The sorry letter

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This story was solely written by Dindy.

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[The sorry letter]

Episode 1

I stood out side, looking at the sun while it set. The breeze blew gently and calmly.

I was in front of my house, looking Around. The large gate in front of my house, made it difficult and impossible for me to look beyond my own surrounding.

The breeze blew the trees and plants in the garden, and they all danced in the direction of the cool breeze. The sun was setting more and more, until I could see it no more.

The church beside my house, were doing choir rehearsal (they could really really sing).

Two little birds landed on the mango tree I sat under, they were talking to each other (I think).

A rumbling sound came from the sky above, which made them fly away. I looked up and saw an air-plane moving above my house. Well it is not the first time, an air-plane is flying across my house, besides I stay very close to MM international air-port, so it's a regular thing for me.

I was sitting on a chair, but I wasn't really there. My mind was not with me, my body, spirit and soul were totally apart, like three wives of the same house.

I saw everything but I understood nothing. My heart hunted me, it was bleeding because of my own mistakes and stupidity.

I placed my chin on my left hand, with total sadness in my mind.

"Victor, you really made the biggest mistake of your life, now you're suffering for it", I said to myself.

"Up nepa!!!!!!", The kids in my area shouted --They like shouting 'up nepa' each time light comes on--.

I didn't have the strength to stand up from where I sat.

"Victor! Victor!, come help me change the line to nepa", my mum called --my mum has being afraid of electricity, since the day she saw a man being electrocuted, right in front of her--.

I took in a deep breathe and out a soft breathe, then stood up and walked in a depressed format to the front door.

I went in to the passage where the nepa and gen meter was build. My mum was already there, waiting for me.

"Victor be fast, I what to iron my cloths", she said.

I pulled up the line with my right hand and power came on. My mum went to do what she wanted to do, while I moved to my room in depression.

My room was filled with picture of my favourite artiste "Davido". My bed was as soft as agege bread. The floor was completely tiled with blue tiles (I love blue so much) even the walls, my pillow and bed spray were blue.

I just sat down on the wooden chair, that was in front of my computer. Everything was so da*n! Depressing for me, so I decided to go online maybe it would help me reduce the sadness and depression I felt.

I switched on the computer (desktop), while the computer was coming on, I bent down to plug my windows phone which was in my pocket.

I also plugged my apple laptop and the SWIFT 4G HOTSPOT, which was at its last minutes. By the time I was done, the computer was already on and ready to be used.

I used a USB cable to connect my SWIFT 4G to my computer, then i held the mouse and moved it until It pointed on the fox browser. I clicked on it and it began to load.

I looked at it, as if I was going to see my problems when it opens. It opened and it reloaded my last page --The browser was very fast, c'mon I'm using 4G to browse, so what do you expect? slow connection? I don't think so :)--.

The page was fully loaded, I saw her facebook profile pix --what do you know, it actually showed me my problem--.

She had change her profile pix and it looked very good. My pain increased because each time I saw her face, I feel pain and now her picture is right in front of me.

"How did my computer come here when I haven't log in yet", I said to myself in a confuse pattern.

"Oh now I remember, it has been two weeks since I last used this browser and I forgot to log out before switching off the computer", I said putting a little smile on my face.

My hand froze, while my eyes got lost in hers. Her eyes looks more beautiful than ever.

My hand moved in slow motion to touch her face, which was showing on my monitor. I stoped and hit my hand on the table, which my monitor and keyboard was on, then I placed my two hands on my head.

"Victor you fu*ked up big time", i said with a low voice to myself.

I Picked up my phone and called her.

"Dialing____dialing___call ended", she didn't pick it.

I tried again "Dialing__dialing__busy", she busied my call.

I knew it was going to be like that...

To be continue...

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[The sorry letter]

Episode 2

Her name was faith, she was so sweet and loves going crazy like I do. We were like two mango seed in a single mango --rear right? well that was how we were--.

People looked at us and said "I see a future in this relationship".

Things were fine as they were, but I made a mistake and destroyed everything.

How was I suppose to know that, a little lack of attention, can make me loose someone very dear to me.

How was I suppose to know that a little mistake, could take someone i love, far away from me. I should have never in this life, pushed her aside from my world.

My pains and sufferings all began with joy, but I did the biggest mistake in my life, by throwing away the joy.

