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[Dindy the lone wolf]



Thanks for reading

I know many of you might have different questions about me and the kind of life I live, and also about my love life. Well this story will tell you guys all about me and my love life.

My love life story is a crazy one, have no fear I didn't break anyone's heart. And no one broke mine (I think).

This story is not only about my love life but also about the kind of lifestyle I live.

And guys this story is more like a gist between you and I, so when you are reading it just imagine I'm in your front talking with you about my love life.

I sat next to her, looking at her with all my soul and mind. I felt like pouncing on her because of what she wore. I was loosing control.

She saw how lust my eyes were so she slowly unbuttoned her clothe then told me to help her finish it up. I couldn't say no because that was all I wanted at that moment.

I got very excited on seeing what I saw. She then removed my belt from my waist as she kissed me from my head down to my waist. My body quaked seriously and strongly.

I was now fully charged and so was she, so I pulled off all I wore and stood up right in front of her.

She quickly pulled all she wore too, then NEPA took the light and that was how the Nigerian movie ended.

[Laughs] I got you there, gosh you have such dirty mind, do you think I would do such a thing?. Well if you think so I'm sorry but I ain't that kind of guy.

I know by now many of you are excited [laughs], and I know some of you won't even read up to this part because you will think it's a porn story [Laughs].

I also know some of you will be so shocked seeing what I wrote at the beginning. Well that's not my style of writing, I don't like writing stuffs like that because I don't like it. But that doesn't mean I can't write it, if I choose to write it, it will blow your mind.

I'm sorry for getting you all excited [Laughs], now please go and ask God for forgiveness for thinking dirty [Laughs].

Now let me start my real story, remember don't fall in love ooo [Laughs].


Every pain as its source, every behavior has its linkage, every feeling as its starts and every expression has its reason.

My love life all began when I was in primary school, but back then I didn't understand what
Love was. I saw it as nothing.

There was a girl I liked --I can't believe I'm actually gonna tell you guys this-- her name was Anita.

She was a beautiful dark skinned girl (an Hausa girl). We schooled in the same school and were friends kinda.

Everything was going well and fine between us until one day. Anita, her elder sister and little bro came to see someone in my area. The person lived downstairs and i lived upstairs.

Few minutes after Anita, her elder sister and little brother entered the person's house, I and my elder brother went downstairs to do something.

My bro saw Anita's slippers thinking that it was her elder sister's own --back then my brother and Anita's elder sis were friends--. He took the slippers and hid it somewhere.

Few minutes later, Anita, her sister and brother came out. I and my bro didn't go back upstairs because we wanted to see the result of the evil he did.

Anita started looking for her slippers, she searched and searched but couldn't find it. She looked at me then said I was the one who took it.

I tried to explain to her that I was not the one, but she insisted that I was the one. My brother then went to bring out her slippers from where he had hid it.

He gave it to her but it didn't end her believe that I was the one who hid it. She kept on saying things but I just smiled and ignored.

The next day in school, when we were on break, she said something that really surprised me kinda.

She said that she likes everyone in the school except me. She said it standing right in front of me.

When I heard her saying it, I tried again to explain to her that I was not the one, but she didn't believe me so I smiled looking at her. In my mind I was like "What wrong did I do?".

After that day, my connection with her ended. From that day till now, I irritate her.

My brother and her sister tried bring us back together but it never worked. --Seriously right now I am feeling somehow hurt, I can't believe I had absorbed so much pain.--

She kinda pushed me out of her life just because of a pair of foot wear --I'm not really sure why she pushed me out of her life. Maybe it was because I acted like a nerd or maybe something else. But for me I think it's because of the foot wear--

She did some other things to me, hissing when she saw me and other stuffs like that. But that's all gone now.

--Well that is all you guys need to know about the first girl I liked when I was little.--

During that time, i was a nerd kinda, i was a weird kid. I behaved differently from others, i enjoyed staying alone, i didn't like too much crowd.

There was a girl at that time who was my friend, her name was Joy-c. I and her fought alot and argued. She lived at the opposite building close to mine and she was my very fun friend.

Joy-c was a fun girl, she made fun of my voice one certain time, which I found very annoying. --Back then girls laugh at me because of my voice. They said it was kinda girly. I found it very unpleasant when I talk and they laugh.--

At first we were not that close, but as her elder sis and my elder sis were friends, we both came close.

She was a very nice girl --I'm missing her--. She was pretty too, but not more than Anita --I wonder how she looks now, pretty hot!, hopefully--.

She and her family later packed out and moved into another home far from where I lived. I lost connection with her. Well I guess such Is life.

Now let's move to the second girl I once liked. Her name was koko a beautiful Yoruba girl.

She was not more beautiful than Anita, but she had lighter skin than Anita --They both were dark in complexion--.

