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Mikeson wrote:
1 year ago
Episode 24

While Korede had learnt from his misfortune that not all ‘food’ must be eaten, Chuks and Toke’s friendship started to grow, though a bit slow at first. This was understandable, considering what had happened in the recent past. However, a dangerous spot in the realm called ‘being friends with a girl’ is when the two parties are often alone a lot of times. The strike afforded Chuks and Toke such opportunity.

Normally, school strikes are a pain in the neck of all students, as the momentum gathered during the semester idents have to abandon their studies. However, one of the privileges of being in the college of Health Sciences is that the lecturers from Part Two onwards were not just lecturers, but doctors and consultants, meaning that their work is mainly in the hospital. This meant that most of the lectures did not take place in the campus area, but some distance from the school in the General Hospital.

This meant that Chuks was not having any break.

So as Tade and Korede packed their bags and made for home, Chuks went for lectures, meaning that he will meet Toke more often.

This bred a lot of unwanted feelings as the friendship blossomed to one that was now crossing lines.

Lines Chuks was not bound to cross.

The strike lasted four months and by the time Tade and co were back, Chuks had not only become a 300 level student(while Tade and co were still in 200) but was now in a more-than-friend relationship with Toke.

Unfortunately, Chinedu did not find that funny.
At first, He did not take it as serious as Toke was always having those ‘days’. However her persistence began to unsettle him and when she almost forced a kiss out of Chuks, he knew what was happening. His cronies were already pushed for an immediate action on Chuks, but he tarried a little.

Patience they say, makes a meal appetizing!

Meanwhile in Fajuyi hall, Tade was watching with disdain and slight bemusement the increased fondness between Chuks and Toke and he did not take it lightly.

“Chuks, am not comfortable with this your relationship with Toke, its getting out of hand.” He protested to Chuks one day.

“Guy, chill out! We are just being friends! Its nothing.”

“Nothing indeed! What about the time she was snuggling up with you during the rain, this time last week? Or the fact that she is having issues with her boyfriend?”

“What has her boyfriend issues got to do with this dicussion? The guy is a self-centered, low-egoed dude!”

“Yet he is the capone of one of the most dangerous cut groups in school” Korede jumped in. “Tade is not the only one bothered about your involvement with this girl.”

“Look, the fact that you publicly toasted the babe does not mean that I will go the same route.”

“What you don’t understand is that your route is a more dangerous path. If a guy has to toast a girl, it means that she is not having anything to lose, but the guy has, therefore he has to do things to impress her. In your case, she has a natural liking for you and its dangerous.Its more dangerous because she will become vulnerable to you and with time, you may become vulnerable to her. If for instance the day rain fell, both of you were alone, do you know what could have happened? Your hormones will have pushed themselves to work, even if you were not thinking of that. Then you may do stuff that you will regret later. Or you may actually be so weak as to ask her out.”

“And she will accept easily, inciting Chinedu and the Ravens against you” Tade added. “You don’t even know what she is thinking at the moment. What if she breaks up with Chinedu?”

“Ehen? What will happen if she does so?” Chuks asked defiantly.

]Tade raised his hands to the heavens, finally accepting defeat in the quest to knock some sense into his roomie.

“What will you do if you were Chinedu,Chuks?”
Korede asked, looking concerned.”You know the kind of power he wields.”

“I will do nothing.”

Tade put his hands in his head, Korede opening his mouth with that ‘ You can lie ooh’ look. Chuks did not bother about any gesticulations from them but decided to leave them alone.

Once outside his room, Chuks walked to the stairs and sat down there, thinking about what they said.

It is not like they were wrong in anyway, in fact he kind of shared their fears, only that he did not want them to feel like some advisers all of a sudden. He knew, much more than Korede knew, about the consequences of pushing the relationship further.

The only problem he had was that he was not sure of what he wanted from the relationship. This left him in a tight spot.

He was not the only person in such a spot.

]Toke dropped her phone on the bed. She had just finished talking to her boyfriend, who had used all the persuasive skills he could muster to make up with her.

She liked him; Chinedu that is. He had this directness in him that she liked, it was easy to know what he wanted. For all his cult activities, he never bullied a lecturer. In fact most of his lecturers don’t know him as a cult member. He had a way with ladies, though he was not a smooth talker, he knew how to get a lady if he wanted. He showed her enough affection without looking like a maga or a dunce. He was sincere with her, at least sincere enough not deny any offence he committed.

