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This story was solely written by Dindy.

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Episode 1

What are we?.

How can one be an angel?.

How can one see us?.

How can we meet an angel?.

Where can we meet an angel?.

How do they look like?.

What will I do to get an angelic power?.

Do they have wings?.

Why were they made?.

How many are they?.

What are their names?.

How do they move?.

How can I know an angel when I see one?.

Are they all the same?.

Do angels have gender?.

Are they the only medium for us to meet GOD?.

What really are they?.

Well let me tell you what we are, we are ministering spirit, we do most of the unfinished jobs that you guys won't even notice.

We move as fast as the speed of light.

You can see us, if GOD allows it because we are spirit and no normal eyes can see us.

--I still remember when an ordinary human, tried to see us with her ordinary eyes. she ended up loosing her eyes (her eyes exploded) due to the brightness she saw. the glow on our mighty wings was too much for her human eyes to contain.--

Mortals could see us, when we come in form of a human and they would hardly know.

Some humans are so passionate on see us, instead of being passionate about meeting the TRUE KING OF BOTH HEAVEN AND EARTH AND RULER OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE (GOD).

Humans can never be like us, so if it ever enters your head that you wish you were an angel, well forget it because it won't happen.

Do you know that humans have more powers than angels, if only you knew how important and who you really are to GOD.

I wish you humans knew how hard it is to be an angel, you would fight with creatures that could even defeat you and if defeated, you would be cage for days until a stronger angel sent by GOD will save you.

Believe me it's not so fun, sometimes angels would be sent on a mission, that would be so hard, that they might fall like the fallen angel (the devil).

It is extremely hard to be an angel, you humans have the gift of free will, but we don't.

If we sin, we would be cast out of THE GLORY AND MIGHTY ABOVE to the pit of pain (hell), but humans sin and yet God forgives them no matter what, we even help does sinners sometimes because we were sent to do so.

Some angels are warriors, we fight day in and out. We are so many, that I can't even count because I don't stay in one place for too long, but GOD knows all of us with our names.

I know you guys might have wondered, how it's possible for God to know all our names. Well stop trying to understand, just accept it because no matter how you try to understand him, you won't because his ways are not like that of humans or of angels. He is the supreme GOD of the whole universe.

It's hard trying to help people who don't really need it, but what can we really do? after all we have to do our jobs right, to keep God happy, for him not to be angry with us.

God made us particular because of the humans, it is so impossible for a human to get an angel power, even if they were possessed by a demon.

Our powers are that of light and can't be gotten, but why do humans want the ability and power of an angel? when they already have the ability to call on THE GREATEST LIVING GOD EVER and he will send millions of us on their feet.

--like seriously, you humans can do funny and very strange things, that is very very uncommon--.

I sometimes wonder why some humans think that we are the only medium to get close to GOD, well they are very wrong because we are just ministers (messager) of GOD.

The only way to get to GOD is through his son JESUS --do you know that we angels are going to be judge some day? I am for real. You could check "1corinthians-6:3", which says "know ye not that we shall judge angels?".--

We have different types of angels and we have male and female, some angels are the ones that deliver blessings, some are gift givers.

Some are guardians, some are warriors (that is where I belong). Some are singers, some are for nature, some are for the animals.

They are so many of us and various types of things we do. We all have names, but the most popular of us all is angel Michael and Gabriel.

Angel Gabriel is the greatest ministering angel, while angel Michael is the most powerful warrior angel, that's why he is called the archangel.

Angel Michael stands in the presence of GOD. If only you could see how BIG he is, he is taller than the highest skyscraper humans can ever build in millions of years to come.

He ones lead us in the first battle in heaven, against the devil and his rebellious angels. If only you saw the way he fought with his right hand, smashing 200 rebellious angels in a single wave, while his left hand was holding a rebellious angel on the neck.

I was not too far from him, he threw the rebellious angel he was holding with his left hand, to the ground with a force more than the force of a whale landing on a building.

The rebellious angel wings broke instantly, it lost its wings. I was wowed because i had never seen angel Michael fight with such anger.

Angel Michael picked him up again, but this time the rebellious angel had nothing like a wing or wings, at its back because its wings broke from the joint of his back.

Angel Michael threw him far away, he landed on another rebellious angel's back, pushing the other rebellious angel to fall with her face.

I can never forget that day, it was so outstanding how angel Michael fought. Since that day, I have always hoped that I would be like him one day.

Our wings are like that of an eagle, but bigger and mighty. It's one of our greatest strength and speed.

