The Activist Season 2

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This super thrilling story will be updated everyday

Stay tuned *write*

If you missed season 1 click the link below

The Activist

Episode 1.

They all shouted, many with anguish as they made their move to different places. Dotun’s eyes and mind was fixed at a particular fellow.
That fellow was Shina.

Moving through the grasses and thickets covering their existence, Dotun and Mayowa led the rest to the Ravens hideout where Blade and Kira were gisting and stroking their ladies. Within a minute, both Blade and Kira dropped dead, while Dotun moved to burn the hideout, seizing and destroying all their weapons. From there, they all went to different locations. Dotun, having picked Mayowa and Sunday to floow him, made for Shina’s house on Ede road, in town.

Shina was runinh a party with some of his friends and their girls when Dotun burst in.

Everyone, on the ground! Dotun said, shooting into the air. Immediately everyone found themselves on the ground, with Sunday making sure everyone complied. The fear of shotguns ( carried by Mayowa) and rifles ( carried by Dotun and Sunday) was enough to make most people obey without resistance. Shina, who was a cultist, was not to be easily swayed.
Dotun, what are you doing here? He bellowed. How dare you attack this gathering. Oya boys! Shina shouted, calling for backup. No one responded. He looked around, a bit stunned. Guys! He shouted again, a bit of panic evident in his voice. Still no answer.

No one is coming to help you. Dotun said, walking calmly and quietly. You dared me, Shina.You dared to dare me during an incourse and you think you can escape scot-free? My guys, whats the secret rule of our cult?

Forgiveness is a sin! Sunday and Mayowa chorused.
And that’s how it is, Shina. Your people killed an important person to us and now we are here to pay you back.
Shina’s eyes widened as he tried to make an appeal with them but Dotun ignored him, sending him down with a shot. As Shina fell to the ground, his colleagues in the Ravens were following suit.
The Axe was painting the town red with blood!

[]Tade woke up suddenly, gun-shots raining all over the area. Shittu and Made were already up, and quivering under their beds. Tade joined them, a mixture of fear and anger flowing through his body.

“Shittu, whats happening?” he manage to whisper to Shittu. Shittu looked at him gravely and shook his head. Made bravely made a move towards Tade but was stopped mid-way as their room door was burst open.

“Hey, stand up, stand up!” Yemi, one of the remaining members of the Ravens said, looking at Made. Made quietly obeyed and was dealt a dirty slap for not answering quickly enough.

“Brother, Brother, wetin I do you? I swear I no sabi………”
Phaw! Another slap came in, sending Made flying to the bunk where Shittu was. Fortunately for Shittu, he had held on to the bunk for dear life when the room was broken into, therefore he was moved alongside his bed and was not caught.

“Stand up, you idiot! You think I have the time to be playing around?” He dragged Made up and brought out his pistol to incite more fear into Made.

“Please, Please sir, don’t kill me. I will be a good..yee!” Another slap followed his word as he was shoved to the ground.

That act saved him, because as he landed on the floor and laid there,Yemi moved to carry him.

“See, if you and the idiots shooting comply well, you will live. But if they f--k-up and shoot, you will……….” He did not finish the statement before he was pummeled with bullets. Made shook with fright as he watched his assailant fall to the ground, and more fear entered into him when he saw members of the Blac.k Axe move towards him.

“Oga, make we silence am?” A young man of barely twenty asked.
“Leave am, him no be one of our targets. Mr Man, did you see anything?” Made shook his head.
Whack! A slap entered his body.
“I say did you see anything?” The second man asked. Made shook his head again, fear tying his mouth into knots.
Pow! Another slap followed. “Did you see anything?” He asked again. Made shook his head the third time.

“Omo Aye ni yin. O ye yin abi? Guy, je ka lo!” (You are a child of this world. You understand abi? Guy, let’s go!). They both left the premises, leaving Made tongued tied.

