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              2. In addition:
                claims payable in China in currency of the draft, covering ocean marine transportation All risks, War risks.

              3. Claims are payable to the bearer.
                The certificate is made out in 3 originals. If a claims is paid against one of them the other(s) with be void.

                Important instructions to be followed in case of loss or damage see overleaf.

                Claims Survey Agent ( to be called in when claims exceed the amount of DM2000.- or countervalue in other currency)

                Huatai Insurance Agency &
                Consultant Service Ltd.
                115 Sidalin Road
                Dalian China
                tel (411)2654528, 2630872
                fax (411)2804558
                Telex 86222 picc cn

                Date September 12, 1999

                GERLING – KONZERN

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