It is hard for a demon to kill us because of our wings, we use it as an upper edge in war anytime we fight with them.

We fight some of humans unseen battles, we look like you human, but we are alot more bigger than you think.

If we choose to, we will appear in small size or human form, for humans not to run in fear or faint instantly......... To be continued.
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Episode 2

I know this story is meant to be about every single angel, but if I start telling you about every single angle in heaven, it will take forever.

It might get up to ages and thousands of millions of years, before I can explain about all of us (angels) up here, so I will just tell you about myself and tell you all about what I went through, and how I look like.

I am amongst one of the angels, that fights battles in darkness (night, evil corners) and in light (day time).

My name is "AME" and I'm a female angel. I was one of the lower ranked angels, when I was first made.

I had to fight and try as much as possible, before i got higher in rank --We are worriers and we go for wars, to get higher ranks and powers, but it's not only worrier angels that gets ranking, ministering angels do get ranking too and others too--.

Getting a rank is not easy, we angels would've to fight with beasts that are stronger than us and in some cases, may even be bigger than us.

We would've to try our best to defeat them and when we do our ranks would increase.

Anytime we angels are ranked, our wings increase in size, so does our swords become bigger, ln fact we grow bigger in size anytime we are ranked (get higher post or seat).

A day came and i heard my name from THE FIRST HEAVEN. I knew it was GOD'S voice, we angels know when GOD talks.


I clearly understood what HE meant, so i took off from where i was and flu to the forth dimension, which was where my first mission began.

Inside me, I began to wonder why he chose me for the mission, when clearly there're so many archangels who could do better than me in the mission.

I later came to the understanding that, it was my time to get ranked.

Let me tell you guys what I was sent to do, i was sent to go and cage a demon which was smaller than me, but was surely powerful.

Its name was "Hike", he was one of the fallen angels, that fell in the time of the first war in heaven.

He was in the forth dimension, where different types of beasts and demons ruled and from there they control different people and places on earth.

Hike was unleashing his smaller beast to destroy a man's future because the man refused to continue serving him.

After the fallen angels fell out of heaven, they were stripped off their light (power) and wings because of the speed at which they fell.

The white cloth which they wore was burnt, so was there wings as they fell and the glory they had on them was lost.

They fell to different places of the world and other dimensions, some landed so hard that it made their skins, faces, sharps, and sizes to change.

Hike was one of them and he was one of the angels who supported the devil the most in his doings of dethroning GOD.

Hike wasn't his name before, it was "EKIH", but due to what he did, his name changed.

He was a ministering angel back then, but now he is one of the destroyers of human and nature.

He had done so many evils and his time to be locked up in the "PIT OF HELL came.

--The devil told Hike to destroy the man's life totally, which Hike accepted. Hike had done so many devilish things, but he crossed the line by accepting the devil's offer to destroy men who were loved by GOD.--

He was also about to destroy a man, who GOD loves very much and GOD was not going to allow that to happen --The man was a man who GOD wanted to use, to win souls for HEAVEN--.

I went to the world of dimensions to get Hike in his wicked kingdom, as I flu pass the 1 and 2 dimensions, I saw other monsters that i had never seen before.

I feared them not because I knew that they were fallen angels, but I never knew that they could look so dark, evil and soulless.

I could have fought with them if I wanted to, but I had no business with them because I was on a mission to get Hike.

--I'm sure that their time will soon come to an end because they all will be thrown into the "BOTTOMLESS PIT".--

When I got to the third dimension, an unknown little creature blocked my path. It had the face of a snake and its teeth was of that of a purana fish.

Its ears were of a wild pig, eyes were like that of a zebra skin, hands were of that of a bird's claws and from its waist down was like that of a fly.

The creature: "How dare you come to this dimension, you've no right to be here", said the creature.

AME: "I am not here for you, let me pass and be on my way to the fourth dimension", I said.

The creature: "You shall not pass here, go back to your master and tell him you failed [laughs]", the creature said then laughed.

--We angels hate it, when demons or monsters or beasts talk to us in that format, especially when they say "go back to your master and tell him you have fail".--

--We are angels of war, we don't back down and we always obey the last command of GOD no matter what it takes or what we face.--

I became infuriated, when I saw it laughing.

AME: "How dare you talk to me like that, I am an ANGEL of the LORD. Now let me warn you again, clear off my part", I gave it my last warning.

