My first pregnancy

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My first pregnancy

Post by Dindy » 1 year ago production.

This story was solely written by Dindy.
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[My first pregnancy]



The night was cool and cold, Mrs Faith was in her room lying down on her bed, when suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her belly.

She stood up to see if the pain would stop, but it didn't instead It struck her in the brain because it wasn't an ordinary pain. It was the baby in her womb, which she has been carrying for the past 8months.

Mrs Faith: "How could it be? why did my water break?", she questioned herself as she stood.

Mrs faith: "But the doctor said__ahhhhhh!!__", she said but then the pain came again which made her shout aloud in pain.

She sat back on her bed folding her lips.

The way she screamed was so loud that Mr Sammy who was downstairs heard it and ran upstairs to meet her.

He opened the door with force and saw her lying down on the bed. The pain was now too much for her to withstand, so she tried to sit upright as Mr Sammy came closer to her.

Mr Sammy: "Darling what is it?", he asked with a loud and soft voice, but she didn't answer.

Mr Sammy: "What is the problem dear?", he asked.

He stood like a strong man but inside him, he was shaking like an infant that is suffering from serious cold.

Mrs Faith: "Honey__it__is__the__baby", she said slowly as she placed her left hand and head on his right hand, as she sat.......... To be continued.

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Re: My first pregnancy

Post by Dindy » 1 year ago

[Episode 2]

Mr Sammy quickly carried her without wasting time. He walked out of his room with Mrs Faith in his hands, which wasn't so easy for him because the mass of Mrs Faith was on the high side.

Mr Sammy: "Jess my wife is kinda massive in size, i never knew she would be this big", he said to himself.

He moved out of the room and got to the stairs. His mind started playing tricks on him.

It told him that he would fall with Mrs Faith to the floor, but he ignored it.

He scaled through the stairs without tripping down and they both got to the parlour.

Mrs Faith was still in serious pain and tried to hold herself together. Mr Sammy dropped her on a chair and went to check his car key, where he had left it in the afternoon.

Mr Sammy saw his car key which was on the television, then quickly picked it up and went to carry Mrs Faith.

He carried Mrs faith straight to where his car was packed. When he got there, he dropped her down placing her foot on the floor at the boot side of his car, so that she could stand up right and he could open the back door of the car.

As Mr Sammy unlocked his car, Mrs Faith shouted because she felt a heavy movement within her. The 'shout' was so loud that their neighbours around switch on their lights.

He ran back to her and held her by the waist, then used his right hand to hold her left hand.

He walked her into the back seat of his car, then quickly closed it as she laid down. After that, he rushed to open the large gate of his mansion........To be continued.

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Re: My first pregnancy

Post by Dindy » 1 year ago

[Episode 3]

Mr Sammy went back to his car to drive out of his house speedily. After he drove out of his house, he went back to close the gate then drove off.

As Mr Sammy drove, Mrs faith was howling in serious pain because of the contraction which struck her lower back heavily, and it slowly began to seize up her spinal-cord.

It also twisted her muscles harder and harder, until it became unbearable for her. --The pain was much more painful than you can ever imagine it would be.--

Mr Sammy couldn't fully focus on driving, he kept looking at his wife who was at the back seat.

Finally they got to their family hospital. He quickly came down from his car and ran inside the hospital to call for help.

He got to the reception desk and said with fear in his tone.

Mr Sammy: "Please nurse help me, help me, my wife, my wife".

The Nurse: "Sir please calm down please, where is she?, she asked him.

Mr Sammy: "She is in my car please come quickly", he relied her as he ran back to where his car was packed.

The Nurse trailed behind him with a wheelchair.

When he got to his car, he reached for the back door and opened it, then bent down to get Mrs Faith out.

Mrs Faith was almost crying in pain.

The nurse was now close enough to help him and another nurse came to help. Both nurses gently put Mrs Faith in the wheelchair.

The pain wasn't getting better for Mrs Faith because it was as if she was going to die at that moment.

She tried all her best to compose herself, but she couldn't help it. The nurses and Mr Sammy pushed the wheelchair, Mr Sammy used his left hand to hold Mrs Faith's left hand.

