes were few and by eight am, he was done. Chuks walked straight to the room and laid down, wondering what will happen if Ronke did not show up. His phone suddenly rang.

“Mide, what’s up?”

“Chuks, better come faculty now, serious gbege dey.”

“Wetin happen bro?”

“Just come jare! I can’t explain on phone.”

Chuks jumped from his bed, wore his shoes and ran out of his room and quickly got a bike before driving to his department.

On getting there, he found a most unpleasant sight.

]In front of one of the lecture theatres was a small basket, looking like it had just been dripped in blood and brought out. In it was various parts of what was surely a human being, yet was unrecognizable as such. The burnt areas were completely unidentifiable.
On the side of the basket was written ‘Ronke’.

Not up to two minutes later, some lecturers came into the scene with ‘crackers’ ( school security) and took charge of basket, carrying it for investigative purposes.

This led to some squabbles between students, as some students were accusing others of blocking them from looking at the scene. As they argued, one of the school security men then asked if they wanted to write statements. That immediately forced them into silence.

Chuks walked straight to Mide.

“When did they see it?”

“It was not up to an hour after lectures, one of the cleaners saw it hidden below HSLT C”. Mide replied, pointing to the woman in question, who was being questioned by the security officers and two police officers that just came on the scene.

“She brought it out and then we saw it. Chuks, this one wey you dey find Ronke since, I hope it has nothing to do with this.”

Chuks shook his head. “I had not seen her for two days, that’s why I asked.”

Feeling sick already, Chuks walked back to the bus stop, got a bike and went back to his room.

Meanwhile Tade was feeling high and fly. He had just won his first debate, days after joining the debate arm of his Faculty. He was not the lead speaker, but he was brilliant and received great applause. Of course that was not the high point of the debate, it was because he got the highest number of points, save for the lead speaker. All this while he was unprepared prior to that day. Of course he was given a day’s notice but a day’s notice is as good as not giving a notice at all, especially if the ‘day’ was six pm the night before the debate.

He entered his room just to see Made and Shittu gather round an unhappy Chuks.

“Guys, wetin happen?” He shifted attention to Chuks. “Chuks what happened?”

Made took over. “Chuks has a problem. One of his classmates was murdered and he has a clue to it.”

Chuks just noticing Tade’s presence sat straight up.

“Tade, do you know anyone bearing Shodipo?”

Tade’s blood ran cold.

To be continued

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