The creature: "What if I don't, will thou strike me with thou sword?", it asked with its hand adjusting for a fight with me and its teeth were sit for attacking me.

AME: "I shall pull thou to the darkest dimension of no return", I said to the creature.

The creature screamed like an evil bird, then I knew it was time for me to battle the creature.

I pulled out my Golden sword from my back and placed it across my face blocking one of my left, with my right eye looking at the creature...... To be continue.

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Episode 3

The creature ran towards me like a charging male elephant.

I smiled as I pushed my wings out, displaying its strength by pushing it back and front, which created strong air that forced the creature to fall face down as it approached me.

--Our wings has an incredible power to control air around and each time we use it against any beast or demon, they always end up loosing there ability to do anything. They get confused and loose their ability to focus, but if the beast or demon is stranger than us, it won't cause them any effect.--

It was faced down and confused, I rose my right foot and placed it on its back.

AME: "Now, will thou clear from my path?", I asked pointing my sword at its head.

The creature: "Thou shall never beat me down, you're nothing but an angel of foolishness", it said trying to stand up.

I got more angered, then I pushed my sword through its neck and swung it from left to right, making its head fall off its body.

The creature became headless and was still moving, but was powerless.

--Creatures like that are not fallen angels, they were actually made by demons to stand and guard there dimension or do their evil works.--

I left the creature there and flu ahead to the forth dimension, to get Hike.

When i got to the forth dimension, I saw Hike sitting on a high tower, like the king of the demons.

His dark eyes were looking at me and I knew he was waiting for me. He had sent the creature I fought with, to stop me and to test my ability and strength.

He looked more different than I thought, he looks more bigger in size and height --I guess he increased in size and height, when he saw what I did to his short minion through his dark ability of sight--.

His hands were more longer than his legs, the length of his hands were below his knees.

He had the face of a deformed clay and legs of a red panda. His entire body was full of hair and was not completely straight, from his waist upward was leaning forward, while from his waist downward was leaning backward.

I saw more creatures, just like the one that faced me moments ago.

They were created by Hike, with his dark powers and looked stronger than the one I faced moment ago. They were everywhere and some were a little bit different in colour and size.

Hike pointed at me and they all went after me, while Hike stood and watched.

They were about ninety of them, but I could beat them all --Remember I'm an angel of war and I was made to be able to fight whatsoever I face--.

As they came closer to me, I closed my eyes and knelt down with my left knee.

My right knee was facing the warfront and my sword was standing in front of me with both my hands on it.

My head laid in between my hands and i started praying to my FATHER (GOD), to give me the grace to win the war I was about to face.

While praying, i had a scream close to my right ear, so I quickly pointed my sword to the direction which I heard the scream.

My sword spared the beast in its forehead, making blood gush out. My sword was still on the beast's forehead, when another came from behind.

I push my sword upwards, making its head to divide into two halves, then I used the same fast motion to swing my sword downwards on the head of the other beast, making it to divide into two halves from top to bottom.

As the beast fell apart, I saw another one coming, so I quickly moved closer to it and cut of its head. I turned and saw four more coming, so I pushed my wings forward making all four fall.

I fought and fought, all of them one after the other and non of them could defeat or stop me from getting to Hike.

I fought so much that I killed so many of them, reducing their numbers to only 6.

I looked at them and said to them, with my sword pointing at them, as a sign of last warning.

AME: "Clear of my path you forbidden beast of hike", I said.

Beast 1: "No!", it said.

Beast 2: [Screams]

Beast 3: "Thou shall die here", it said.

Beast 4: "I shall break thou wings", it said.

Beast 5: "How dare you weak angel talk to us in such manner, we shall kill thou", it said.

Beast 1-6: "We shall eat of thou flesh!!", They all said at the same time.

I looked at them all and smiled, then spread my legs apart and faced my sword forward.

When they saw I was ready for battle, they merged their powers together and formed something I had never seen before.

After They merged, they became ten times bigger than Hike, they were as tall as Aso rock.

It took different forms, a head of a lizard snake, with its lower jaw pushed outward, exposing the sharp large teeth that looked like that of a saber tooth tiger.

The beast grew curved horns and its remaining body was like that of an ant.

I knew getting Hike would be hard, but what i never knew was that Hike had become more wickedly-evil and his beast had grown powerful......... To be continue.

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Episode 4

I stood there looking at the beast and hike. The beast moved back and stood right in front of Hike.

I kneelt down once more to ask my FATHER (GOD) to give me more power to defeat the beast and Hike.