It all started one day, when I was talking with my three friends. --I won't mention their names because it hurts more, when I remember how they warned me not to leave Faith.--

We were talking and laughing, when a 'NISSAN JEEP' drove pass us, with a big van following it behind. They were heading towards the direction of the new building.

When I saw faith, she was at the back sit of the nissan jeep. My eyes caught her beautiful face and long hair with dark skin. The nissan jeep drove pass me, but she didn't see me.

They parked where the new beautiful mansion was build.

"O boy, so na this people get this place, menn money dey this country o", said friend 3.

"Asin ehn my guy, if you even look the people wey dey the car, you go know say no be people wey dey suffer. All of them just fresh", said friend one.
"But guy who them be self", I asked friend two. --Friend two and three leaved in that area, friend one stayed in my area. our areas were not to far apart.--

"How I wan take know who them be? when them just dey pack in today today, shey I be una area witch? Wey dey know people wey pack in newly?", said friend two with a smile on his face.

After they went out of sight, we fell back to our conversation, but my mind was no more in what they were discussion. My mind was now all about her.

Two weeks after faith and her family had pack in, I went to hang around my paddy's place, hoping to see her.

"Ah chairman hwfa", I said shaking friend three.

"Oga nla, I dey jare", he replied with his gentle voice.

"Hmmm victor, this one that you keep coming here everyday. I no understand your way again o", he said with a serious look on his face.

"ah ahn, shey to come see my paddy na bad thing? abi make I no dey come again?", I asked him.

"Yes na bad thing to see your paddy, no even come again sef, i no wan dey see you", he replied me with a teasy smile on his face.

"Hahahaha, guy you no well at all o. No dey wyn me o", I replied him in a happy tone.

My hope crumbled that day because she didn't show her pretty face.

"Damn!, I came here for nothing", I said to myself as I trekked back home.

One sunny cool afternoon, I was home alone with my phone, when friend two called me on my phone.

"Guy hwfa, shey you go turn up today?", he asked.

"For sure na, I go turn up", I replied.

"Ok no problem, sha start to dey come o", he said as he dropped the call.

I got up and went straight to his area, on getting there, I saw friend one going the same direction as I.

"Naughty boy hwfa ", I greeted with a cool voice.

"Mr Vic, I dey noni", he replied shaking me.

"So where you dey locate yourself to na?", I asked while our hands were still shaking.

"I dey go paddy me --that's what we called ourselves-- house , him call me say make I come", he said.

"Ah him call me sef. This one wey him call us so, I hope say better dey?", I asked with a smiling face.

"I pray o, sha when we reach there we go know", he said.

We talked about other things, as we got closer and closer to friend two area.

When we got to friend two house, we saw friend two and friend three in front of friend two house talking and laughing.

"Ah my ogas don come", said friend three with a teasing voice.

After we got close enough, we all shook hands.

"I called everyone here because I want to surprise Victor", said friend two.

"Me?", I asked with a surprised tone.

"No my grand mother, oga I just said you and you're still asking me maybe it's you", said friend two jokingly.

"Well sha, shey una remember that stuff wey we talk about for whatsapp?", he asked friend three and one.

"Sure na, of course", they both answered.

I was like "What stuff are you guys talking about and what is really going on?".

"Guy cool down na, make him explain well", said friend three with his right hand touching my chest in a down and up motion.

"Well, I have done it", friend two said with a smiling face.

"Here, this is her number, her name is faith, you can ask her about her personality and other stuffs when you start talking to her", said friend two.

I was totally shocked, but yet amazed by what he said. I looked at friend one and three who both had grim on their faces.

"Guy, how you take know say I like this girl die?", I asked friend two with my eyes wide open.

They all laughed.

"Guy you funny sha, you think say we be mumu ni? we be guys like you o", said friend one.

"That day were she first come, we see as you dey look am like say no tomorrow", said friend three.

"And all those days wey you dey come for unnecessary visit, we know say na she you come find", said friend three.

"You self need babe na, you dey always dey alone. Besides e don long since I see sey you like girl like that", said friend two.

"So guy how you take get her number?", I asked smiling.

"Guy you know me na and you know say na my area be this, so nothing dey too hard for me here", friend two said.

"I see her yesterday evening, when she dey go buy something for mama gift shop, na im I block am. I con tell am say e get one of my friend wey like am and him dey interested in her", friend two said.

"Guy that girl na free person o, I even think say she go give me levels, but she accepted and gave me her number and name only", friend two said.