The next day saw the extent ofthe damage; The Ravens were no more.Tade and co did not make too much out of it, only that there was one less cult group to bother about. But they did not observe that the wind was blowing differently.
A new current was about to flow through the school and carry Tade and co

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Episode 2

It was a Tuesday morning when Tade encountered them. It was a small gathering, consisting of ignorant but learning students on one hand and three older students on the other hand. One of the older students was addressing the gathering while two others were distributing leaflets.

“This high level of wickedness, currently displayed by this nefarious agents of death, are the symptoms of a decaying system. We stand here, in front of our Student Union Building(S.U.B), but are we safe, even in front of here? Are we?”

When no one answered, Tade walked into the gathering and stayed at the middle, obviously interested in the conversation.

“No! We are not safe, we cannot be safe when our “president” parties with cult leaders, when our executives obtain and maintain their positions through the hands of these cultists. No, we are not safe, when our security is left in the hands of veterans of the Ife-Modakeke war. We are not safe when some of our lecturers and members of the university management sponsor these elements in their acts of terror. No! We are not safe and we cannot be safe under these circumstances!”

Everyone in the group shouted their approval, including Tade. Some whistled, some clapped but the noise was high enough to attract passers-by, swelling the gathering into a crowd. At this point some other guys, presumably from the speaker’s group came around.

So what can we do? One of the naïve students asked.

The only way we can be safe is when we all decide to take this battle to these agents of chaos and chase them out completely. When we as students decide that our lives and their core decisions are not the responsibility of our parents or lecturers or the management, but its our collective responsibility. When we all as students decide not to rely on the lies of these “politicians”, he pointed to the General Secretary of the Union, who was just unfortunate to pass by at that moment, but on the truths told by ourselves to ourselves. When all these are present,that’s when we can be safe and free. Make no mistake about it; evil will never disappear quietly.

At this point some students had started to leave, as five cultists had suddenly appeared on the scene. Tade wanted to run, but stopped himself from moving. Something was welling up in his stomach and for the first time since he came into the school, he felt bold.

The cultists simply passed the crowd, even slightly surprised at the behavior of the crowd. The speaker, who had stopped his speech but had not moved from where he was, continued.

“I know we are all afraid. We are afraid of our very lives and what will become of us. We are afraid of our parents efforts going to waste. We fear for our siblings and our loved ones.”

“Yet, if we do nothing out of fear, nothing will change and that’s a universal law, the law of inertia. We have to start a move…..”

“But we are too small.” Another student countered.

“We are never too small to start. Remember that Nelson Mandela was one man and his fight against apartheid changed the whole of South Africa. The likes of Awolowo, Azikwe and Bello pushed for the independence of this nation and now we are independent. We can as well start from here. I leave you with the words of John. F. Kennedy who said: Don’t think of what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

The gathering dispersed, leaving Tade with a leaflet and a decision to make.
Later he discussed what happened with his roommates.

“See, its not possible. Shittu pouted out. Its hard enough trying to stop this with hard proof. Why do you think that some bravado will have any effect?” He sat up and faced Tade squarely.

“That’s what cowards say.” Made replied. “I believe in change, especially that kind of change. Its gonna to be hard, but it will be worth it. Cultists are human beings afterall.”

“Made, you only have mouth, you don’t have the liver to back it up.” Shittu had a go at him. “Am sure if cult members walk in, you will be the first to run out.”

“Who stood his groun when cultists came that night?” Made shot back, referring to the night of the attack on the Ravens. “Didn’t you hide yourself while I stood my ground?”

“You were only caught because you had no where to hide.” Shittu replied, snickering at Made.
Tade ignored his roommates and walked out.


Wale had just finished a night duty at the hospital when he arrived and met no one in his house. Once again, all the effects he disliked were present: silent house, unkempt bedroom, cold food and a feel of disappointment.
He entered the bedroom, opened the wardrobe and almost had to flee from the army of clothes that came crashing on him. For a second he was amused before anger got the better of him. Why was Nifemi like this? Can’t she, for once improve on this her lack of organization?
He kept pondering on those thoughts as he went from one corner of the room to the other, finding more evidence of disorganized life. Each time he looked at it, he was reminded of Clara and how she was when she lived there. He started to realize that he had treated her badly and that Nifemi was not near her in quality.