But he had this possessive nature about him, always monitoring her about. She never really noticed on her own, it was always her friends that pointed that out. The most recent incident almost generated to chaos as her friend almost raised an alarm, thinking that his spy was going to mob them.

Then his vindictive stint scared her. He had almost driven all her male friends away, including those that helped her with assignments. It was still a miracle that Chuks had not left her.

Chuks himself was another person that she was beginning to like. Initially he was behaving oddly, like a nerd. But as they continued studying together and her grades improved, he lightened up and they started really relating like friends, gisting and going out to places together. He was free and calm, always seemed to know more than she thought he would about, which impressed her.

Of recent their relationship had increased in tempo and latitude, up to the extent that she stole a kiss from him. Of course they both realised that they did something stupid and decided to forget about the incident.

But she can’t and the more she thought of it, the more she began to see Chuks as a husband figure. She would consider it blessed if she had someone like Chuks as a husband. Chinedu was not bad, but definitely was not husband material. She needed someone close by with a legal business that is not scary, not a guy who goes for shady deals every now and then. Chuks really fit the bil and then. Chuks really fit the bill, however she knew that she could not just drop Chinedu.

She suddenly had an idea. Since Chinedu has a few ‘side-chicks’, he won’t mind being a ‘side-guy’. She will keep running the relationship with Chinedu while trying to gwt Chuks to a state that he will commit.

“A girl has to do what she has to do.” She said to herself

To be continued
A very tight stop.
I fear for Chuks

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Re: The Activist

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Mikeson wrote:
1 year ago
Episode 25

]The second semester examination started with pace, carrying everyone’s attention away from other activities and events. Boyfriends abandoned their girlfriends, girlfriends abandoned their boyfriends, social events dried up faster than shallow wells in dry season.

Tade and co were quite engaged throughout the duration of the exams. Unsurprising to say the the least, Chuks and Toke were a bit adrift, despite the fact that their calender differs from the rest. Chuks decided on this so as not to give any unwanted interpretation of his relationship with Toke. Besides Chinedu, some of his course mates had started giving snide remarks about them. He wanted none of that.

Because of the strike, what supposed to be a month’s break was now shortened to three weeks, as the University Management were eager to kick start the new session.

As Tade moved out of his room, he initially wanted to rent an apartment in the town area. Chuks and Made dissuaded him. Also Malik, who had already started working gave his input on the matter.

“Generally, campus is safer” He started. “Most of the cult folks stay in town and they launch attacks on one another there. A few spots in town may be safe but generally town is not too safe. If its itching you that bad, get a place in town and campus. That way you can crash on campus if need be.”

Tade finally decided to get another room in Fajuyi and he got the medical floor again ( it was called medical floor because it was strictly used by medical students years back). Of course, he was not the only person as Chuks, Made and Shittu contributed money to stay with him.

His Part One room mates are back!

Everything seemed to have gone well at this point, Tade and Co were in their third year, Made was already in a political post in his department(P.R.O), Shittu was also doing good and Chuks seemed to have settled some sense into his head by reducing his intensity as pertaining to Toke. All seemed good.

At the flip-side, Toke was trying hard to awaken what she had felt were flames of love from Chuks. She tried personal visits,cooking for him, helping him out in errands, even the ones he did not ask for. Many a student wondered what would drive her to do so much for Chuks. Meanwhile this gestures, rather than make the friendship smoother, was adding rough edges as Chuks was becoming uneasy with all her antics. It all came to an head one morning.

“Toke, what’s the meaning of all this?” Chuks said harshly to her, after for the umpteenth time she had fried some yam and plantain and brought them to him.

“Its for you.” She said, gently placing her hands on him. Chuks instantly slapped those hands away.

“Toke, why are you trying to foment trouble between me and Chinedu? Isn’t our friendship enough?”

“What do you mean by that?” She snarled at him. “Is it because I have taken out time to be good to you, that’s why you insult me? Who do you think you are, compared to me?”

“Toke, that’s secondary. The simple fact is that you are doing things that are meant for Chinedu for me. I understand one or two random dishes and I appreciate that, but this everyday presentation of food is not it. Toke, I can’t and won’t be your boyfriend, simple!”