"Thanks bro", I said.

"Bia, shey you no go thank us too?", Friend three asked.

"Ah sorry no vex for me, thank you, thank you", I said to friend three and one.

We all laughed, as we walked out to the street. I was so happy and joyful.

That day was the best day of my life and it was the beginning of my love life......... To be continued.

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[The sorry letter]

Episode 3

Later at night, I called her to get busy with love. She picked it up her call.

I can't deny, the first time I heard her voice, I was totally carried away by her soft voice --Most guys like it very much___advice to all girls, if you want to catch a guy, then do the soft voice thing--.

Me: "Hello", I said.

Faith: " [Soft voice] hy", she said.

Me: "omo, see soft voice", I said in my head.

Me: "How are you?", I asked.

Faith: "I'm feeling well", she replied.

Me: "My name is victor", I said.

Faith: "oh victor, you're the shy guy that can't talk to me, so you sent your friend to do it for you", she said teasing me.

Me: "Chia, this girl don wash me for ground like rug", I said in my head.

Me: "No I am not shy, I didn't get the chance to meet you one on one", I said defending myself.

Faith: "I see", she said.

Me: "[Game on] So what if you give me the chance to see you, like tomorrow", I said.

Faith: "Mmm, you're a total stranger, how am I sure that you won't kill me or something", she said teasingly.

Me: "Omo this girl can tease ehn", I said in my head.

Me: "No__I can't kill someone as beautiful as you. The first day I saw you, I was carried away by your blossom beauty", I said.

Me: "Da*n!, why did I say that, I hope she won't be angry", I said in my head.

Faith: "Wait you saw me? then how come I haven't seen you?", she threw questions at me.

Me: "Huh?, Didn't she hear what I said, abi she choose not to answer me", I said in my head.

Me: "Well, let me just say it was meant to be so, but you could see me if you wanna by tomorrow", I said.

Faith: "I'm not sure whether I would be around tomorrow, anyway by what time", she said.

Me: "[Happy] Oh yea, I don win this award", I said in my head.

Me: "By 4pm at sweet sensation", I said.

Faith: "4pm won't be ok, 6pm would be better. By the way, is it a date or a get to know each other kind of a thing?", she asked.

Me: "Mmm, I guess a get to know each other kind of a thing", I answered.

Faith: "If that's so, then we could walky and talky, no need to go there. Besides I don't know where it is", she said.

Me: "Menn this babe no be anyhow babe sha, if na all those hungry babe wey be say dey like chop chop to much, them for allow me spend my cash", I said in my head.

Me: "[laughs] Ok no problem, but why did you say 'walky and talky'?", i asked.

Faith: "Don't mind me, I just felt like saying it", she said.

Me: "Ok, so by 6pm tomorrow, but wait will I come to your place?", I asked.

Faith: "Yes of course you will, I don't know your house, are you afraid of my dad?", she asked.

Me: "Yes I am afraid, he might do things to me", I said jokingly.

Faith: "Stop saying that, just come by 6pm tomorrow, ok?", she said.

Me: "Ok I will", I said.

Faith: "Ok then, bye", she said.

Me: "Bye", i said as the call dropped.

And that was how my love for her grew up, it made me feel like a real man, it made me proud.

Everything changed when i was deceived by a girl call tobechi. I really need to stop blaming people for my mistakes because tobechi was on her own and I went for her, foolish me.

I never knew tobechi was faith's best friend.

It all happened on a sunday evening, I was walking down to a bar, to go chill --Faith was not Around, she went back to school like a month ago--. When I was about entering the bar, I bumped into a tall good-looking slim-fair in complexion girl, with a butter lips looking pinkish in nature.

She smelled so nice, which made words fly out of my mouth.

"Oh sorry", she said going out the bar.

I just stood and watch her until she was out of sight. I got back to my senses and went into the bar to have a nice time.

The next day in the evening, I went to a cybercafé to photocopy some documents. The guy that owned the cybercafé, was one of my church member.

"My bros good morning", I said rising my hands up high.

"Ahh my landlord I dey o", he replied.

"Oga me shey make I bring my hands down", I said still rising my hands up high.

"Mr man no bring am down ooo", he said with a teasing smile.

"Ah oga you wan punish me for here?", I asked smiling.

"Oya oya bring am down before you go start to cry like pikin", he said standing up.