I didn't like her so much but she liked me. As we aged, I began to like her --as at that time, I was in secondary school-- but i never for once told her that I loved her.

I and koko were not in talking terms until I got to secondary school.
although we lived in the same area, we hardly meet or talk base on the fact that we never did talk to each other at all.

We later started talking but it didn't last long because of me. I was the shy type back then which really affected my social life and status.

She did something to me a day like that, but she didn't know that I heard what she said about me to her friend.

I moved on with life so did she. And that was how our connection ended.

Love for me when i was in secondary school, wasn't so fun to me because I was very shy. The girls I liked, some didn't like me, some felt irritated by my presence, some liked me back but I never got too close to them because I was shy.

Everything changed for me when I entered ss1, I mean everything. That was when I had my first gf.

Her name was Chichi and she was an igbo girl --I don't wanna tell you guys her full name for some reasons please don't be annoyed--.

She was a fun and crazy person, and she had what all guys wanted, although she was kinda like a tom boy.

She really loved me but I never really gave her full attention, I didn't treat her right and I never tried to understand her felling. At the end of it all she sent me a letter which I read but didn't really understand.

I was at fault on every side, I f*cked up big time just because I was too blind to see the feelings she showed and have for me.

She did so many things for me that no other girl had done for me. She always got my back. She was always there for me but I was never there for her.

After she sent me the letter she travelled and came back years later. When she came back we became best friends till date --the only thing now is that we hardly talk--.

--I always like making people who like/love me, my friend. That's the kind of person I am--.

Many girls belittled me, many looked at me like a fool which built up in me and it made me kinda harsh and hard in a way.

There was a time like that when I went for my church's camp. I saw a beautiful chocolate skin girl, her name was grace and she had this eyes that I loved very much --360 eyes kinda--. When I first saw her, I was blown away, but I didn't have the mind to talk to her.

I finally spoke to her on the last night of the camp, after my brother had forced me to man up.

The funny thing was that, I didn't ask her for her number, you can just imagine how stupid is was for me to talk to a girl I liked and not collect her number.

My shyness really f*cked me up alot of times. I think that was the reason why some girls found me irritating or stupid.

After the camp, I tried all my best to find her once again, but it was on the hopeless side because she was no where to be found.

I wasn't able to get grace again. Even when she came for the next camp, I still didn't collect her number. I used sickness as an excuse --I was sick when I went to the camp--.

Now I have to live my life not ever to see her again just because I was shy. It hurts tho' remembering that I would have been happy with her. But life has to go on even if it hurts.

Years later when I got to ss3, love found me once more and there I found her, the girl that changed my whole life completely.

Her name was Esther --That's her English name I can't tell you guys her other names because of some reasons--.

Esther was a dark skin girl with a very pretty face --I don't know why it's usually dark skin girls that likes me--. Guys in my class back then loved her but she liked me.

We were just friends during that period, but she showed me signs that she liked me alot. I liked her too but I didn't want to date her because of our upcoming examination at that time.

After the examination we started connecting, then on our V.S (vacation service) day. She and I started full time dating.

After the V.S (vacation service) she and I walked alone on a street. As we walked alone I felt cold and sad because I was going to miss my friends. --I'm a very emotional guy which I hide alot.--

I won't lie, saying these words "I LOVE YOU" was hard for me, I was too shy to say it even though it was only us walking alone in the street. I didn't know how it happened but we started dating.

My love grew for her strongly and although my aunty didn't really like her, I didn't care because I truly loved her and there was nothing in this world that could make me change my mind about her.

Time after time, she would come visit me and we would talk about many things. She trusted me and I trusted her, we were like two best friends.

The funny thing about our relationship was that we never kissed or did those smooching sh*t because I never made a move to do so. We were dating but I was very shy. --My shyness has killed so many opportunities for me.--

Sometimes she would come to my area after she had closed from her mum's shop very late at night by 10pm or 9pm. She really tried for me.

I was afraid that she would get hurt but she wasn't, she was bold and strong. My aunty and sister didn't like her --Like seriously, my aunty and my elder sis don't joke with me, if they don't like you, they don't like you and it won't change.--

Everything was going well after a year, but months later things started changing between us little by little. I started working and had less time for her. Deep down inside me i knew that we would soon break up because of the way we related.

Something happened a particular time. I tried calling her but her number wasn't going. I kept on trying her number but it didn't go.

I asked her friends but they told me that they haven't seen her. I couldn't go to her house because I did not want to run into her dad --Life is important o :D--.

After 1 week she called me and told me that she was facing some personal issue, I told her to tell me what it was but she refused. After that day things really changed and we separated gradually.

She stopped picking my calls and anytime she picks it she won't say a word. Sometimes she would pick it and speak her language.

I got confused and upset about why she did all she was doing. I started removing my heart from her not to be heartbroken because I knew it was going to be over soon.