The beast: "[Laughs] Hahaha!", it laughed with a bold voice.

The beast: "Are thou crying to thy father to help thou win a war thou can't win?", it asked changing facial emotions from smiling to squeezing its face and mocking me.

AME: "DEAR FATHER, I pray unto thee please grant me the power and the strength to defeat, and win the mission thou gave to me", I prayed as I ignored what the beast said to me.

AME: "AMEN", I said concluding my prayer.

Hike: "Kill her!!!", He shouted loudly causing vibration.

I looked up and saw the beast running toward me, so I ran towards it with both my hands and sword flying at my back with the same speed it ran toward me.

We were both running at the same speed, the beast got very close to me so did I to it. Immediately the beast saw that i was close enough, it swung its two left hands to knock me down --Remember the beast had the body of an ant, so it had four hands, two left and two right hands--.

I slide downwards putting my sword upwards with both hands, the beast's left hands moved above my legs towards my sword as my eyes were fix on Hike.

The beast's hands crossed my sword, making the beast to loose its left hands. The beast screamed in pain and fell forward towards the side I ran from.

While the beast cried in pain, I got up and ran toward Hike to get him. Hike sat and watch me, as I ran close to him.

I boost myself very high with my wings and with full force shouting "MAY THE NAME OF THE LORD BE PRAISED", while I pushed my sword from my back to my front, to knock Hike down.

My sword was very close to his face when I saw a dark ant hand coming from hike's front toward my face to knock me down.

I quickly used my sword to block my face, the force at which the hand came pushed I and my sword back, making me fall backwards landing with my legs and pointing my sword forward with my face facing downward.

After I landed, I look up and saw the beast which had lost its left hands, standing beside Hike.

The beast's left hands grew back, but what got me surprised, was how it ran so fast to stop me.

--Well I guess beasts can do anything for their master, they could goto any length to defend their master--.

The beast was breathing heavily, while Hike was smiling. Deep down inside me, I knew that the only way for me to kill the beast was to take of its head.

I looked at Hike then the beast and said to the beast.

AME: "Back off thou beast from my path, before thou suffer THE ANGER OF GOD", I said to the beast.

Beast: "There is no GOD here, the only god is Hike", it said standing in front of Hike.

--The beast was a stubborn one and its stubbornness would make it see my other side.--

when I heard what it said, I became very angry, then I held my sword and open up my wing in anger and in force.

I thrust my wings forward and backward making a turbulence of wind toward the beast.

The wind was so heavy that it destroyed the throne Hike sat on, forcing Hike to stand with his hideous feet.

--Remember when I said that our ability to control air won't work on demons who are stronger than us, while Hike was stronger than me, but he was not better than me in fighting.--

The beast lost focus, but was still standing. I flu forward placing my sword in front of me with my right hand.

The beast began to gain focus little by little, but it was too late because my sword was already close to its head.

The beast saw me and tried to use its hands to block me from striking, but it was too late for the beast.

My sword cut through the middle of the beast's mouth to the back of its head, causing a division between its upper and lower jaw, with my eyes focused on Hike.

The beast's halve head fell backwards, leaving its lower jaw and body to fall forward, making a very loud noise like a thunder storm.

I landed very close to Hike on the tower (where Hike stood) with my knees slightly bent down, while my hands and sword were beside me and my eyes looking at Hike.

Hike: "Hello AME", he said with his two hands at his back.

AME: "I am not here to chat with thou, I am here to take thou to the 'PIT OF HELL'", i said standing up and adjusting myself for another battle.

Hike: "C'mon AME, we were Friends before, we can still talk just for old time sake. Remember the time when we stood beside each other in time of traini......", he said but couldn't finish up his words because I cut it.

I didn't allow him finish his words because I knew what he was doing, he was trying to waste more time so that he would find my weakness and use it against me --all demons are like that--.

AME: "Enough!", I shouted with a commanding voice.

AME: "Thy time has come to an end", I said.

I raised up my sword to hit Hike with it, but he was quick and he dodged it, then gave me an uppercut.

I fell backward from the tower and landed with my back on the ground. Hike jumped from the tower and came down to where I was.

Hike: "[Angry] Do you know who I am?", he asked.

Hike: "[Angry] I am Hike, a great demon", he said proudly.

Hike: "[Angry] How dare you talk to me in such manner, now I shall divide thy wings, head and tongue from thy body and shall feed thy to the creatures of the first dimension", he said angrily demonstrating every single thing he spoke out.