"Ah thank you sir, abeg bros I wan__", I said but couldn't finish my statement because of what I saw.

My words became short, as I looked to my left hand side, to see the same girl I saw last night at the bar. I pulled him to a corner and lowered my voice to ask him about her.

"Bros no vex, but who is that girl over there", I said pointing at her.

"Oh she's one of my student", he replied.

"I see", I said with a smile.

"So what's her name?", I asked gazing at her.

"Her name is tobechi and she is learning excel just for a month", he replied.

"What a lovely name for a beautiful girl", I said.

"hmm, guy so you like her?", He said with a straight face.

"Me no like her o, I just wanted to know because her face looks familiar", I replied him doing the fake-looks of a liar.

"Guy, I dey watch you o", he said walking back inside.

"You sef ehn your mind no clean at all", I said as I followed him behind.

The both of us came in, then i gave the documents to him, so that he could help me do the photocopy. My eyes were always looking at her, but she didn't look up or side.

She was totally focused on her computer --I guess she was designing something--. Although i was done with the photocopy and was about to leave, my eyes wasn't done with its own job of steering.

As I got home my mind started to think.
Evil thoughts: "Menn, you have to get this girl o", it said.

Good thoughts: "Guy don't do this thing you want to do, remember that you're already in a good relationship with faith and you love her very much", it said.

Evil thoughts: "Don't mind that one, listen to me. She won't find out at all, after all she won't be back until 2months, so there is more than enough time to wiggle around", it said.

Evil thoughts: "She might even have a school boyfriend and you here dulling myself", it said.

Me: "You are right, let me enjoy now that I have the chance, this life is YOLO (you only live once)", I said to myself out loud.

If I had known, I would have listened to the good thoughts, but no I didn't. I had to listed to the bad thoughts.

One week later, I started dating tobechi. she was fun, but not as faith was.

I and tobechi relationship grew, as I and faith's relationship sunk each passing time, but I still loved her. I ignored faith's calls and messages.

My friends saw what was going on and they warned me about it, i rebelled against them and I didn't even listen to my own self.

Faith came back from school, the same day tobechi travelled to her home town, to see her grand mother. Faith sent me a text message, but I ignored it.

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She complained to friend two about my behaviour, then he called me to come over to his house.

"Victor, what did faith do to you? why are you treating her this way?", he asked, looking at me with an angry face.

"Guy leave that matter make e go", I said throwing my face to the right.

"Leave what!?", He shouted.

"She even cried and said I should beg you", he said.

"Guy I don tell you say make you leave the matter, abi shey you want make i lie down beg me?", I asked with my eyes wide open.

"Guy please, if the babe don do you any thing just forgive am na", he said.

"Ok I don hear, I don hear", I said.

My bad behaviour did not change, even though friend one told me not to leave her.

There came a day, Faith came to my house to look for me, but when I saw her coming, I went to hide. She didn't get the chance to meet me that day.

Tobechi called me one morning like that.

My phone: [Ringing] Caller 'Toby love'.

Me: "Hello baby", i said immediately I picked the call.

Tobechi: "Hy, my darling baby", she replied.

Me: "I've missed you so so much", I said with a baby's voice.

Tobechi: "I know cute pie and I miss you more", she said.

Me: "That's so sweet of you, how are you?", I asked.

Tobechi: "Baby I am fine, what about you, I hope all those girls there ain't disturbing you?", she replied then asked.

Me: "I am well ok, they can't disturb me na, when I have a girl like you", I said teasingly.

Tobechi: "Mmm I see, now you are the one teasing me", she said.

Me: "I am not, I am telling you the fair side of nature", I said.

Tobechi: "Ah you and your composed words", she said.

Me: "Well you always bring out the right words from my heart", I said with a smile on my face.

Tobechi: "[Laughs] You have started again, don't make me blush over the phone o", she said laughing.

Me: "I will try not to, but the feelings that are caved inside my heart might expose if I don't let it out", I said.

Tobechi: "Ok, like seriously I'm really really blushing", she said.

Me: "[Laughs] Naughty girl", I said laughing.

Tobechi: "[Laughs] Dear I will take night bus today and I'll arrive tomorrow morning with a surprise", she said.

Me: "Really!?, that's really cool, what's the surprise? my blue baby", I asked teasingly.

Tobechi: "Hy don't try to act romantic, for me to tell you the surprise. I won't do that, just wait until tomorrow morning", she said.