Finally they all got to the labour room and Mr Sammy said to his wife, trying to encourage her.

Mr Sammy: "Don't worry dear, everything will be ok dear".

Mrs Faith didn't reply because the pain was hammering her inside her brain.

The nurses placed Mrs Faith on a bed and they told Mr Sammy to wait out side because...........To be continued.

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Re: My first pregnancy

Post by Dindy » 1 year ago

[Episode 4]

He was sounding more afraid than Mrs Faith. He agreed to what the nurse said and walked out of the labour room, then he went to sit on a chair not too far from the labour room.

The nurses placed Mrs Faith on the bed gently, to avoid her and the baby from getting hurt. After they placed her on the bed, she screamed because she felt a pain right in the centre of her abdomen.

The second nurse went to call the doctor, while the first nurse stayed with her to calm her down.

Mrs Faith was uncomfortable, she danced up and down the bed because of the pain.

Lady: "Ahhh Jesus, I don't want to die like this oo Jesus!!", shouted the woman in the second room beside Mrs Faith's room.

Mrs Faith became more afraid after hearing what she heard. Mrs Faith knew that the woman was in labour and that she was going to experience what the woman in the other room was experiencing.

Mrs Faith started crying uncontrollable, as the pain struck her again and again. She almost felt like collapsing because the pain was much.

Her thoughts and tears began to have effect on her.

Nurse: "Please be calm, nothing will happen to you just cool down", she said to Mrs Faith.

Mrs Faith looked at the nurse as she spoke, but didn't care because she was under an extreme pain. To Mrs Faith, the nurse was talking bull shit.

Mrs Faith wasn't able to think straight because the pain was attacking her spinal-cord with no mercy and she totally felt like dying at that moment.

The doctor came in as quickly as he could, with some other nurses and saw that she was almost at the edge of blowing up like a balloon.

A nurse brought a moving tray close to the doctor, where all the things needed for the child birth was arranged in its appropriate manner.

The doctor suited up with the help of the nurses, then he applied a substance on the glove he wore............ To be continued.

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Re: My first pregnancy

Post by Dindy » 1 year ago

[Episode 5]

The doctor and the nurses were ready, but Mrs Faith wasn't so ready because she was afraid and she had doubts of surviving the labour.

.....MEAN WHILE.....

Mr Sammy was out side and he was not himself. He was in a state of confusing, his heart was telling him different things and his soul was far away from him body.

All he could think of was his wife, all he wanted was for her to come out from the labour room fine.

He prayed inside him because he was in a situation of no rest. All his mind was thinking about his wife, he knew that what she was going through wasn't an easy thing.

He knew that, only God could help her in that situation.


Mrs Faith had an unstable mind because of the way the lady at the other room screamed and shouted.

Mrs Faith wanted the pain to stop, but she was too afraid to push the baby out.

Mrs Faith: "Ahhhh doctor I can't do this, I can't doctor please I just can't", she begged the doctor because she has never felt a pain so much like what she was experiencing.

Doctor: "Ma please try, remember your family. Don't give up so fast", he said.

Doctor: "I know it's hard, but would you like for your baby to remain inside you when it is ought to come out?", he asked her to see if she would come back to her senses.

Mrs Faith: "Doctor please is there no other way?", she asked the doctor while still in pressurized pain.

Doctor: "Would you like it if we operated on you?", asked the doctor.

Mrs Faith: "No, I don't want operation", she answered.

Doctor: "Then please try, just try. I know it won't be easy for you, but you need to try", he said.

Doctor: "I know the scream you heard from the other room was what got you scared, but your system is not the same with the other lady's", he said.

Doctor: "Your grace is different from her own, so don't think that it will be the same for you", he said.

Doctor: "Remember your husband is hoping on you and it will be a painful thing for him, if you let him down", he spoke words that lifted her spirit.

Mrs Faith: "Ok sir", she said.... To be continued.

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Re: My first pregnancy

Post by Dindy » 1 year ago

[Episode 6]

Mr Sammy: "God please help me out, don't let anything happen to my wife or the child. God please send your angels to make her deliver safely", he prayed in his soul.

His phone rang, when he checked the caller, it was his mum. He picked it up then they started talking about Mrs Faith. After talking for few minutes, they prayed together for her.