“Chuks, why are you talking like this? You know my feelings for you, why hurt me?”

“Toke, I do not wish to hurt you but if that’s the only way that I can put it in your head, I will have no choice.”

“I see. So that’s why you have been behaving weird to me eh? Like we were never friends?”

“See, I can’t continue risking a lot because of ‘your’ agenda.”

“My agenda? That’s so wrong, Chuks! Yes, I needed your help in academics but you think that the reason I came so close to you? Chuks, is that what you think?”

“I know your agenda Toke and I am not interested. I don’t want a relationship with you, period! Focus all this attention on Chinedu, he will appreciate it a lot.”

Toke eyes burst into tears. “You can do this, Chuks? You? You!” She walked away.

Chuks looked at her swaying her as5 off and he wondered


]Meanwhile, Tade was chatting with Shade at the bunker below Covered Pavilion.

“Tade, how far with your babes now?” She asked him. Tade acted surprised and miffed, yet he said nothing.

“Is that the way you will greet me after all this while? Shade, you are not a good friend. We have not seen each other for a whole session and na this question you come ask?”

“But we dey chat for BBM na” Shade said. “Abi that one does not qualify?” Tade shook his head stubbornly.

“Oya sorry, how are you?” She asked. Tade smiled and answered back.

“So how your babes?” She asked with Tade frowning.

“No form for me jare, as if I no see all those babes wey dey follow you for your department.”

“Shade, I hold a position there, as a class rep” Tade replied. “There is no babe anywhere, unless you want to call Wande that.”

“Wande? Wande! Why her, Tade? Wande is a dangerous person.”

“She’s just a friend, Shade. I have had her as a friend for a while and nothing evil has befallen me. In fact there is something I wanted to ask you, Shade but that will be later. How is Lekan?”

Shade pouted, obviously displeased at Tade’s objective of dodging questions. “I and Lekan have broken up.”

“Eh? What happened?”

“Well, we grew apart. That’s all.”

Tade checked his watch. “Shade, I have to go. Need to be in a meeting now.” He picked himself and left before she could ask anything.

]Later that night, a certain meeting took place.

It took place in that familiar shadowy place where agents of evil and death stays and preys in the dark of the night. The only place where his kind of people could have a place to discuss their agenda.

Dangerous agendas

Its in such place that Chinedu gathered his force, the full power and might of the Ravens, for this was an important meeting, a meeting to take positions and undertake important jobs.

The first agenda on the list concerned the elections. The elections, a result of a judicial readjustment, was holing in a few weeks. Of course, his client would have wanted to rig the elections, but considering how that panned out, he wanted a more permanent solution, in case another rigging goes awry. He wanted his opponent dead.

The second was another client who wanted his opponent dead. This client, however was candidate in the SUG elections, whose opponent had hired a rival cult group to protect him and kill the client.

The third case was a dual case; Chuks relationship with Toke came to the spotlight, while another girl had rudely refused the advances of one of them and launched a scathing retort at the whole fraternity.

Two other cases were brought up, both involving assassinations. Chinedu quickly sorted out the business of the day, starting with Chuks and Toke.[

To be continued
A tooth for a tooth though.
Everyman will have the reward of his actions sooner or later.

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Next Episodes please

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nice update

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Episode 26

]Chinedu turned around, looking for a particular fellow with the bon-fire the only aid to his sight.

“Where is Ace?” Chinedu growled at his subordinates, who searched themselves. Ace was nowhere to be found, leaving Chinedu vexed. As he was about to pounce on someone, Ace showed up.

Ace, 6Ft 3, was not a guy to trifle with. His muscles rippled with sheer power as his chest , barely contained by the T-shirt on him, was of a wider span than Superman’s own. His face, dark like chocolate, was handsomely crafted with slight cuts on his cheek counting for tribal marks. His real name; Oluwaseyi Taiwo.

“Ace, where were you? Why did you come late to today’s meeting? You know the rules here!” Chinedu bellowed, obviously not pleased that Ace ‘bounced into the area.

“My lord Capone, I am sorry. Chief Ogunlana asked for my presence.”

“So what did you bring from there? Don’t tell me nonsense!” The recently ‘balmmed’ members watched the scene with interest. They knew Ace to be arrogant and controlling, it was cool to see him cower, at least that’s what they taught.