“Eh? What is this am seeing?” Wale’s eyes bulged as he saw what he did not expect.


[]Nifemi, who had just entered into the house, rushed into the room. What’s happening? Who died? She asked Wale.
Wale looked at her and for once saw a monster staring back at him.
“Who owns this?” He picked a condom from the top of his bedside. The condom, which was half-way filled with ‘you-know-what’ and strains were disgustingly hovering around the condom.
Nifemi knew from the second that Wale saw that condom, that it was all over. She wondered why Shope, her kinky bestie, cannot get her act together after a one-night stand.

“Wale, its not……..”

“Its not what I think, eh?” Wale started, laughing out hysterically. “So I am now a child, as well as an incompetent person in bed?”

“Wale, listen to me, please.” Nifemi’s eyes were going misty as she landed on the floor with her knees.

“Nifemi! Nifemi!! I have bore all your inadequacies gamely, but this is where it ends. Fornication? Oh my God! We are not even married yet, what about when we marry? Is this what will happen as well?”

“Wale, please, just give……..”

“Get out!” Wale stood up, Sango-like anger running through his veins. “Pack your stuff and leave now!”

Nifemi suddenly stood up like a robot and started to pack her things. Shoes, clothes and make-up sets were hastily arranged into bags, with Wale’s ranting running on the background. Within ten minutes, she was done and started to move. As she got to the door,someone entered.

“Nifemi, please don’t be …….”

Pa! A slap ended whatever was coming out of her mouth.

To be continued

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Episode 3

“Nifemi! What’s wrong with you?” Shope asked as Nifemi stormed past her and dropped her baggage in her car. Wale, who had followed her in anger, was now bemused at her action and also curious about who was the stranger.

Nifemi turned around and faced Shope. “Why must you ruin every good thing in my life, eh Shope? You came between me and Dayo, me and Haruna and now between me and him.” She pointed to Wale. “Is this how you repay me for being a good friend? I invite you to stay the night here over you ‘complaint’ of armed robbery in your house and you could not last 12 hours before bringing a man to my man’s house? Now that am moving out, are you happy? Why you? Why?!”

Shope kept looking stunned as Wale began to understand what was exactly going on. Nifemi on the other hand was in her car and was about starting her car when she came out of the car and advanced towards Shope, who moved back defensively.

“Even if you can’t keep your legs shut for a night, can’t you just at least clean up after your sexual fantasies have been fulfilled?”

“Nifemi, please be patient.” Shope started her defence, “I woke up late and rushed out of the house that’s why its like that. I planned to clean up before you come back but I was held back at the bank, you know how it…….”

Paw! A second slap for the day for Shope and Nifemi was not done.

“Listen to yourself! How won’t you wake up late when you can’t keep you legs shut, eh? Shope, I don’t want to see you again in my life! And I mean it this time!” Nifemi shook her hands for effect as she walked back to her car, clearly spent of her energy.

“Nifemi, wait.” Wale called out softly, pained at his fault accusation. His voice was so thin that Shope, who was nearer heard nothing. As Nifemi drove away, he turned to Shope.

“Miss, what do you want?”

Tade went about the week with no incident of note. In fact, it was like Tuesday never happened. Classes went on as usual, and the atmosphere was peaceful. However, all peace was shattered on Monday morning.

It started with two students in their room engaging themselves in some argument over soccer. It was not long before they started to fight and then someone inserted a kitchen knife in another person’s chest.

Students who had seen what happened, rushed out to help the injured student, while a few bold ones apprehended the offender and started to ‘discipline’ him with what was called ‘Maximum Shishi’, a system whereby random students come out and beat the offender.

Within thirty minutes they were done and the offender was left alone while the injured was in the ICU of the university teaching hospital. Unfortunately things are not always as they seem.

