Forgive & Forget: I Don't Forget, Does That Mean I Have Not Forgiven?

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11 months ago

There are lots of things that people do to hurt another. The christian leaders preach that we Should always forgiven and forget. In my own case I easily forgive but I don't forget whatever you have done either to hurt or to impress me.

Does the fact that I don't forget mean I have not forgiven the person that hurt me.

Is it even possible to forget?

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11 months ago

I easily forgive people only when the apologize but when I forgive I don't forget easily.

My brain remember stuffs like mad.

You not forgetting doesn't mean you have not forgiven it means your brain needs to remember the wrongdoings for them not to happen again.

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10 months ago

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10 months ago

The commenter above me is probably drunk or blind,
Or per say he didn't lower down the volume of his TV set before reading this thread.. Watin concern this topic and American film? *unsure*

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