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Abeg una good morning oh,

I don't know if I'm the only one that observes this,

I went out this morning to get fresh bread for breakfast, on my way back I saw a pregnant woman woman, I don't really know her before but I believe she's in the neighborhood..

Could you believe this early morning, this woman's eating clay (Ignoring say "Nzu")( pardon me if I got that wrongly spelt. ) I mean not only eating but covered up in it, she looks like what I see in Nollywood movie (Nollywood kind of ghosts, you know na..

After staring around me for sometime, to believe I wasn't a nollywood scene, I approached the woman, (trust me na)
Greeted her, thereby playfully asking her why she was eating Nzu this early morning and why she was covered up with it..

You shall not believe the response I got.

"My sister, I'm eating this because of my condition oh, ever since I got pregnant, I can hardly eat good food, just this (Nzu) and sometimes small hot (alcohol), "

Fear almost catch me oh...
When I left her (reached my gate), I begin to force myself to believe that a child someone is carrying is actually making her eat clay and getting drunk from time to time...

Asked few women around, and discovered that hers na small thing.
Some women, when pregnant go as far as fighting with their husbands, continuous spitting in the house, eating and robin Nzu and lot other disgusting things..

And I'm still asking myself, can a baby in a womans womb make her start reacting stupidly??


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I have seen this severaly, a kind of belief some women believe tho, I have witnessed a woman when pregnant, she don't eat
Any food prepared at her home or by herself any longer, either she buys or eat in a resturant for the nine months...

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Pregnancy makes women do crazy things.
My mum was an Nzu addict.
I remember seeing it around me during my childhood. I Even loved chewing it.
Women are delicate and the child which grows in them makes them act weirdly.... especially when it's their first pregnancy.

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