I stood up from the ground, still trying to recover from the very heavy punch he unleashed on me.

I used two seconds to get myself back on the battle, then I ran towards him pulling my sword like a 5 years old kid who was pulling a 25kg of beans.

Hike stood and watched as I came closer to him, I then jumped up raising my sword so that i could try and use it to hit Hike's head once more again.

Hike knew what I was about to do, so he threw a punch towards my head to knock me off as I fell close to him, but little did he know that it was all my plan for him to throw a punch at me.

I dodged his punch and turned my sword over to the other end (in a quick motion), then used it to hit him heavily on his stomach pushing him backwards.

He held his stomach and his face faced down as he moved backwards due to the heavy punch I gave him.

When he stopped moving backwards, he looked forward and saw a smile on my face.

He got angry and screamed raising his two hands up simultaneously, he then ran toward me like a wolf after an antelope.

Each step he made cause vibrations. He ran very fast and quick, aiming for my head with his mouth. As he came closer, i fastened my hold on my sword.

Hike got very close to me, then he opened his mouth widely to decapitate me. I quickly pushed my head backwards as I raised my right knee to Hike's lower jaw to knock him over.

My knee hit Hike's lower jaw so hard that it made his entire body to fly over me. He landed with a big bang on the ground and with his back.

--Every demon has his/her own weakness and Hike's own was underneath his jaw, and If a demon lands on its back, then it shall be weaken.--

I stood up properly, then turned to look at Hike. He was lying hopelessly on the ground.

As i walked up to Hike, he started changing back to his normal short form. I looked at him and took him by his legs to put him were he belongs --In the "PIT OF HELL"--.

When I got there (PIT OF HELL), the gate opened, then I threw him inside.

As he fell into the "PIT OF HELL", he looked me in the eyes and said "we shall see again AME".

The gate closed, as i flu back to HEAVEN saying "MAY THE NAME OF GOD BE PRAISED"...... To be continue.

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You got it bro, I mean, are you one of them?

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Episode 5

After my first mission, I became a stronger angel, my ranking increased so did my wings and sword which became bigger.

I wanted more rank, i wanted to be an ARCHANGEL, I wanted to be one of the big angels that fights wars not only for man but for GOD.

I wanted more which wasn't going to be an easy task for me to accomplish at all. I was still sent on normal occasions to fight beast and to lock up demons.

There came a time, when i went on a mission with 5 angels of my ranking. We were to go face a group of demons, that Were terrorizing a village and were causing death and pain every where in the village.

GOD sent us there because the set time for the liberation of the villagers had come.

Angel GABRIEL called upon us, to tell us what GOD sent us to do.


YELO: "Yes sir!".

SHAON: "Yes sir!".

TEHI: "Yes sir!".

GURW: "Yes sir!".

TIENER: "Yes sir!".

AME: "Yes sir!".

We all answered according to how he called us.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: "The LORD has sent six of thou to go down to the evil place of the demons of confusing, pain, suffering, and sorrow", he said.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: "The LORD said, thou should slay them all, for they have done the unthinkable to the ones he loves", he said.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: "SHAON shall be the leader in this battle. Now go and let 'THE NAME OF THE LORD BE PRAISED'", he said.

SHAON: "We shall be victorious!, and the name of the lord shall be praised!", he said Shouting.

We all shouted with him, then flu down to earth to fight the evil demons that caused pain and sorrow.

They where in a dark forest inside a tree, close to the village where they caused pain and sorrow, which was right in the middle of africa.

As we flu across the village, we saw their handworks everywhere. When we landed in the dark forest inside the tree where they where, we saw them.

One sat on a big chair as a king, while the others sat on a smaller chair. They were up to sixteen of them.

They were busy manipulating people from where they where, they were using an object which was like a mirror.

--Those demons didn't look like other demons that i have seen before.--

They took shapes of the tree they were in, their eyes were where their ears ought to be and their mouth was underneath their jaw.

They had double horns which were where their eyes were suppose to be, they were called the "Sixfiten" and they all couldn't change shapes, except one of them.

They used a native doctor, to do their evil works in the physical world.

They all were laughing and smiling because they did what gave them joy and happiness.

SHAON: "Thy end has come, thou demons of wickedness", he said pointing his sword towards them.

They all turned and looked back to see who was talking.

Demon 1: "[Laughs] SHAON, angel of war, what have thou come to find in our world?", it asked looking at SHAON.

TIENER: "We are not here to talk to thou", she said as we all drew our swords out to battle with the demons of evil.