About thirty minutes later, the offender returned to the hostel, only that he had five other guys accompanying him. As they entered the hostel, they headed straight for Fikayo, who was the hall chairman.

Fikayo, who was about 6ft tall with an almost rectangular face and black eyes, was just coming from the bathroom when those after him caught up with him.

“Hey you! Stop there!” They barked at him. Fikayo ignored them and entered his room.

“Isn’t it you that am talking to?” One of them, a 5ft plus fellow with broad chest and toned biceps challenged him. Fikayo in contrast, was quite slim and looked vulnerable to physical attacks.

Fikayo entered in and instantly locked the door, infuriating the following pack. Their leader, a 4ft plus fellow with a slightly burnt face and a white right eye, ran towards the door and started to bang it.

“Open the door if they born you well!” He shouted, stunning other occupants of the room. The others soon joined in the banging.

Meanwhile, Fikayo had started making some calls, possibly calling for some assistance. As the door shape-shifted to the pressure of the attackers, his roommates dodged under bunk.

Tade, oblivious of what was happening entered the hostel, just to hear sounds of broken bottles. As expected, he attempted to flee, only to collide with Colloid, the leader of the Red Scorpions.

“You be one of them?” Colloid asked. Tade vigorously shook his head before pointing to the hall. Colloid was not convinced and dragged Tade alongside them.

On getting to Fikayo’s room, the other group had engaged Fikayo and had beaten him to a pulp, stripping him naked. As they attempted to ‘parade’ him, Colloid blocked them.

“Who una think una be?” He asked. As the Leader of the other group looked at him derisively, Colloid blinded him with a slap.

The sound of that slap resonated so badly in the hall that the window panes shook. Tade, who was at the back, had his heart in his mouth, utterly scared to shreds.

“Yee!” The other shouted as they rushed towards Colloid. Colloid was almost 8ft and was too imposing to take down that easily, so a serious fight ensued as they attempted dragging Colloid to the ground. The other members who were watching from a distance, now joined and overwhelmed the other group.

As the other group got overwhelmed, two of them attempted to escape, but were caught. One of them was able to pull out a pistol he smuggled in and with some inaccuracy fired it.

The bullet somewhat missed all the rubble and hit Tade on the stomach.

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Episode 4

The commotion suddenly increased, as those who came to attack the hall chairman fled the scene using the chance of the surprise attack. Fikayo, with two other guys went to attack to Tade, who had passed out while the rest chased after the attackers. In truth, Tade’s passing out was more due to fear and shock than the effect of the bullet, as the bullet had hit his stomach and passed clear.

However, he was out for two days, within which the news of the attack become public knowledge and the offenders suspended until further notice. In fact it was such news that the two tests that Tade had that week were postponed.

As soon as he woke up, some members of Democratic Socialist Movement (D.S.M) came to visit him. Among them included the speaker of the other time.

That visit changed everything.

When Tade returned to the room, he walked to Made and said

“Let’s talk…..”


Dotun checked his watch. It was six pm, and in five minutes time the National Chairman of PPP will arrive at the exact spot where he wanted him. He was supposed to assassinate this man and usually this was a cheap, routine mission.

Only that this man was so elusive that it was giving him headaches. Apart from the regular platoon of guards and ‘African’ protection, he had bullet proof cars, secret entrances and exits to and fro his house, private agents and some powerful security gadgets. Adding his ever active and alert mind and you have a nut case. Dotun had to cut Sunday’s break short and ask him in this assignment. He had Sunday scanning the area for possible agents protecting him and was expecting a feedback soon.

Something was about to get down
[]His com suddenly came alive. “I have five guards all standing at cardinal points relative to the chairman.” Sunday spoke. “I can take out the five, but the area is too open and the……..”

“Sunday, we are sticking to our initial plan.” Dotun interrupted. “I will fire at him, if I fail, you fire immediately. You got it?”

“Ok boss.” Sunday answered, ending all argument.

The Chairman, oblivious of what was happening but acutely alert, could sense danger, so instead of moving forward he entered into a factory building.