Me: "Okay I will wait, but night trips are not good, I don't like that idea", I said sounding unhappy.

Tobechi: "Please dear just manage and like it or don't you miss me?", she asked.

Me: "Yes I do dear, but___", i said but couldn't finish my words because she cut it short.

Tobechi: "No buts, I will be fine okay?", she asked.

Me: "Ok sweet orange", I replied.

Tobechi: "Bye baby, I want to do some thing for my grand ma", she said.

Me: "Ok sweet cheeks, greet your grand mum for me", I said.

Tobechi: "Sure I will, kisses", she said kissing her phone.

Me: "Kisses", i said as i pushed my lips to my phone's mouthpiece.

Tobechi: "Bye", she said as she dropped the call.

After the call, my mind was on the surprise she told me about, all throughout that day.

The following morning, my phone rang and the caller was 'Faith'. I looked at it as it rang and rang, but I didn't pick it.

Few minutes later, another call came in.

My phone: "[Ringing] Caller 'Toby love'.

I picked it quickly, immediately I saw the caller.

Me: "Hello teddy bear", I said romantically.

Tobechi: "Hy mr romance, how're you?", she asked.

Me: "I'm ok, have you arrived?, I asked her.

Tobechi: "Yes I have", she said.

Me: "Ok I'm coming now to pick you", I said.

Tobechi: "Ok I am waiting", she said then ended the call.

I quickly wore my clothes and went to pick her.

When I got there, I saw her putting on blue jeans, black top and a pair of vans shoe.

"Wow she looks take away", I said to myself.

I walked up to her and we both hug --won't lie, the hug shook me very well--.

She said "Remember I said, I've a surprise for you".

Me: "Yes I remember, you know I like surprises very much", I said with an enthusiastic tone.

Tobechi: "Well close your eyes first and face the wall", she requested.

Me: "Ok boo boo", I accepted, as I did what she asked of me.

My eyes were still close and my face facing the wall, then she said "baby turn".

Before I could turn completely, she said "Victor meet my best friend faith, she is the girl I've always told you about".

When I fully turned and saw the figure that stood in front of me, I was totally shocked and speechless.

Faith: "So you're dating my best friend victor!, this is unbelievable. [Crying] That's why you have been ignoring me all this time you bastard!!", she said crying and shouting.

An atomic-slap-bomb landed on my right cheek, given to me by faith then she ran away.

Tobechi: "So victor, you were dating my best friend all this while? So you used us? da*n!, I hate you!", She said angrily.

Another ancient slap landed on my right cheek, given to me by tobechi.

I could swear that, the two slaps made me daffy. I couldn't hear any sound for 20mins.

And that was the beginning of sorrow for me, that was how my life became impossible, that was how I brought about my own pain......

To be continue.

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[The sorry letter]

Episode 4


I know I did you wrong, I know everything was my fault, I know I was a stupid fool.

I know I was a stinky dog, I know I failed my duty in honesty, I know I broke your trust for me, I know I was a da*n he goat.

I know I behaved like a fox, I know I was the cause of your pains, l know I made the biggest mistake of my life by doing what I did.

I know I'm a stupid person, how idiotic of me to date another girl apart from you, how foolish of me to think that I won't be caught one day.

I know I'm the worst person on plant earth, I now know how stupid I am to have ignored you, I now see that I was blinded by my own hands.

I have come to see what life feel like without you in it, I have come to realize that you're the best thing that happened to me.

I now fully understand that, there's no other person like you in this world, I can't say the devil tricked me into it because I was the one that caused your pains with my behaviour.

I deserved the slap you gave me, thanks for that slap, I just wish you could slap me again and again, so that I could feel more pain.

I hope and wish you forgive me, and accepted me into your life back because life is more of nothing than something to me, without you in it.

How I wish i could turn the hands of time, to undo the worst mistake of my life I made. If you don't forgive me, i will be hunted for life with pain.

I am really really super sorry, please forgive me for all the wrongs I did.

I can't sleep, eat, breathe, reason well, and focus like I use to.

I am no more happy and my life is like a drainage ocean, my world is like the bitterness of a beetle's honey. My feelings are crowded with rain clouds of regrets, silence has taken a grip of my mouth and void is how my life is.

I want you back FAITH, I need you FAITH, I really need you in my life FAITH. I can't do anything good in my life without you, I am hopeless like a trapped lizard in the presence of a full house of snakes.