--We were face to face not with beasts or creatures, but with real demons and they were as powerful as us, so wings power wasn't an upper hand in this case. The only way for us to defeat them was to take them sword to sword.--

Demon 5: "What makes you think you can defeat us?", it asked with its eyes moving from side to side in disorderliness.

TEHI: "We are the angels of THE MOST HIGH GOD and thou shall be defeated in the name of THE LORD MOST HIGH", he said.

Demon 1:"[Laughs] we can't be defeated", it said.
All the demons: "We are the Sixfiten!!", They all said simultaneously standing up and setting for battle.

As they started coming towards us, we then knew it was time to battle fallen angels, so we kneelt down and prayed to GOD to strengthen us.

After seconds of praying, we opened our eyes and screamed "MAY THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH GOD BE PRAISED".

We all both ran towards each other, clashing one another and the battle began.

SHAON gave demon 9 a head-butt making it fall back while he used his sword to cut off the hand and head of demon 15, then he faced demon 3 and 9 that were coming close to him.

YELO was fighting with demon 4 and 11, when demon 13 from behind, jumped on YELO wings to bite it off, but that was a bad idea.

YELO used his right leg to push demon 4 and 11 back a little bit, then he swung his sword to his back cutting off the head of demon 13.

As he decapitated demon 13, demon 4 and 11 came closer to him. Still in that same motion, he swung his sword forward cutting of the head of demon 4 and 11, then he went after demon 5 that was already coming towards him.

GURW was fighting demon 6 face to face, when demon 2 jumped from afar on his head.

He then used his wings, to block demon 2 from biting his head, then swung his sword straight into demon 6 guts, killing demon 6.

He pushed his wings upwards making demon 2 that was on his wings to lift up in the air.

GURW then thrust upwards and used his sword to divide demon 2 into two halves from its waist, then he descended downwards pointing his sword at demon 8.

TEHI was fighting with demon 10 and 7, demon 10 and 7 were seriously pushing their hands at the same time making it hard for TEHI to take them down.

TEHI got annoyed, then used her left wings to hit demon 7 on the head, making demon 7's head to hit demon 10's head, causing them to loose focus.

TEHI then held demon 10 on its throat and used her sword to spare demon 7 underneath its jaw.

As demon 7 fell to the ground, TEHI used her sword to bisect demon 10, then TEHI went for demon 12.

TIENER went for demon 1, but as she ran towards demon 1, demon 14 held her leg and wanted to bite her foot off.

She bent down in a fast motion, then spared her sword into the mouth of demon 14, killing it.

She raised her sword, with demon 14 still hanging on her sword --she was very strong--, then she threw demon 14's dead body on demon 1.

Demon 14's dead body fell on demon 1, then she jumped up raising her sword, shouting "MAY THE NAME OF THE LORD BE PRAISED" as she descended on demon 1.

I was alone with demon 16 and believe me it was the last but not the least. It was stronger than all the demons combined.

I fought and fought with demon 16, until I used my left feet to kick demon 16 down, but that wasn't the end.

Demon 16 stood up and transformed into a big hideous demon, making smoke envelope the atmosphere.

When I saw demon 16 transform, I knew I was in for a battle of my life.

Demon 16 horns grew bigger and eyes went to the top of its head. Its body was that of a black leopard, its head was that of a bull and its mouth was in-between its eyes.

I looked at Demon 16, then flu high up to attack it from the air.

Demon 16 jumped up to eat me with its mouth, which was on top of its head.

As I descended downwards, Demon 16 ascended upwards, I then threw my sword to its right eye.

My sword spared its right eye making it fall back to the ground. I landed on its head and redrew my sword.

Demon 16 shook me off its head along side my sword, i was thrown into the air, but had control. I landed with both foot on the ground with my sword in my hand.

Demon 16 now had only one eye and looked at me angrily, then it stood up and charged up against me.

I set myself up for a head on battle. Demon 16 charged up against me, with its horns which were very sharp and pointy.

I placed my sword beside me with both hands holding it. As demon 16 got close to me, i jumped upwards then swung my sword downwards, cutting the head of demon 16 into two halves. --I cut that demon so hard that it rained blood everywhere.--

The battle was over and we had won the war.

When we left the tree, it caught fire and that was the end of the sixfiten demons and their evil rule.

When we got back to heaven, we all got an increase in rank.

I finally got what I wanted, I was ranked as an ARCHANGEL and that was the end of my story......... To be continue.

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