“D--n!” Dotun cursed a bit aloud. He looked around and saw the five guards standing normally like they were unperturbed.

All of a sudden, they started to run into the building frantically, surprising Dotun. He took out two of them and injured a third.

“Sunday, are you seeing anything?” Dotun called out to his partner, but no answer was heard, only gun shots. Dotun, who is naturally not alarmed at incidents, was never the less a bit confused and bothered. He wondered what Sunday would have done.

“Sunday, Sunday! How far?” He kept speaking to a com that was not replying anything for like five minutes. He then heard something like a bone crack from the com.

“Chairman is dead, sir. Mission accomplished.” Sunday answered back through the com.


“What?! You are joining DSM? Tade, you really want to die.”

Made’s looked at him suspiciously, wondering if Tade was normally at all. Maybe the effect of that bullet is still evident.

“Made, you look pale,what’s up?” Shittu said from his bed. Korede, who had moved in since Chuks died also sat up.

“Tade has joined DSM!”

“Oh My God! Why in the name of Lot will you join DSM?”

“Lot? Like seriously, Korede, when will you take something serious?” Tade asked with a questioning look.

“But seriously, Tade, its risky. Don’t you know that joining such group makes you a target for school cult groups? You just came back from death,so to speak and you want to dive into it again?”

Tade looked around, from Made to Shittu to Korede.

“I am joining them because they are the channel in which I can achieve my dream on this campus, the dream I had while in coma.”

“What dream?” The other three asked.
“My dream is simple; to see the end of cults and their members on this campus.”

Made looked at him squarely, certainly interested at his comment, Korede was disbelieving while Shittu looked indifferent.

“How do you want to go about it?” Made asked. Tade then used two hours explaining and rephrasing his dream to their ears. After he was done with them, none of them thought he was in his right senses.

“Are you thinking straight? You have spent too much time with those loafers!” Shittu declared, obviously not impressed. Korede had already stood up and started to walk away. It was only Made who was on Tade’s side.

“Guys, no think am like that na!” He said, facing Shittu. “Let’s give it a try, at least every great move started with a someone trying and succeeding. Tade has something substantial here.”

“Shittu, you still dey listen to them?” Korede asked, obviously disappointed that Shittu had not dropped them. “Am off to class.”

Shittu faced Tade. “See, I don’t know what happened to you in the hospital that has led to this, but I can’t be part of it. I love my life and even though you are my friend,I can’t go risking it over this. See how Chuks ended, is that how you want to go?” Tade kept quiet, listening to him attentively. Made on the other hand, was agitated.

“I can’t risk that and do that to my parents, that’s the truth. Your dream, as you called it sounds so rosy, yet we both know life is not like that. So am out.”

“Shittu, can I explain why am doing this? Am doing it because its the only way for me. If you think you are safe this way, then you are on a long thing. Safety is only guaranteed when they are completely off this campus. As for death, I almost died recently even though I was avoiding it. Has anything changed? But I can change things if my dream comes true. That’s why I joined.”

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Episode 5

Shittu walked towards the door smiling at Tade.

“I wish you well.” He said.

Tade was not deterred,rather he was encouraged by Made’s acceptance. So he and Made started to attend DSM meetings and campaigns, often watching from the sides as he watched past and present leaders spoke with venom and conviction.

Shittu and Korede were still apathetic towards Tade’s new focus, especially as things had slowed down at that level. Soon enough, second semester examinations were upon them.

It was then things lit up again.

Shittu who was writing CHM 309 examinations, had gone half way through the paper when two bearded fellows walked into the hall, textbooks hanging from their hands.

“Stop there! Where do you think you are going?” A female supervisor spoke, shifting the attention of students to them. The two fellows were unperturbed and went ahead to sit down at the back of the hall.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? Stand up from there!” The other supervisors were now alert and moved to dissuade her, with a lot of fail. The two fellows kept ignoring her, one of them started to bully a student.

