A Saddening realization of nigeria's networks

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A Saddening realization of nigeria's networks

Post by William » 1 year ago

well after some discussions with Isaiah.. I've concluded that the country of Nigeria is using satellite signals to relay its internet network.. if the source itself is from a satellite dish array is unknown to me. However that wont matter, because the frequency of a satellite signal is a poor choice for a network UNLESS you amplify it. Satellite signals are bouncing off the clouds, thats what they do at that frequency.. so if its raining, heavy fog, thick clouds.. your probably going to be very unhappy with your service. I'm a federally licensed FCC operator.. i know all about radio waves, transceivers and antennas. I've even made some of my own antennas custom built by me for certain frequencies. I'm famous for my copper J-pole dual VHF UHF high gain all copper antenna mounted to my 40 foot pole outside.

I also have a massive 40 meter (thats the frequency designation) inverted V Di-Pole i made.. just because I could haha.. however if i put that up the land lord will probably make me take it down because its just too large for that low of a frequency, it sure would be fun though 40 meters is around 7MHz.. i could bounce signals off the stratosphere and talk around the world with other licensed operators like me, even africa if i set it up in that proper direction or put a yagi behind it and made it fully directional.

but back to the point.. the Nigerian companies are raking in an awful lot of money for service that doesnt function in cloudy weather.. I dont know why they chose to do this.. the only way to fix it is amplify the signals at each relay by several kilowatts... however power is probably not cheap and could also be scarce.. i really dont know... But if they did, im sure you would all be much happier with your internet and data services. I would start complaining to them to start investing in some amplifiers, if you put more power to the signal it will penetrate right through the clouds without any problem at all. So ask them to install amplifiers into their relay towers, if they want a wattage tell em 5 kilowatts .. that oughtta fix it for rain sleet or snow LOL.

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Re: A Saddening realization of nigeria's networks

Post by Chidexxy » 1 year ago

Wow. You just defined it.
Signals are poor or even non existent in cloudy weather.
What a guru

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