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Mar 13th, 21:13

Dindy: Your voice is too sweet, I'm sure you're very beautiful.

Girl: Thanks dear.

Dindy: can I see your picture please.

Girl: Ok dear give me two minutes.

After two minutes.

Image sent✅✅

Image received✔✔

Dindy: Da*n girl who's the mother f**ker that gave birth to something like you, you are so ugly girl!.

Girl: Please you can insult me as you like but please don't insult my mother-who suffered giving birth to me.

Dindy: I did not insult your mum oo.

Dindy: What i was only trying to say was that there is no difference between a monkey and its offspring...... :D :D

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Mar 13th, 21:14

It was a cool and lovely evening, Dindy and his girlfriend sat under a tree talking then this happened....

Dindy: My one and only sugar bunny.

Girl: (smiles) Oh Dindy you have started with your sweet words again.

Dindy: You are so beautiful.

Girl: (blushing) thanks dear.

Girl: Dindy love I want you to Look into my eyes and tell me what you see.

**Looks deeply approaching for a kiss then says**

Dindy: I see....

Girl: (talks softly) Yes dear say it.

Dindy: souls of aborted kids.

Girl: (slaps Dindy) idiot!...... :D :D (tongue out).

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Mar 13th, 21:14

Girl: Dindy do you really care about me?.

Dindy: Yes I do dear more than the things of the world.

Girl: (smiles) Do you mean it?.

Dindy: Yes I do.

Girl: Ok dear let me ask you this question.

Dindy: Go on.

Girl: If you could go back in time, once, and change a single thing – what would it be?.

Dindy: My neighbour's WiFi password...... :D :D

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Mar 13th, 21:15


I was sitting at the back seat in a bus when a pretty girl came to sit beside me, as she sat she gave me the "wooing eyes" look which I understood very fast.

When the bus was filled with passengers the bus zoomed off, few minutes later the driver asked for everyone to pay up their money.

The pretty lady beside me gave me the "eyes invitation" look then asked me for the 100 naira note I was holding in my hand because she had 500 naira note with her, I gave it to her smiling like a he goat.

15mins later I was fighting within myself (whether to talk to her or not) but finally i decided to talk to her.

Dindy: Excuse me.

Girl: (talking softly) Yes what is it?.

Dindy: I wanna ask you something please don't be offended.

Girl: Ok go on.

Dindy: If i told you that you are the most amazing green leaf i have ever seen in my life, would you believe me?.

Girl: Yes i would.

Dindy: If i told you that your hair is the most beautiful thing on earth, would you believe me?.

Girl: (blushing) yes i would.

Dindy: I just want to tell you that...that..that..

Girl: (smiling and blushing heavily) yes go on tell me what's on your mind.

Dindy: I need you to give me back the 100 naira note i gave you, i wanna give the driver 500 naira because i need change to buy garri.

Girl: (hissed) idiot......... :D :D

Please o i don't know why the girl called me an idiot, did i do bad by asking for my money back?.

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Mar 13th, 21:17

Girl: Dindy let's play a game.

Dindy: awesome!.

Girl: It's called challenge for the mastermind.

Dindy: Sweet.

Girl: If you get it right, I will give you a tight long hug.

Dindy: Great!!!!.

Girl: I'm an 8 letter word
First 4 letters is a question
2,3,4 protects our head
5,6,7 is a liquid in tree
7,8 are same letters
*WHAT AM I*???.

Dindy: The answer is simple.

Dindy: you are a caterpillar you just made me understand you have many legs!..... :D :D

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Mar 16th, 12:28

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Mar 25th, 23:37

Why are our teachers so wicked.

English teacher will tell you, A for apple, B for ball, C for cat.

Physics teacher will tell you A=Ampere B= Beta C=Capacitor.

Math teacher will now confuse you by saying A= x, B=5 and C=50.

The worst part is that the math teacher will tell you to solve the equation.

Like seriously are we suppose to do it like this
Ball+Beta+5 divided by Cat+Capacitor+50 equals to Apple+Ampere+X.

:lol: :lol: :lol:


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