I stopped calling her because she was behaving very weird, but after a month I decided to call her. When I called she picked it, then I said jokingly "Hello Esther, you can't even call me".

She hissed at me and ended the call. I smiled and from that day I removed her totally from my heart.

I never got heartbroken because I knew that we were going to breakup. But what I never knew was that I would totally change after that day.

I later found out the main reason why she left me through several means, but I won't tell you guys because some of you naughty ones might wanna trace her. --But right now I'm still talking to Esther and we are still friends--.

I never knew that what happened would bring up a new hard character in me.

After that day things changed in me, I became rude without knowing it, I pushed girls away from me because I didn't want to hurt them.

Many girls think I'm too rude, but I'm not i am just self defensive. Sometimes I say hurtful things without knowing it and many girls think that's the way I am because they don't understand my pain or what I went through.

After the relationship i had with Esther, I stopped giving girls attention. But one day everything changed and I fell in love with a girl whose name I'm not going to disclose because I don't want her trouble and I don't have time to answer her questions.

I met her in a group chat which chichi my ex who later became my friend added me to. She was a very nice beautiful dark skin girl.

She treated me right, she pets me which I really loved, she called me sweet names and all that.

We never met for once but she liked me alot and so did i, we would have been dating by now but again I f*cked up. I pushed her away --i have always done that, pushing girls away--.

Dating her didn't work out, so I finally made up my mind to lock up my heart and forget anything about love because I believed and still believe that love is not my thing. It has dealt with me seriously and has made me kinda a mean guy.

After the connection of I and chichi's friend ended, I met another girl on facebook --Social media life--.

She is a lovely and very beautiful fair skin girl --I won't disclose her name because I know some of you know her and might even try to trace her--. I really really like her because no matter how I pushed her away, she comes back to me.

There was a time we fought before she went back to school. I thought that we won't talk again, but to my greatest surprise when she came back, she told me that she was back and I was very happy to hear from her once more.

There was a time that I hurt her really bad by saying something, but she ignored it.

I really admire her attitude to always ignore my bad side. I do feel bad hurting her, but I don't intentionally do it. That's why I'm afraid of dating because I don't want to hurt anyone.

I have tried distancing myself from love but it never seems to stay away from me.

Each time I see a girl looking at me or acts like she likes me, I tend to push her away or stay away from her. My love life is just complicated.

I hardly look girls in the eyes because I don't want them to see what lies within my eyes. I like focusing my eyes towards another direction just to avoid eyes contact.

Many girls think I don't look them in the eyes because I don't think they are good looking or something, but they don't understand.

The only girl that truly and fully understands me is my best friend Faith. Our friendship started years ago from primary school.

She is the only girl that I can never hurt because she knows that i don't intentionally say the hurtful things I say. She is more of a sister then a friend to me. I share everything that concerns me to her. Let me just say we both understand each other.

I have friend zoned all girls in my life including the girl I really like right now. I'm afraid to date her because we are distance apart. I don't want a situation whereby she will feel alone.

I don't want to date a girl that I will be far from because distance has made me loose some girls that I really liked. I've learnt from my past mistakes not to date any girl that I won't have time to see.

Now I have the opportunity to date any girl, like Dahmmy who is as crazy as I am, in fact she is the most craziest girl ever, but I just can't because I don't want love, I don't want any girl to feel love for me.

There was another girl who told me that she loves me, but I couldn't date her because something held me back from dating her. I later found out that she is one of my fans --You guys know how it is now, you can't date a fan, that's my believe o--.

I don't want to feel connected to any girl because I am a busy guy and might not have full time for her which will surly hurt her.

Although my heart wants love, I choose not to get it. Time after time I feel down, like something is missing in me, but I always make sure I fight it one way or the other.

I always try to direct my love for the opposite gender into the love my fans show me. But to be real it is never enough because there is nothing as sweet as being able to share the real love you have and feel inside with another person.

Sometimes when I see a girl and a boy playing love, it upsets me in a way, I find it very unnecessary.

Well my love life might not be as bad as yours, but mine has scarred me and changed me in different ways. I won't lie, I miss the feeling of love but what can I do about it? I have to continue this way.

Maybe some day I will find love once again, maybe love will find me, i just don't know. But one day i will meet the right person that I won't be able to hurt and she won't hurt me. She will heal me and be with me, and I will protect and stand by her.


Hey guys, this story was not easy for me to write because I had to dig deep into my past and write it.

When I was writing this story, it made me remember my past and tears kinda came out of my eyes, but fear not it didn't drop, it went back in :D.

There were some other things that happened that I didn't add because of some reasons.

It was also hard for me to share it, I had doubts and was afraid that you guys might not like it and other things. But well I hope you guys love it.

I wrote this story just because of you guys, I feel you guys might like it.



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