“He gave me information sir, personal information. Shall I speak about it?”

“No, leave that for later. Let’s start our meeting proper.” Chinedu’s face molded to something softer.

Ace started giving information about Chuks and Toke, having replaced Mosquito. He relayed all that has happened between the two, including their big fallout in Fajuyi.

“That’s good. The young man has gained some sense.” Chinedu said. “You see,” he turned around facing the cult, “there is no need to use force at all times. A little touch and he is gone.”

They continued the meeting, giving information on all the available jobs. At the end, Chinedu split the group into three; One group followed Ace to the SUG elections, a second group of two followed Chinedu himself to assassinate the governorship candidate and the third group were left as back-up for both teams. As soon as they were done, Chinedu turned round and shot into the dark bush, stunning a few cult members. He went in there and returned with a huge snake, which the groups that were on a mission cooked and ate. He then dismissed them.
The next day started with a lot of optimism for Tade and co. As he headed to his class, a classmate of his bumped into him.

“Tade, Mr Kunle Falade is calling you.”
As soon as he said that, he took off quickly, like someone was following him.

Tade looked at the dude, obviously surprised at the behavior, but he shrugged his shoulders and moved on. Academic issues can drive someone crazy at times.

As he walked towards the man’s office, he started to think. Why will the man call him at this period? He was the second lecturer to be taking Criminology and the Human mind, one of the most interesting courses in Law. Of course Tade had heard about him from previous students who praise him to the high heavens also speak of how he lights up the course.

The problem Tade had was that he never called the class-representative before it was his turn to teach. He was that methodical that it sort of bothered Tade that he was called.

Obviously, he has a sort of interest in Tade and considering what happened previously in his Part One, Tade was not feel cool about it.

Law Lecturers seem to harbour trouble.

To be continued

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Episode 27

As he got to the door of the office, about to knock, he heard a voice from inside the office.

“Come in, Tade. ”

Tade, obviously bemused about the way the man recognised him even before he opened the door, walked in.

“You walk the same way your brother did.” He started.
“Does it run in the family? It seems so.”

“What do you mean sir?” Tade looked surprised.

“You walk in fast steps, two audible steps forward, then one silent step before you make another two steps forward, so for someone that pays attention to footsteps, he realizes the inaudible step too. Am I wrong?”

Tade shook his head, obviously amazed at this lecturer’s assessment of his walking pattern, which he just recognised himself.

“You see, some people have familiar walking patterns that distinguish them from others.” Mr Kunle said.
“Its only the observant folks that can pick that. You can sit down.”

Tade quickly sat. “Did you know my brother?” He asked the lecturer.

Mr Kunle scratched his brow. “I did know him, he was my friend and associate. Its a shame what happened to him.”

‘Sir, please can you tell me more about him,when he was in school?” Tade probed with his eyes.

“I won’t do that, for that’s not what I called you for” Mr Kunle said, looking a bit stern. “When is Dr. Mrs Oyewole ending her lecture?”

“Next week” Tade said, obviously disappointed.

“Then tell me the very day she finishes. You can go.”

As Tade walked towards the door, he called him back.

“We will discussed your brother later, not now.” He said

As soon as Tade left the office, he came across Wande.

“Tade!!” She shouted, bringing other people’s attention to his presence as she flung her arms around him, leaving him flustered.

She did not delay, but dragged him to the connecting passage to the Faculty of Administration.

“How are you?” She finally asked.
“By who?”
He frowned immediately. “By you.”

“What do you mean with ‘by you’? What did I do?”
“Don’t you see the way you shouted my name and hugged me like we are dating. What’s that for?”

She smiled. “Come on, I was just happy and feeling free. I had just finished a test that went well.”

“And shouting my name is the best way to celebrate?”
“Am sorry” She carried a ‘pity me’ face ladies often carried when apologizing. “I did not mean to offend his Holiness.”

“Who are you calling his Holiness, Wande?” He could not avoid laughing this time.
“You of course, or you don’t know your nickname again.”
“Abeg, Abeg make una stop am oh!” Tade formed mock seriousness before they burst into laughter.

“Seriously who gave me that name?”

“One Sophie for your class” His laughter stopped

“Sophie, a certain fair girl in your class. Don’t worry, she is my friend so there is nothing for you to fear.”