“Did you hear…….” The rest was buried with a thunderous slap that set everyone on red alert.

[]The woman, who was stunned by the assault kept mute as the two men continued their misdemeanor. Soon enough, like minded fellows also took a cue from them and entered their own cheating mode.

It continued like that for twenty minutes until the slapped invigilator, who had left the hall, returned with ten mobile police officers. They moved so swiftly that the men could not run but were nabbed.

The woman walked towards the two men.

“You thought you will write this exams like that abi?” She started, facing them. “Make note of this day, because I will make sure you won’t pass this course.” She ended with a note of finality.

“Take them away.” She shouted,a bit unnecessarily.

All the action had unsettled Shittu but he composed himself to continue the exams.

Twenty minutes after the incident, about five cult guys walked into the department.

“Where is the winch wey dey dare Nonso? I say where the winch wey dey dare Nonso?” The most hefty of them spoke. The woman, who had sent the mobile police officers away, kept quiet. Shittu rose his head from his question paper in disgust. Can’t he have this exam in peace?

“Nobody wan answer am abi?” Another person spoke. Shittu, sensing impending danger looked around for any exit. The doors were blocked and the windows were protected with burglary proof, all apart from one window. Fortunately for him, the window was besides him.

“Close that window.” The first speaker said, dwindling Shittu’s chances of escape. As soon as it was closed, the leader brought out a gun and fired a shot at the roof.

“Everyone, lie down flat!”

]Shittu, who was thinking of running, quickly went prone for the fear of been shot. Some others were slow in obeying and were promptly beaten into submission.

Oya, who be the person wey dare Nonso? Their leader spoke again. This time students quickly pointed to the woman, who was shivering behind a desk. As the leader advanced towards her, a dozen of police officers came in, like it was planned.

Stop there! One of them ordered. The cult guys, obviously unfazed tried to open fire at the officers. Unfortunately for them, the officers were more prepared and before anyone could raise his head, the cult members were dispossessed and hand-cuffed.

The woman, who was shaking a few minutes ago, was now bouncing around in a boisterous manner, like she acquired some fresh powers. The students were relieved that nothing happened and continued writing, only that Shittu was in trouble.

He had forgotten everything he read!

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Episode 6

Shittu scratched his head continuously, trying to force something off his head. Nothing came out of it, apart from specks of dust and bits of hair. All around him students were writing. In fact, one of them was calling for extra sheet.

Oloshi! Shittu cursed in his mind as he knew Uthman, the ‘i-too-know’ student of the department.

“Five minutes left.” The woman called out, to the anguish of other students who had backlog of work to do. Two of them were already protesting silently, attracting the attention of the woman.

Suddenly Shittu had a brain wave and before you could say Jack, he had answered two of the questions. He was on the third when he heard…..

“Drop your pens and stand up!”

Shittu moaned desperately, like a small child who had not eaten for days. He was not the only one, as almost half of the class moaned with him and the same protesting students now complaining loudly at the woman.

Excuses like “the time was not enough”, “those cultists disturbed us” etc rained the air, with other students lining up behind the two ‘troublemakers’. The woman was not bulging and soon enough, she left with their scripts.

Shittu was nowhere near them though, for he left the place quickly, hurt by his inability to do everything on time. He entered his room and dived on his bed, tears streaming down his face.

He was an extra year student at this point and he did not need another year!

He could not imagine what his parents, mere artisans will say if he was asked to withdraw from the university. He had used all his campus life to study, avoiding business and any other extracurricular activities. Now it seems like it will all come to waste.

Tade was distributing leaflets about an upcoming symposium when he came across Shade.

“Tade, what’s up? How you dey?” Shade greeted with enthusiasm, with Tade replying in the same manner. Instead of engaging in the usual friendly banter, Shade dragged him to a corner.

“What is this I hear about you, Tade? What is this?” She seized the leaflets and spared a microsecond with them. “So its true? All the noise I have heard are true. Tade, are you mad? Do you realize what you are getting yourself into?” She whispered with great strain. “Maybe you think its cool, but am not cool with it.”