I am a light bulb with no ability to light up a dark room. If only I could see you and tell you how sorry I am.


After I was done typing the letter on my computer --I know you guys might think "why didn't i just send it to her through sms or social media", well the reason is because if I did send it through those mediums, she won't read it because she would know it's from me--.

I slot in a flash-drive, then copied and saved the letter inside the flash-drive. I remove the flash-drive from my desktop and went to my dad's room to print out the letter.

I stood in front of his door and knocked twice.

Dad: "Who goes there?", he asked.

Me: "It's me dad", I replied.

Dad: "Victor, what do you want to do in my room?", he asked me without letting me in.

Me: "Daddy I want to make use of your printing machine", I replied him still standing out side.

Mum: "Why can't you use the one in the parlour?", she asked.

Me: "Well mum, dad has refused to fix it for some reasons best known to him", I replied her.

Dad: "Have you seen?, that your son has grown wings", he said.

Mum: "Ah, You sef like wahala like your son. After all you're his father", she said.

Dad: "And you're his real mother that brought him to this world", he said to her.

Me: "Oh!, let them not start this their argument, I've something to do now, let them just let me in", I said in my head.

Mum: "Eh ehn, so I'm his mother abi, then why's it that the day he took first in his primary school days, you went around praising him like your lord and personal saviour. You told people that he is the true son of his father, so wha___", she said but my dad cut my mum's words short, as he knew what she was about to say.

Dad: "Don't start oh this woman, he is my son, but he inherited his bad characters from your side of the family. Everyone in my family is gentle", he said.

Mum: "Gentle my foot, so you're gentle? [laughs] see this man ooo, stubborn man like you", she said.

My legs began to pain me because I had been standing for long.

Me: "Let this people let me in na, i just want to print out this letter, o GOD! What kind of parents do I have?", I spoke and asked myself in my head.

Dad: "You're laughing at me for saying the truth right?", he asked my mum.

I had to chip in, to save my legs from being more hurt by standing.

Me: "Dad, mum please my legs hurt, I have being standing here for over 10mins and I just want to print out something, please can I come in please?", I asked pleading.

Mum: "Don't mind your dad come in son", she said.

I opened the door and went in.

Dad: "Madam, I will fight you ooo", said my dad jokingly to my mum.

I didn't waste anytime in printing out the letter.

When I was done printing out the letter, I (jeje leje) stepped out before they start their argument again and I would be forced to choose sides. I went back to my room to package the letter.

Me: "I can't use an ordinary white or brown envelop to package this letter, I need it to smell nice and look beautiful", i said in my head.

Me: "Oh wait!, i remember, I will go to mama Gift's shop to buy that lovely envelop I saw there a day before yesterday", I said in my head.

I fixed the letter into my left pocket as I walked out to mama gift's shop.

Mama Gift's shop was right beside friend two house, but I couldn't go to friend two house because of the guilt I felt.

Me: "Good evening", I greeted thinking it was Gift's mother that was in the shop, while I stood out side.

They displayed the envelops, out side the shop for people to pick what they want. I gazed at the envelops looking for the right one, to insert my letter into.

Gift: "Uncle Victor, good evening", said Gift with a smile and her left leg on the steel gate of the shop .

Me: "Oh, it's even you Gift", I said in a surprise tone.

Me: "So you allowed me to greet you first, before you spoke right?", I asked a teasing question.

Gift: "[Laughs] No oo uncle Victor, it's not like that na", she said laughing.

As she was talking, I saw the envelop that i saw a day before yesterday.

Me: "Ok no problem, how much is this envelop?", I asked removing the envelop from its position and showing it to her.

"Uncle, it is just 500 naira only", she said shining her little teeth at me.

"Ok.", I said.

I deepened my hand into my back pocket and brought out my wallet. I opened it and brought 1000 naira note out and gave it to her.

She took it from me and went in to get my balance. I brought out the typed letter from my left pocket, then inserted it into 'the envelop card' --I called it 'the envelop card' because it looks more like a love card, then an envelop--.

It had a divine look of love (red rose) and peace (white rose), placed at the front and back of it and Its colour was gold.

While i was busy admiring the envelop card, gift brought my balance.

Me: "Mmm Gift, do you guys sell perfume?", I asked, moving inside the shop.

Gift: "Yes we do uncle Victor", She answered as I passed her.

"Ok, let me see the ones you have", I said as I stood at ease, with my hand holding the envelop card like an egg.