“When did she say this?” Tade asked, a little bit of concern washing into his face.
“Yesterday, we were just gisting you know, girls talk.”
“Oh, okay.” A wave of relief broke into his consciousness.
“What were you thinking there, small boy?” Wande asked, poking his head.
“Nothing abeg.” He replied and starting moving into Faculty of Administration. “I get class for 2. Its already 1.30.”
“Okay oh! Mr Holiness, I am on my way. Take care.” She blew a kiss at him as Tade hurried into the Faculty, shaking his head.

Somewhere else, a student was pleading his case with a lecturer.

“Please sir, its not what you think. I was not copying him, sir.”
“So my eyes are deceiving me abi? Dr. Adewole replied. Or you think you can play on my intelligence?”
“No sir, in fact you are very intelligent. But you are mistaken sir, because I did not do what you said I did.”
“I saw you peeping at that boy’s work, so don’t tell me nonsense.” He walked away angrily, carrying all the scripts with him.
As students moaned and rejoiced over the incourse(which is equivalent of a mid-semester test for Health Sciences students), one of them came to meet him.

“Dotun, how far?”
A resounding slap was the reply he got, causing everyone to stare at them.

To be continued

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“Are you Mad?!” Dotun screamed at a surprised Shina. “Why did you behave like that? Don’t you know how important this test is?”

“I don’t know and i don’t care. Its not like I have all day to myself. I also have other things to do and i still find time to read.” Shina looked impudently at Dotun. “Go and read.”

“See this jew man! You no dey fear me?” Many students started to shift back, knowing Dotun had the capability to kill. Having someone like Dotun, a member of the Black Axe close was bad enough, having him as an enemy was almost unforgivable.

“I no fear you. Shey na only you get this ogba? You think say you fit show me because you dey cult abi? Na me go show you!” He snapped his fingers at Dotun. “You go soon sabi who be boss for this school.”
Dotun made a lunge at him, but Chuks came in the way of both of them.

“Make you stop am, una no dey look where una dey?” He looked sternly at both of them. “Don’t you realize that your comments are unwarranted here, that is apart from the fact that the university management is earnestly looking out for cult members and two of you have stupidly admitted that you are cultists? If any one goes to report to the management, you guys will be rusticated and that is worse than what happened in the hall today. Better apologize to each other and forget about what happened.”

They grudgingly apologized to each other but as soon as the crowd started to disperse, they called their respective cult groups.

They wanted all out action on each other!

Meanwhile, Chuks was gisting Tade and co about what happened.

“To make it worse, the two ediots were trying to fight infront of the whole class. If I did not stop them, they will be tearing themselves apart.”
“Hmnn, This cult thing eh, nawa for them oh!” Made said. “God forbid I join them!” Shittu swung his hand round his head and t----t it forward, snapping it in front of Tade.

“So na me go become cult member abi?” Tade threw his hands backwards towards Shittu and snapped his hands- a common sign which meant ‘ BACK TO THE SENDER’.

Both Shittu and Tade continued snapping for a while like little children who just heard about a devil in their midst, while Made and Chuks looked at them in amusement.

“Oya, make una stop am” Chuks said in amusement, after which he went to the back of the room.

A knock came through their door.

“I am looking for Tade.” A female voice said outside.
]”Tade, your girlfriend is around.” Made said, looking around with a funny smile. Tade came in quickly and wore a shirt on his bare chest.

“I don’t have a girlfriend abeg.” He corrected Made. “I no sabi which kin babe dey come find me by this period.”

He opened the door and met Sophie.


Dotun paced around his room impatiently, waiting of the Capone to show. His incourse is at stake here and considering the result of the last incourse, he could not afford to fail this one. He could have called him again but knowing the nature of Capone, he decided against it.

Dotun, a 5’11 feet tall guy, was lean and thinly built, with a couple of scars on his chest. His face is as clean as a new stainless steel plate bar one long scratch on his cheek region, a result of a slightly missed target.