She went on about it for about five minutes, enlightening him about all the dangers in his choice. Tade was already annoyed and even though he expected her reaction, he was beginning to lose his cool.

“Shade, please stop.” He told her firmly, brushing her hands off him. “I understand your concerns but I will be fine. I don’t need the attention.” He walked towards his department, ignoring any further warnings from her.

As he was about to move back to the hostel, he heard someone call him.

“Tade, come to my office now!” Mr Kunle said with authority.

Oh Lord! He exclaimed in his mind as he moved towards his office.

Tade walked in solemnly, expecting a sermon on what he was doing.

“I see you have joined DSM. Mr Kunle started. I have many things to ask from you, but I will first ask this; why join DSM? What pushed you into following them?” Tade said nothing. Mr Kunle was about asking again when he noticed something and walked towards the door, opened it slightly and then closed it immediately. He then returned to Tade.

“Why did you join?” Tade refused to budge, rather he stiffened up.

“So you don’t want to tell me. Well, I can’t hold it against you. But I hope you know what you are up against. You are up against some of the strongest groups on campus. A lot of cult groups here have strong patronage from lecturers and other persons in administration. Your organization have a lot to do and they are behind.”

He then walked closer to Tade. “I see you as a brother, ever since I realized that you were Andrew’s younger brother. I promised that I will watch over and act as an elder brother to you. Tade cringed at this information. I have acted accordingly all this while.”

“But if you continue this, I can’t protect you any longer. You can leave.”

Tade stood up and walked away, unshaken by all Mr Kunle said

Wande looked from across the department, waiting for Tade to be done with Mr Kunle before she could pounce on him. As she waited, Doyin, her classmate and pal came around.

“Wandy baby!” She greeted, shaking her head gleefully.

“Doyin cubes!” Wande shot back with glee, connecting her palm with that of Doyin.

“Ore mi, how far?”
“I dey oh, how that your guy?”
“Deji, the I.diot just dey there jare.”
“Iyawo maga.” Wande teased her.
As they gisted, Wande forgot about Tade temporarily and therefore did not see him step out of the office and back to the hostel. They had talked for about thirty minutes before Wande finally remembered Tade.

“Ah! Where did this guy go to?” She spoke as she quickly pushed Doyin aside and hurried towards Mr Kunle’s office.

“Good afternoon sir.” She quickly scanned for traces of Tade before zooming off. She was however stopped by Mr Kunle.

“Wande, please come in, I wanted to see you..”


Tade arrived his room to see a disturbed Made and a seemingly beaten Shittu.

“What happened?” He quickly asked Made.
“He said that cultists attacked his exam venue and because of that he did woefully in the course.”
Tade dropped his books and moved to Shittu.
“Guy, how far?” Tade asked soothingly, touching Shittu’s back. Shittu, who was lying face down, refused to answer, just continued to cry, though not as torrential as before.

“See, its possible that you will still pass the course. Don’t allow what happened now to affect your plans for the next paper.” Tade advised.

“That’s what I have been telling him. Made said. I just not get why he is still crying like a baby.”

Shittu raised his head, looking at Tade and Made, before wiping his tears off his face.

“What do you know?” He asked Made.

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Episode 7

“What do you know about me, about what I face?” Shittu spat back at them. Made was shocked at his response, while Tade sat back, expecting more bile.

“Do you know how hard it is to get a half-decent job in this country? Do you know that my parents are depending on me to make things right with everything back home? With the time that repeating a course takes, do you expect me to be calm when am about to fail?” Tears were starting to make a comeback. “My parents are very poor, they do their best to put me here and I do my best to graduate as soon as possible, yet its refusing to work for my good. If I fail, my parents will die of frustration because they have spent their money and their lives on me. You cannot possibly understand that.” Shittu moaned

Made looked at Shittu with sympathy, now realizing how much it hurts. Tade on the other hand, was carrying a blank expression, but was fuming inside.