She walked further inside, to show me the position where the perfumes were kept.

"Uncle victor, see them over there", she said as she pointed at a wooden shelf where the perfumes were kept.

"Ah!, I don't know any of them", I said.

"Well uncle, I know them all and how they smell, so I can help you pick one", she said with boldness in her tone of speech...... To be continue.

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Oh, super interesting story, but pls post the remaining episodes quickly, can't wait to know the outcome of his apologies letter

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[The sorry letter]
Episode 5
Me: "[Smiles] That's cool very cool", I said smiling.
Me: "I need you to help me pick one, with a very strong, but gentle and sweet smell", I said looking at the perfumes.
Gift: "Ok uncle", she said has she stretched her right hand to pick one.
Gift: "Uncle Victor, smell this one", she said as she gave it to me.
Me: "Are you sure this one is very good?", I asked with a look of disbelieve.
Gift: "Yes uncle I'm very sure", she said with a Look of boldness.
Me: "Ok, how much is it?", I asked.
Gift: "Uncle it's just 500 naira", She said smiling.
Me: "Ok, take back my balance of 500 naira you gave me", I said.
Me: "Wow it smells exactly how I imagined it would smell", I said with a wow look written all over my face.
Gift: "I told you that I knew all this perfumes very well", she said in a boasting tone.
Me: "For your mind now, but how come you know the smell of all the perfumes in the shop?, I asked putting a smile on my face.
Gift: "[Smiles] Well uncle, I sometimes use them before I goto school", she said.
Me: "No wonder this one is not full", I said holding the little bottle of perfume upside down.
Gift: "Hahahahahaha", she laughed.
Me: "Gift, I need your help for something", I said.
Gift: "What is it uncle?", she asked.
Me: "Can you help me give this letter to Faith?", I asked.
Gift: "Ah uncle Victor, so it is because of aunty Faith, that is why you bought this perfume and envelop", She said in a teasing way.
Me: "Oh this girl, so you've grown wings to tease me abi, no worry I will tell your mum", I said jokingly.
Gift: "[Laughs] No oo uncle Victor, it's not like that", She said trying to defend herself.
Me: "I see, but if you don't want me to report you to your mum, you will help me give this letter to Faith", I said.
Me: "If you refuse, i will tell your mum that you have being using her perfume and the one I just bought is half, and you collected 500 naira from my hand", I said forming a fake angry face.
Gift: "Ah uncle Victor, no problem I will do it as long as you don't report me", She said.
Me: "So it's a deal right?", I asked lifting my eyebrows up high.
Gift: "Oh yea uncle, it's a deal", she replied.
We then shook hands, to seal the deal (crazy right?).
After we shook hands, i sprayed the perfume all around and inside the beautiful envelop-card.
Gift: "Ah uncle it's okay na or will aunty Faith wear the envelop as cloth? (Funny girl)", She asked jokingly.
Me: "You won't understand Gift", I replied.
When I was done, I gave the envelop-card to her. I then gave her 200 naira, for her to buy something for herself.
Me: "I pray that you should be sending envelop to aunty Faith everyday, in JESUS name AMEN", She said with her knees on the floor (This girl is such a comedian).
I laughed and shook my head, as I walked out of the shop with the remaining perfume in my hand.
I got home hoping to hear from Faith soon, but every single hour that passed left a plane crash in my soul. Every minute was an earthquake, to my mind and every seconds was like 24hours traffic, to my life.
I waited until the next day, with my hopes up high. my hopes never died because i kept on fighting for the sunray of belief.
That day passed and nothing happened, so did the next and the next and the next and the next. all those days that passed gave me more hopes and my belief grew stronger and stronger.
My belief of Faith answering me, was never brought to a lower esteem.
I never gave it a thought, that the letter was not delivered to Faith because of some reasons or the other. I really trusted Gift very much in passing the letter to Faith.
Two weeks later on a thursday, i was minding my own business, watching "WWE" wresting in my parlour, when my phone rang.
Phone: "[Ringing] Caller Faith".
When I saw it, I became hyped up. i could swear that my heart was dancing --At last my hopes and beliefs paid off--. I quickly picked up the phone.
Me: "Hello Faith", I said smiling.
Faith: "Come to my house by 6pm today, so that we could end all this once and for all. If you come a second late, you won't see me there again forever", she said.
Me: "O God!, what is Faith up to? I hope what she is about to do won't cause me more pain", I said in my mind.
Me: "Fai____", I was about saying something to her, but couldn't because she ended the call which got me scared.