Despite his frame, he was the best hitman in the Black Axe fraternity. A criminal since he was in SS1, he was personally recruited by the current Capone, Scorpion even before he left secondary school. He is highly valued and publicly associates with members of his frat, regardless of what other people think.
He had a resume most professional assassins would look with green eyes of envy. Name it- from fellow cult members to Capones of lesser cults to local politicians to industrialists and movers and shakers of the society, to commissioners and ministers and governors, he had slain them. He had even killed a sitting president in Equatorial Guinea, a military leader for that matter. After that mission, Scorpion privately called him Dust, because his reach seemed to be immeasurable.
It was now this reputation that Shina and Dr Adewole stepped on. Of course, his education was bound to suffer if he engaged in his ‘specialized’ activities. However, Scorpion had told him to put off any plans to attack Shina, since he just joined the Ravens and they did not want an outright war with them. However Dr Adewole was going down, and going down fast.

Scorpion suddenly entered the room with one of his acolytes, simply called Jimmy Flow. Scorpion, a tall (6’3),muscular and extremely handsome guy, was very popular on his own right. A student of Psychology and a male model and entertaineur( an entrepreneur who organises fashion shows, music shows and the likes) was known as the new face of entertainment on campus. He was the one bringing the big shots in music like Wizkid, Tuface, Davido and so on. In a rural town like Ife and a local school (in terms of entertainment) like OAU, that was an awesome stop gap to the steady stream of church activities and boredom.

Yet behind that facade stood one of the most feared men on campus. Since Kareem and Terrible the former Capones of the Ravens and the Black Axe left, he and Nightcrawler have been the face of cultism on campus. Quadri ( Scorpion’s real name) and Chinedu ruled the underworld in Ife and almost beyond. The third name which is behind those two more due to his secrecy than anything else is Dotun aka Dust.

“Dotun, we don arrange that Dr of yours, cool down.” Scorpion spoke. “You need not to do anything else.”

“Eh? Scorpion no be so we talk na. Na proper silencing I wan do for am, no be say make im dey alive.”

“Quiet jare!” Scorpion bellowed, forcing Dotun to coil back to his shell.”Your blood too dey boil. Cool down.”
Dotun moved about angrily, not too satisfied with what he heard. “What did you do, sir?”

“We instructed him to swap your score with that of Shina, then make im remove that mark wey im put for your script. So na you go benefit from Shina’s work and I sabi say Shina work make sense pass.”
“Its not good enough, bros. The guy disrespect me gaaan and that useless Doctor dey fall my hand constantly. I go take action on them oh! I wan deliver…..”

Paaa! A hot slap landed on Dotun’s face giving the sound of Waayi! in his ears, taking his mouth with it. Jimmy pulled back while Scorpion, who delivered the slap looked at Dotun with red-hot eyes.

“Na me you dey followed yarn to like that? Abi na because I dey follow you gist you come feel say we be age-mates? Answer me!”
Dotun turned to face him, looking submissive but his eyes betrayed the pain and anger he had.
“Its not like that, na you no understand wetin I dey feel. That Shina dey feel say because dem bam am, nothing fit do am.”
Scorpion’s face then lightened a bit. “Dotun, Free that Lecturer. I get my persin wey dey mark im two girls. I don tell am say any fu*kup from im sode, those girl go drop like fruit wey don over-ripe. As for Shina, I don follow im Capone yarn and im don talk say im go discipline im persin. They strong pass us for now, but them sabi say we go both lose if we fight. So we go free that ish. Jimmy, let’s go.”

When they got to the door, Scorpion held the handle and waited. “Dotun, if the thing dey shark you wella, wait until you become Capone. At least make my time pass.” He then left with Jimmy in tow.

]”Hello.” Sophie said to a stunned Tade, who could not figure out how she knew his room at the moment.

“Sophie, what are you looking for here?” Tade asked in surprise. “Who told you my room number or location?”
“Na wa o, see Jamb question! So I can’t visit my class rep again.” Sophie replied, as Made winked at Shittu and Chuks, making hand signs to intimate them of Tade’s visitor.
Tade turned back and gave Made a malicious stare, before moving outside and closing the door.

“Sophie, how can I help you?”
“Wow, am not welcome into your room? That’s a nice way to treat a girl.” She retorted. “You behave like a smirk nowadays, always behaving formal. What happened to the Class rep of Part 1? I can’t suddenly visit you unless I have an assignment to submit or a class work to do?”
Tade smiled, realising his folly. “Sophie, no vex. I am just wary. You can come in.” He was about turning back when she held his shoulder with her arm.

“Wary of what?”

To be continued

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