“Am likely to carry the course again, all because of cultists.”

Tade held Shittu by his hand and looked at him.

“Don’t give up on yourself. He told the weepy fellow. Have faith that everything will work out well for you and be strong about it. You are a man and men don’t coil up in a ball and cry about the misfortunes of the world. They stand and change the misfortunes into some sort of fortune. That’s what men do. That’s what you are made to do.”

By this time, Shittu had stopped crying and was looking hopefully at Tade.

“I was once in your corner, crying and doing stuffs to eliminate my individual pain. But now, I face situations and try to face them, looking for avenues to do so. That’s one of the reason am in DSM.”

“What do you mean?” Shittu asked, curiosity getting the better of him. Made was also curious.

“I may not be having academic issues like you, but I do have issues. This school holds bad memories for me. I lost a brother here. He was the best kid anyone could know, well that’s what my mum said because I did not know him. His activities prior to his death caused a fracture in my parents marriage, which hit the rocks. I came here, to this school looking for answers and what I found was this.” He paused for a moment. “I met this thing called cultism, nesting comfortably in here. There Chuks was killed in front of my eyes and it became worse. I wanted out, I wanted out of this school. I wanted to go home and forget about this place.”

“But the pain won’t leave me, its was then I knew that I had to do something about it. I thought of joining a cult group and taking my revenge on those responsible for Chuks death and that of my brother. But I was dissuaded by one of my lecturers and I had forgotten about it until I met Kolade Badmus.”

And what happened? Made asked.
He told me this: “Circumstances will always appear, this is the bane of man. Many a man will crawl under such situation and run away from it, citing helplessness. But it takes a man, a real man to stand up to the situation and fight it.” He asked me if I think graduating from this university will solve the issue. I said no. Then he held my hands and looked at me.

He said: “Tade, I believe you coming here is not a mistake. There are times people are brought or find themselves in circumstances alien to them. They are there either to learn from it or to end it. I believe that you are here to end it. I sincerely believe that.”

“Of course, Tade continued. I did not accept his thoughts immediately. I mean, it looked stupid to go up against the cults in this school. But his words kept ringing in me and when I heard him speak again, I decided to fight this scourge with all I have, for if I do nothing, I may leave this school but I won’t have lived, I would just have passed by.”

“Am not saying you should join me Shittu, but what am saying is simple; man up and face your challenges squarely. You are an intelligent guy, I see it in you everyday. And no matter what happens, don’t allow your results define who you are. Let who you are define your results.”

As soon as he said that, he looked at Shittu squarely.

“I Believe In You! Don’t Give Up On Yourself!” He declared and left the room.

Dotun stirred in his sleep. It was the first day on this assignment and he was relaxing as usual. This assignment was not a one day event, as he had to scope out the entire area and find a perfect place for his assignment. The assassination of the Russian Prime Minister must be perfect, so he is going to be here for two weeks. Good thing that he is on holiday school wise.

He looked at the white girl in front of him and grinned. This lady was not the regular ‘oyinbo pepper’ that is white with blood running underneath. This one was as white as Snow White and very active in bed. She was part of the prostitutes that traveled for the occasion, which was the meeting of the G-12. The G-12 comprises of the World Powers and the leading Nations in Africa, i.e South Africa, Egypt, Ghana and Nigeria. He got her quickly as soon as she arrived through one of his contacts that had links overseas.

He stood up, looking sharp. The lady was gladly staying for the whole day, since the guests are not arriving until two days time. Here, in Garki, he was in heaven. The only minus was that he could not have Sunday with him as Sunday was on a separate assignment.

He walked straight into the bathroom and soon enough the shower was on.

As soon as he was out of sight, the lady who was seemingly asleep, suddenly stood up and went after his belongings. Searching his bag, she found his Identity card and other pieces of information, relaying the information she had received via an com in her ear. She was about opening the third bag when she looked up.

“What are you looking for in my bag?” Dotun asked, towel around the waist and his chest out in broad daylight. His eyes, looking scarlet.


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