When the call ended, another called came in, he looked at it and it was his father in law --Mrs Faith's dad wasn't all that nice, he was kinda hard--.

Although he didn't like his wife's dad, he had to pick it because if he doesn't, it would add to his troubles.

When he picked it, he greeted his wife's dad, but he didn't reply him back, instead he asked Mr Sammy so many questions that he wasn't able to answer some few.

He then asked him where the hospital was and Mr Sammy willingly told him.

Mrs Faith's dad told him that he would be there in the next three hours. Mr Sammy said "Ok", then The call dropped.


Doctor: "So are you ready ma?", he asked with his hands clapped together.

Mrs Faith: "Yes sir", she said.

Doctor: "Everyone go to your position", he ordered the nurses.

A nurse told Mrs Faith to hold her knees with her hands and pull her legs backwards.

Mrs Faith did as she was told. The doctor asked her again whether she was ready.

She wanted to say no, but then she felt an unstoppable pressure to push --the feeling increased pressure near her perineum--. It felt like she was ready to have a bowel movement, so she said "Yes" to the doctor.

A nurse asked her to curl forward and tuck her chin. The nurse told her that the curved position, would help the baby through the pelvis.

Mrs Faith was now fully ready. The doctor encouraged her to focus her abdominal muscles to push down, as she might do when she is trying to make her urine come out faster or having a bowel movement.

The doctor also said to her that, it would help avoid straining or directing the pushing force upward toward her neck and face.

After the doctor was done talking, Mrs Faith began to push.


People kept calling and calling Mr Sammy...... To be continued.

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Re: My first pregnancy

Post by Dindy » 1 year ago

[Episode 7]

Calls kept on coming and coming and Mr Sammy got tired of answering calls because he was totally focused, thinking about his wife.

He wanted to run to meet his wife in the labour room and at the same time he wanted to wait which totally tore him apart -- like a piece of clothe divided into two halves--.

Mr Sammy: "What will I do now?", he asked himself.

Mr Sammy: "I wish I was in there with her, to support and stand by her", he said to himself.

Mr Sammy: "If only I was a doctor, I would have been the one to help her", he said to himself.

Mr Sammy: "Ah ooo, I can't stay here and do nothing", he said to himself as he stood up.

Mr Sammy's mind: "Hey stop!", it said to him.

Mr Sammy's mind: "Where do you think you are going to?", it questioned him causing him not to make a move.

Mr Sammy: "Well I want to go and see what I can do to help my wife because I can't stand staying here doing nothing anymore", he replied back his mind.

Mr Sammy's mind: "So you are telling me that you can do better than the doctor right?", it asked him again.

Mr Sammy: "No, but I will surely do something", he said to his mind.

Mr Sammy's mind: "See let me just tell you", it said to him.

Mr Sammy's mind: "If you go in there, you might end up loosing your wife because you might be more afraid than her and might discourage her", it said.

Mr Sammy's mind: "Do you know the amount of pain she is going through?", it asked.

MR SAMMY: "No I don't, but I feel it", he replied.

Mr Sammy's mind: "See if you don't know the amount of pain she is passing through, then forget about what you feel because you won't be able to understand her well enough", it said.

Mr Sammy's mind: "You haven't gone and you will never go through the pains of labour, so having the feeling won't make you fully understand her pains ", it said to him.

Mr Sammy's mind: "Remember why the nurse told you to move out of the labour room at first", it said.

Mr Sammy's mind: "Your face was full of fear and your voice was not so encouraging, it said.

Mr Sammy's mind: "If you were there till now, I'm sure you would have fainted because of fear and what you will see", it said to him making him cancel the thoughts of going to the labour room.

Mr Sammy's mind: "So don't go there and cause sudden changes. Sit down here and pray and wait, don't give in so quickly, just wait for the doctor", it said to him.

Mr Sammy's mind: "And you're not doing nothing", it said.

Mr Sammy's mind: "She needs you to be out here supporting her, telling people who calls that she's ok", it said.

Mr Sammy's mind: "You're even doing alot because if you ain't here, the worries level of your in-laws and family will increase, so keep calm", it said to him....... To be continued.

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