I was also scared because she said "So that we could end all this once and for all", it scared me alot.
I looked at the time and it was 2:36pm, I had enough time to dress up and compose myself very well. As time passed by, my mind kept banging on the fact that i might end up regretting ever being alive.
As time came down to 6pm, so did my heartbeat rate increased with absolute speed and propensity.
The time was now 5:45pm and I knew it was time for me to start moving to Faith's house. I got dress up and headed to my front gate leaving my boldness behind me.
As I walked pass my area, I saw my senior bro coming back from work.
Me: "Bro, good evening", I said as i walked pass me.
Big bro: "Hwfa, where're you heading to?", he asked pulling me back with his words.
Me: "I am going to Faith's house", I said making little footsteps forward.
Big bro: "Are you guys back together?", he asked.
Me: "No, but I want to clear out everything, that's why I am going to her house right now", I said still making little footsteps forward.
Big bro: "Ok good luck with that", he said.
Me: "Ok thanks, i will gist you how it went", I said making bigger footsteps forward.
I looked at my wristwatch and the time was 5:50pm.
Me: "Oh sh*t", I said as i prepared to run off.
Immediately I looked forward, my legs changed its acceleration to higher speed of movement. As i approached Faith's house, I stopped to catch my breath.
I looked at my wristwatch again and now it was 5:55pm. I still had little time to catch my breath fully.
When I got to her front gate, i breathed out calmly letting go of the fear and the heaviness, I felt inside (like really, I didn't know why I had those feelings).
5mins later, the gate opened and it was the love of my world, that came out (Faith).
When I saw her, my heart starting skipping, so i had to take control of myself before I loose my cool.
I then fell to my knees, with my hands clapped together.
Me: "Please Faith, I am very sorry for all the pains I caused you, all the things I did that were totally wrong please forgive me", I said pleading.
Me: "Faith please, just find it in your heart to forgive me", I said rubbing my hands at the same time.
Faith: "Victor, you betrayed me, you of all people. You were the only guy, I have ever truly loved, with all my heart", she said sadly.
Faith: "I believed in you, I believed in your trust and love", she said with tears almost falling down her eyes.
When I saw tears in her eyes, the guilt I felt doubled by sixteen. I felt like a useless human being.
Me: "Faith, I know I betrayed you, but if you don't forgive me, I will die with the guilt in feel", I said sadly.
Me: "Faith please forgive me, I haven't gotten myself back, since you left me", I said to her.
Me: "Faith give me one more chance, please forgive me faith, I lov___", She didn't give me the opportunity to finish up my statement before she blocked me.
Faith: "Don't you even try to mention love to me", she said angrily.
Faith: "If you do love me, why did you cheat on me? if you do love me, why did you break my trust?", she asked me sorrowfully.
Faith: "Why did you betray me Victor?why did you break my hea___", She said, but wasn't able to complete her statement because of the unexpected tears, that came from her deepest emotions to her eyes.
Me: "Faith I was a fool, I was an idiot, I was a bastard, Faith I was a dog", I cursed myself right in front of her.
Me: "Faith please please Faith, forgive me", i pleaded, as my hands reached for hers.
Faith: "No victor!!, I can't forgive you for what you did", she said angrily.
Faith: "I just can't, goodbye Victor forever", she said as she knocked, my hands off hers and then went inside her house, with an angry face and tears in her eyes.
I was totally shocked and couldn't believe what I just heard. I felt like a ghost, as tears came down my eyes.
I couldn't believe what just happened to me, all my hopes and beliefs I had became a heartbreak to me. I was in total pain because my fears actually came to existence.
I was totally lost in my mind and there was no great disparity between how I felt and death. I started crying out of pain.
I sat on the floor, with my butt on the ground and my legs bent in a triangular form, with my hands on my knee and head.
Tears come down my eyes in slow motion.
The gate suddenly opened, I looked up to see who the person was and to my greatest surprise, it was FAITH!.
She came out and sat beside me, then she placed her head beside mine.
Me: "[Crying] Faith I am really sorry, please forgive me please", I said as tears drop down my eyes.

Faith: "I know you are sorry for what you did Victor, I have forgiven you already, but promise me you won't hurt me again or cheat on me", she said with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

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